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X-Ray Optics for Astronomy: Telescopes, Multilayers, Spectrometers, and Missions

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Volume Number: 4496
Date Published: 30 January 2002

Table of Contents
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Two years of observations with the Chandra X-Ray Observatory (CXO)
Author(s): Martin C. Weisskopf
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In-orbit performance of the XMM-Newton x-ray telescopes: images and spectra
Author(s): Bernd Aschenbach
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Development of soft and hard x-ray optics for astronomy: progress report II and considerations on material properties for large-diameter segmented optics of future missions
Author(s): Oberto Citterio; Mauro Ghigo; Francesco Mazzoleni; Giovanni Pareschi; Giancarlo Parodi; Heinrich W. Braeuninger; Wolfgang Burkert; Gisela D. Hartner
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Lightweight thin plastic foil x-ray telescopes
Author(s): Herbert W. Schnopper; Marco Barbera; Eric H. Silver; Russell H. Ingram; Finn Erland Christensen; Suzanne E. Romaine; Lester M. Cohen; Alfonso Collura; Stephen S. Murray
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Recent advance in segmented thin-foil x-ray optics
Author(s): Yang Soong; Kai-Wing Chan; Peter J. Serlemitsos
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Novel methods for shaping thin-foil optics for x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Ralf K. Heilmann; Glen P. Monnelly; Olivier Mongrard; Nat Butler; Carl G. Chen; Lester M. Cohen; Christopher C. Cook; Lee M. Goldman; Paul T. Konkola; Michael McGuirk; George R. Ricker Jr.; Mark L. Schattenburg
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Development of foil segments for large astronomical x-ray telescopes
Author(s): Adolf Van Inneman; Ladislav Pina; Rene Hudec
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Constellation X mission and its optics
Author(s): Jay A. Bookbinder
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Development of x-ray optics at ESA
Author(s): Marcos Bavdaz; Anthony J. Peacock; Marco W. Beijersbergen; Arvind N. Parmar
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Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms for optimizing grazing incidence optics for wide-field x-ray survey imaging
Author(s): Peter W. A. Roming; John C. Liechty; David H. Sohn; Jared R. Shoemaker; David N. Burrows; Gordon P. Garmire
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Successor to the RXTE PCA based upon focusing optics
Author(s): Paul Gorenstein
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InFOCuS balloon-borne hard x-ray experiment with multilayer supermirror x-ray telescope
Author(s): Yuzuru Tawara; Koujun Yamashita; Yasushi Ogasaka; Keisuke Tamura; Kazutoshi Haga; Takashi Okajima; Satoshi Ichimaru; Seiji Takahashi; Arifumi Gotou; Hideo Kitou; Shinichi Fukuda; Yuichi Kamata; Akihiro Furuzawa; Fumie Akimoto; Tsutomu Yoshioka; Kazuo Kondou; Yoshito Haba; Takeshi Tanaka; Hideyo Kunieda; Kazutami Misaki; Jack Tuller; Peter J. Serlemitsos; Kai-Wing Chan; Yang Soong; Scott M. Owens; Fred Berendse; W.H. Baugartner; Hans Krimm; H. Bradford Barber; Erick T. Young
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Characterization and performance of the InFOCuS 20-40 keV x-ray focusing mirror
Author(s): Scott M. Owens; Fred Berendse; Takashi Okajima; Kazutami Misaki; Yasushi Ogasaka; Keisuke Tamura; Yuzuru Tawara; Hideyo Kunieda; Kai-Wing Chan; Yang Soong; Wayne Baumgartner; Hans Krimm; Jack Tueller; Peter J. Serlemitsos; Koujun Yamashita; Kazutoshi Haga; Satoshi Ichimaru; S. Takahashi; Arifumi Gotou; Hideo Kitou; Shinichi Fukuda; Yuichi Kamata; Akihiro Furuzawa; Fumie Akimoto; Tsutomu Yoshioka; Kazuo Kondou; Yoshito Haba; Takeshi Tanaka
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Production and performance of multilayer coated conic sections
Author(s): Melville P. Ulmer; Robert I. Altkron; Michael E. Graham; Anita Madan; Yong S. Chu
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High-energy characterization of multilayers for hard x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Adrian Ivan; Ricardo J. Bruni; Stephen B. Cenko; Paul Gorenstein; Suzanne E. Romaine
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Multilayer coating facility for the HEFT hard x-ray telescope
Author(s): Carsten P. Jensen; Finn Erland Christensen; Hubert C.M. Chen; Erik B. W. Smitt; Eric Ziegler
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HERO: program status and first images from a balloon-borne focusing hard x-ray telescope
Author(s): Brian D. Ramsey; Cheryl D. Alexander; Jeff A. Apple; C. M. Benson; Kurtis L. Dietz; Ronald F. Elsner; Darell E. Engelhaupt; Kajal Ghosh; Jeffery J. Kolodziejczak; Stephen L. O'Dell; Chet O. Speegle; Douglas A. Swartz; Martin C. Weisskopf
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