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Free-Space Laser Communication and Laser Imaging
Editor(s): David G. Voelz; Jennifer C. Ricklin

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Volume Number: 4489
Date Published: 22 January 2002

Table of Contents
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Steered agile beams program support for Army requirements
Author(s): W. Brian Matkin
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High-performance communications systems as an enabler of the objective force
Author(s): John W. Gowens II
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Impact of scintillation on laser communication systems: recent advances in modeling
Author(s): Larry C. Andrews; Ronald L. Phillips
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Ground-to-space laser imaging: review 2001
Author(s): David G. Voelz; John F. Belsher; Laura J. Ulibarri; Victor L. Gamiz
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Coherence degradation of a speckle field and turbulence effects on Fourier telescopy imaging system
Author(s): Mikhail S. Belen'kii
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Image reconstruction by spatio-temporal coherence transfer
Author(s): Gisele Welch; William T. Rhodes
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Enhanced backscatter and turbulence effects on pupil-plane speckle imaging system
Author(s): Mikhail S. Belen'kii
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GEO light imaging national testbed (GLINT) heliostat design and testing status
Author(s): Marcia Ann Thornton; Jerry R. Oldenettel; Dane William Hult; Katrina Koski; Tracy Depue; Edward Louis Cuellar; Jim Balfour; Morey Roof; Fred W. Yarger; Greg Newlin; Lee Ramzel; Peter Buchanan; Fesseha G. Mariam; Lee Scotese
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Polarization effects from large non-optically flat segmented mirrors
Author(s): Johnny K. Jennings; Barbara Tehan Landesman
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Performance of an experimental 8+-km wireless optical link in Tucson, Arizona
Author(s): Howard D. Helms; Marc J. Beacken; Baron B. Brown; Paul D. Davis; Dominick J. Imbesi; Paul R. Gloudemans; Alex Pidwerbetsky; Dennis M. Romain; Daniel Morrison
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Rayleigh link to overcome fog attenuation
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni; Emiliano Diolaiti
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New approach to detector array receiver performance analysis for laser satellite communication
Author(s): Eyal Kayton; Daniel M. Marom; Arnon Shlomi
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Pilot-symbol assisted modulation for correlated turbulent free-space optical channels
Author(s): Xiaoming Zhu; Joseph M. Kahn
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Higher order mode Gaussian beam waves propagating through turbulence
Author(s): Cynthia Y. Hopen; Yadira Vellon Gilchrest; Brian Macon
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Point-to-point wireless communication using partially coherent optical fields
Author(s): Jennifer C. Ricklin; Frederic M. Davidson
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Agile micromirrors with three degrees of freedom manufactured with liquid MEMS technology
Author(s): Alan D. Feinerman; Gary Friedman; Elina Kasman; Jonathan Montgomery; Pancham R. Patel; Constantine Megaridis; Eric Howell; Steven H. Collicott
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Fiber coupling with adaptive optics for free-space optical communication
Author(s): Thomas Weyrauch; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Jay Gowens; Thomas G. Bifano
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InGaAs multiple quantum well modulating retro-reflector for free-space optical communications
Author(s): William S. Rabinovich; G. Charmaine Gilbreath; Peter G. Goetz; Rita Mahon; D. Scott Katzer; Kiki Ikossi-Anastasiou; Steven C. Binari; Timothy J. Meehan; Mena Ferraro; Ilene Sokolsky; John A. Vasquez; Michael J. Vilcheck
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Multiquantum well beam-steering device for laser satellite communication
Author(s): Roee Lahat; Itamar Levy; Arnon Shlomi
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Possible solutions to mitigate vibration effects in laser intersatellite links
Author(s): Arnon Shlomi; Norman S. Kopeika
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Development and performance of an angular vibration sensor with 1-1000 Hz bandwidth and nanoradian level noise
Author(s): Darren R. Laughlin; Dennis Smith
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Novel method for acquisition and identification of satellites in a cluster for laser communication applications
Author(s): Avi Bismoot; Amir Zaltzman; Arnon Shlomi
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COLORS: a communication link with an optical relay satellite
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni; Massimiliano Tordi; M. Bartolozzi; Armando Martin; S. La Camera; A. Turolla; M. Turri
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Medical image transmission via giga-ethernet optical free-space communication system with SOA
Author(s): Shyh-Lin Tsao; Yu-Ching Ni; Ling-Fan Tsao
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Effect of atmospheric turbulence on bit-error rate in an on-off-keyed optical wireless system
Author(s): Christopher C. Davis; Igor I. Smolyaninov
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Long-distance 1.2 Gb/s optical wireless communication link at 1550 nm
Author(s): Igor I. Smolyaninov; Linda Wasiczko; Kyuman Cho; Christopher C. Davis
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Numerical analysis of thermal effects on laser beam propagation
Author(s): Gang Jin; Shumin Li; Shunfa Liu; Hongbin Chen; Jiaguang Ma
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Intensity-weighted phase-derivative statistics
Author(s): Stephen M. Watson; Eric Jakeman; Kevin D. Ridley
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