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Ocean Optics: Remote Sensing and Underwater Imaging

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Volume Number: 4488
Date Published: 14 January 2002

Table of Contents
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Characterization of a vertical blurring effect unique to streak tube imaging lidar
Author(s): Samuel T. Osofsky
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Notional U.S. Navy ocean optical environmental measurement requirements
Author(s): Jack M. Lloyd Jr.; Lisa H. Tubridy
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Radiofrequency modulation on optical carrier for target detection enhancement in seawater
Author(s): Fabrice Pellen; Pascal Olivard; Yves Guern; Jack Cariou; Jean Lotrian
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Modulated lidar system: experiment versus theory
Author(s): Linda J. Mullen; Eleonora P. Zege; Iosif L. Katsev; Alexander S. Prikhach
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Simulating the performance of airborne and in-water laser imaging systems
Author(s): Eleonora P. Zege; Iosif L. Katsev; Alexander S. Prikhach; R. Norris Keeler
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Application of an advanced stochastic bottom imaging model for airborne hyperspectral imager data collection
Author(s): Gary D. Gilbert; Lev S. Dolin; Iosif M. Levin; Alexandr G. Luchinin; Stephen E. Stewart
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Irradiance calculation model of CT-based underwater visibility
Author(s): Todd E. Bowers; Walton E. McBride III
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Multispectral lidar sounding of ocean waters
Author(s): Yurij I. Kopilevich; Victor I. Feigels
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Underwater lidar imaging in highly turbid waters
Author(s): Duo-Min He; Gerald G. L. Seet
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Hardware concept of the first commercial airborne digital sensor
Author(s): Andreas Eckardt; Ralf Reulke
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Ocean water clarity measurement using shipboard lidar systems
Author(s): David M. Allocca; Mark A. London; Thomas P. Curran; Brian M. Concannon; V. Michael Contarino; Jennifer Prentice; Linda J. Mullen; Timothy J. Kane
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Shape-from-silhouette approach to imaging ocean mines
Author(s): Robert Drost; David C. Munson Jr.; Andrew C. Singer
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Connection between light-field parameters and optical properties of seawater
Author(s): Vladimir I. Haltrin; Donald R. Johnson; Vyacheslav A. Urdenko
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Effective wavelength as a universal parameter of hyperspectral light radiance upwelling from the sea
Author(s): Vladimir I. Haltrin; Robert A. Arnone; Vyacheslav A. Urdenko
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Laser-induced fluorescence imaging: application to groups of macroalgae identification
Author(s): Christelle Kieleck; Bruno Bousquet; Guy Le Brun; Jack Cariou; Jean Lotrian
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Three-dimensional tomographic imaging of ocean mines from real and simulated lidar returns
Author(s): Nail Cadalli; Peter J. Shargo; David C. Munson Jr.; Andrew C. Singer
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Application of neural networks to AVHRR chlorophyll-a and turbidity estimation
Author(s): Yuanzhi Zhang; Jouni Pulliainen; Sampsa Koponen; Martti Hallikainen
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Neural network-based estimation of chlorophyll-a concentration in coastal waters
Author(s): Mohamad T. Musavi; Richard L. Miller; Habtom Ressom; Padma Natarajan
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Neural network modeling of surface chlorophyll and sediment content in inland water from Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery using multidate spectrometer data
Author(s): Pranab Jyoti Baruah; Masayuki Tamura; Kazuo Oki; Hitoshi Nishimura
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Neural network-based prediction of phytoplankton primary production
Author(s): Habtom Ressom; Mohamad T. Musavi; Padma Natarajan
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Physical phenomena, hyperspectral bands, and metrics for coastal bathymetry
Author(s): Jerrold E. Baum; Nirmal Keshava; Cheryl Jaffe
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Atmospheric correction algorithm with multidirectional POLDER data
Author(s): Yasushi Mitomi; Hajime Fukushima; Tamio Takamura
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Seasonal and interannual variability of regional aerosol distribution over the Indian Ocean observed using NOAA-14 AVHRR
Author(s): K. Rajeev; Sandhya K. Nair; K. Parameswaran
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Modeling the reflectance spectra of tropical coastal waters
Author(s): Soo-Chin Liew; Aik Song Chia; Kim Hwa Lim; Leong Keong Kwoh
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Phytoplankton and the global radiation budget
Author(s): Robert J. Frouin; Sam F. Iacobellis
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Imaging spectrometry and GIS techniques application for the study of seawater quality and pollution hazard
Author(s): Alessandra Marino; Giancarlo Ludovisi; Antonio Moccaldi; Sergio Bellagamba
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New sensors based on amalgamation of fiber optics and aquatic plants to control water pollution
Author(s): Edmund I. Akopov; Tamara V. Tulaikova; Alexey I. Paskhin; Dmitry S. Gusev
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Atmospheric corrections over coastal waters for SeaWiFS: validation using ground-based measurements
Author(s): Nadege Martiny; Richard P. Santer
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Genetic algorithm to derive the diffuse attenuation coefficient from water leaving radiances in ocean case 2 waters
Author(s): E. Devred; C. Fonlupt; Richard P. Santer; D. Robilliard
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Prediction of bathymetric lidar performance with Ocean Scientific 2001 simulation code
Author(s): Victor I. Feigels; Blair Evans; Lev Feygels; Gary C. Guenther; Yurij I. Kopilevich
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