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Subsurface and Surface Sensing Technologies and Applications III
Editor(s): Cam Nguyen

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Volume Number: 4491
Date Published: 27 November 2001

Table of Contents
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Performance of a vehicle-based antipersonnel mine detection GPR array
Author(s): Richard J. Chignell; Mohammed Hatef; Nicholas Frost; Steven H. S. Wilson
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Subsurface sensing with acoustic and electromagnetic waves using a nonlinear inversion algorithm
Author(s): Aria Abubakar; Peter M. van den Berg; Neil V. Budko; Jacob T. Fokkema
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Optical detection of land mines at FOI
Author(s): Stefan Sjoekvist; Magnus S.G. Uppsaell; Sten Nyberg; Anna Linderhed; Magnus Lundberg
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Classification of buried land mines using combined matched filters on data sequences collected by a hand-held ground-penetrating radar
Author(s): Andris Lauberts; Thord Andersson
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Surface landmine and trip-wire detection using calibrated polarization measurements in the LWIR and SWIR
Author(s): Goeran Forssell
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Scene simulation of passive millimeter wave images of plastic and metal objects
Author(s): Neil Anthony Salmon; Roger Appleby; Sean Price; David J. Daniels; Ken Mann
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Slope stability radar for monitoring mine walls
Author(s): Bryan Reeves; David A. Noon; Glen F. Stickley; Dennis Longstaff
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High-resolution 3D image reconstruction based on multistatic UWB phase processing
Author(s): Bin Sai; Leo P. Ligthart
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Sensitivity to soil moisture and roughness by a 5.3 GHz ground-based scatterometer
Author(s): Claudia Notarnicola; Angelo Canio D'Alessio; Domenico Casarano; Francesco Posa; Vincenzo Sabatelli
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Three-dimensional imaging technique for a directional borehole radar
Author(s): Koen W.A. van Dongen; Peter M. van den Berg; Jacob T. Fokkema
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Numerical modeling of a complete ground-penetrating radar system
Author(s): Bernhard Lampe; Klaus Holliger
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Migration technique based on the time-domain model of the Ground Penetrating Radar
Author(s): Bart Scheers; Marc P. J. Acheroy; Andre Vander Vorst
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Suppression of surface reflection in subsurface imaging applications
Author(s): Markus E. Testorf; Michael A. Fiddy
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Multistage inverse scattering algorithm for GPR data processing
Author(s): Neil V. Budko; Peter M. van den Berg
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Real-time experimental design applied to high-resolution direct-current resistivity surveys
Author(s): Peter Stummer; Hansruedi Maurer
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Design of an on-line sensor system with spread-spectrum and modulated backscatter techniques
Author(s): Ferenc Voelgyi
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Pavement thickness measurement using FM-CW radar
Author(s): C. Richard Liu; Jing Li; Xinhua Gan; Huichuan Xing; Xuemin Chen
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Magnetic localization and real-time tracking of concealed threats
Author(s): Alexander R. Perry; Peter V. Czipott; Yacine Dalichaouch; David O. Walsh
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Optical and microwave length measurement for logs
Author(s): Andreas Stelzer; Christian G. Diskus; Robert Holzer; Erich Kolmhofer; Michael Stadler
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Combining fractional time derivative loss models and the similarity transformation technique to turn lossless configurations into lossy ones
Author(s): Martin Verweij
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Three-dimensional scheme for single-well electromagnetic inversion
Author(s): Yuri Nikolaevich Lazarev; Gregory Newman; Peter Vetalevich Petrov
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Medical applications of VIS/NIR spectroscopy of human tissue surfaces by a novel portable instrumentation
Author(s): Thomas Otto; Volker Stock; Wolf-Dieter Schmidt; Kristin Liebold; Dieter Fassler; Uwe Wollina; Uwe Fritzsch; Thomas Gessner
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Excitation wavelength tunable Raman spectroscopy: study of preresonance enhancement of hemoglobin with 700-860 nm excitation wavelengths
Author(s): Hidetoshi Sato; Akifumi Ikehata; Satoshi Wada; Hideo Tashiro
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Nondestructive surface analysis for material research using fiber optic vibrational spectroscopy
Author(s): Natalia I. Afanasyeva
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Nondestructive sensing technologies using micro-optical elements for applications in the NIR-MIR spectral regions
Author(s): Thomas Otto; Ray Saupe; Reinhard F. Bruch; Uwe Fritzsch; Volker Stock; Thomas Gessner; Natalia I. Afanasyeva
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Application of FTIR microspectroscopy for the follow-up of childhood leukemia chemotherapy
Author(s): Shaul Mordechai; J. Mordehai; Jagannathan Ramesh; C. Levi; Mahmud Huleihal; Vitaly Erukhimovitch; A. Moser; J. Kapelushnik
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Electronically tuned Ti:sapphire laser for optical sensing
Author(s): Norihito Saito; Satoshi Wada; Hidetoshi Sato; Hideo Tashiro
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Spectral investigation of normal skin tissue in vivo via fiber-optical evanescent wave Fourier transform infrared (FEW-FTIR) spectroscopy
Author(s): Angelique Kano
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Noncontact microwave material characterization
Author(s): David Glay; Tuami Lasri; Ahmed Mamouni; Yves Leroy
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Comparison of density-independent methods for moisture measurement using microwave free-space technique
Author(s): Yangjun Zhang; Seichi Okamura
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Characterization of ground-penetrating radar (GPR) response in a variety of Earth materials under different moisture conditions
Author(s): Matthew Charlton
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Microwave polarimetric scatterometer as a tool for monitoring topsoil moisture
Author(s): Angelo Canio D'Alessio; Claudia Notarnicola; Francesco Posa; Giuseppe Calbi; Domenico Casarano; Antonio Mongelli; Vincenzo Sabatelli
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Complex permittivity and permeability characterization from transmission-line measurements
Author(s): Juan Hinojosa
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New slot sensor for moisture content measurement of sheetlike materials
Author(s): Guido Biffi Gentili; Cristiano Riminesi; Claudio Salvador
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Automatic detection of hyperbolic signatures in ground-penetrating radar data
Author(s): Waleed Al-Nuaimy; Yi Huang; Asger Eriksen; Van Thuan Nguyen
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Incorporation of prior information in surface imaging applications
Author(s): Hsin-Ming Shieh; Charles L. Byrne; Markus E. Testorf; Michael A. Fiddy
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Solution based on a DSP processor for high-speed processing and motion tracking of endocardial wall
Author(s): Juan Zapata; Ramon Ruiz
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Wireless SAW sensors for surface and subsurface sensing applications
Author(s): Andreas Stelzer; Gernot Schimetta; Leonhard Reindl; Andreas Springer; Robert Weigel
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Underground structure detection by surface magnetic gradient measurements
Author(s): Robert E. Kelly
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Efficient detection of mains water leaks using ground-penetrating radar (GPR)
Author(s): Matthew Charlton; Mark Mulligan
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CenSSIS: the first year of an engineering research center for subsurface sensing and imaging
Author(s): Michael B. Silevitch
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Some ideas from medical imaging applied to the detection of landmines
Author(s): Tianchen Shi; Carey M. Rappaport; Gerhard O. Sauermann; Charles A. DiMarzio
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