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Adaptive Optics Systems and Technology II

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Volume Number: 4494
Date Published: 4 February 2002

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Advanced adaptive optics technology development
Author(s): Scot S. Olivier
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Progress of the MMT adaptive optics program
Author(s): Francois P. Wildi; Guido Brusa-Zappellini; Armando Riccardi; R. G. Allen; Michael Lloyd-Hart; D Miller; Buddy Martin; Roberto Biasi; Daniele Gallieni
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Update on optical design of adaptive optics system at Lick Observatory
Author(s): Brian J. Bauman; Donald T. Gavel; Kenneth E. Waltjen; Gary J. Freeze; Randall L. Hurd; Elinor L. Gates; Claire E. Max; Scot S. Olivier; Deanna Marie Pennington
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First results from the Subaru AO system
Author(s): Wolfgang Gaessler; Hideki Takami; Naruhisa Takato; Yutaka Hayano; Yukiko Kamata; David Saint-Jacques; Yosuke Minowa; Masanori Iye
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Modular concept for ELT adaptive optics
Author(s): Domenico Bonaccini; Wolfgang K. P. Hackenberg
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Sky coverage in layer-oriented adaptive optics
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni; Emiliano Diolaiti; Jacopo Farinato; Enrico Fedrigo; Enrico Marchetti; Massimiliano Tordi; David Kirkman
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Practical high-order adaptive optics systems for extrasolar planet searches
Author(s): Bruce A. Macintosh; Scot S. Olivier; Brian J. Bauman; James M. Brase; Emily Carr; Carmen J. Carrano; Donald T. Gavel; Claire E. Max; Jennifer Patience
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Demonstration of a segment alignment maintenance system on a seven-segment subarray of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope
Author(s): John M. Rakoczy; Drew Hall; Richard T. Howard; John T. Weir; Edward E. Montgomery IV; Gregory H. Ames; Tim Danielson; Phil Zercher
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Proposed multiconjugate adaptive optics experiment at Lick Observatory
Author(s): Brian J. Bauman; Donald T. Gavel; Laurence M. Flath; Randall L. Hurd; Claire E. Max; Scot S. Olivier
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Horizontal path laser communications employing MEMS adaptive optics correction
Author(s): Charles A. Thompson; Scott C. Wilks; James M. Brase; Richard A. Young; Gary W. Johnson; Anthony J. Ruggiero
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Adaptive optical system for ICF application
Author(s): Yudong Zhang; Ning Ling; Zeping Yang; Haifeng Duan; Shilong Jiao; Wenhan Jiang
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Wave optics propagation code for multiconjugate adaptive optics
Author(s): Brent L. Ellerbroek; Gregory Cochran
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Increase in point spread function uniformity over the compensated field of view in strong scintillation using two deformable mirrors
Author(s): Jeffrey D. Barchers
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Numerical simulations of MCAO modal systems in open-loop and closed-loop operation
Author(s): Bruno Femenia; Marcel Carbillet; Armando Riccardi; Simone Esposito; Guido Brusa-Zappellini
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Numerical simulation investigations of the effects of noise and detection error in an adaptive optics system
Author(s): Hai-Xing Yan; She Chen; Shu-Shan Li
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Numerical simulation investigations of the dynamic control process and frequency response characteristics in an adaptive optics system
Author(s): Hai-Xing Yan; Shu-Shan Li; She Chen
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Gemini MCAO control system
Author(s): Corinne Boyer; Jacques Sebag; Mark R. Hunten; Leslie K. Saddlemyer
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Pyramid wavefront sensor aboard AdOpt@TNG and beyond: a status report
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni; Simone Esposito; Adriano Ghedina; Andrea Baruffolo; Massimo Cecconi; Emiliano Diolaiti; Jacopo Farinato; Luca Fini; Enrico Marchetti; Alfio Puglisi; Massimiliano Tordi; Elise Vernet-Viard
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Identification of the registration of a deformable mirror to a Schack Hartmann wavefront sensor in an adaptive optical system
Author(s): Jeffrey D. Barchers; Troy A. Rhoadarmer; David J. Lee
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Simulation and experimental results for a phase retrieval-based algorithm for far-field beam steering and shaping
Author(s): Michael C. Roggemann; Byron M. Welsh; Bradley R. Stone; Ting Ei Su
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Adaptive optics control strategies for extremely large telescopes
Author(s): Donald T. Gavel
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Differential-tilt technique for saturation-resistant profiling of atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Matthew R. Whiteley; Donald C. Washburn; Lawrence A. Wright
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Complex field reconstruction using gradient and intensity measurements from a Shack-Hartmann wave front sensor
Author(s): Troy A. Rhoadarmer; Jeffrey D. Barchers; Earl J. Spillar
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Correlation tracking algorithms for low-contrast extended object
Author(s): Changhui Rao; Wenhan Jiang; Ning Ling; Jacques Maurice Beckers
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Rayleigh laser guide star wavefront sensing
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni; Emiliano Diolaiti; Massimiliano Tordi
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Dynamically refocused Rayleigh laser beacons for atmospheric tomography
Author(s): Michael Lloyd-Hart; James A. Georges; James Roger P. Angel; Guido Brusa-Zappellini; Patrick Young
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Fiber Raman laser development for multiconjugate adaptive optics with sodium laser guide stars
Author(s): Wolfgang K. P. Hackenberg; Domenico Bonaccini
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ESO VLT laser guide star facility
Author(s): Domenico Bonaccini; Wolfgang K. P. Hackenberg; Martin J. Cullum; Enzo Brunetto; Thomas Ott; Marco Quattri; Eric Allaert; Martin Dimmler; Massimo Tarenghi; Arno van Kesteren; Canio Dichirico; Bernard Buzzoni; Peter Gray; Roberto Tamai; Mario Tapia
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Multiconjugate adaptive optics with hybrid laser beacon systems
Author(s): Imelda A. De La Rue; Brent L. Ellerbroek
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Gemini north and south laser guide star systems requirements and preliminary designs
Author(s): Celine D'Orgeville; Brian J. Bauman; James W. Catone; Brent L. Ellerbroek; Donald T. Gavel; Richard A. Buchroeder
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Preliminary measurements of residual tip-tilt motion and Strehl ratios for laser guide star compensation at Lick Observatory
Author(s): Julian C. Christou; Donald T. Gavel; Jennifer Patience; Elinor L. Gates
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PARSEC: the laser for the VLT
Author(s): Sebastian Rabien; Richard I. Davies; Thomas Ott; Stefan Hippler; Ulrich Neumann
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Science with laser guide stars at Lick Observatory
Author(s): Donald T. Gavel; Claire E. Max; Scot S. Olivier; Brian J. Bauman; Deanna Marie Pennington; Bruce A. Macintosh; Jennifer Patience; Curtis G. Brown; Pamela M. Danforth; Randall L. Hurd; Elinor L. Gates; Scott A. Severson; James P. Lloyd
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Simulation of field correction in adaptive optics with two deformable mirrors
Author(s): Youkuan Li; Xiangwan Du; Dongquan Chen
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High-resolution adaptive optics test bed for vision science
Author(s): Scott C. Wilks; Charles A. Thompson; Scot S. Olivier; Brian J. Bauman; Laurence M. Flath; Dennis A. Silva; Robert M. Sawvel; Thomas B. Barnes; John S. Werner
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Statistics of remnant speckles in an adaptively corrected imaging system
Author(s): Eric E. Bloemhof
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Design considerations for a novel phase-contrast adaptive-optic wavefront sensor
Author(s): Eric E. Bloemhof; James A. Westphal
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