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Earth Observing Systems VI
Editor(s): William L. Barnes

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Volume Number: 4483
Date Published: 18 January 2002

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On-orbit test results from the EO-1 Advanced Land Imager
Author(s): Jenifer B. Evans; Constantine J. Digenis; Margaret D. Gibbs; David R. Hearn; Donald E. Lencioni; Jeffrey A. Mendenhall; Ralph D. Welsh
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NPOESS VIIRS sensor design overview
Author(s): Carl F. Schueler; John E. Clement; Philip E. Ardanuy; Carol Welsch; Frank DeLuccia; Hilmer Swenson
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NPOESS VIIRS design process
Author(s): Philip E. Ardanuy; Carl F. Schueler; Shawn W. Miller; Peter Merheim Kealy; Stephen A. Cota; Mike Haas; Carol Welsch
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Operational readiness for the atmospheric infrared sounder (AIRS) on the Earth Observing System Aqua spacecraft
Author(s): Thomas S. Pagano; Denis A. Elliot; Michael R. Gunson; Hartmut H. Aumann; Steven L. Gaiser; Navid Dehghani; Kenneth Overoye
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Spectral test and calibration of the atmospheric infrared sounder
Author(s): Margaret H. Weiler; L. Larrabee Strow; Scott E. Hannon; Steven L. Gaiser; Rudolf A. Schindler; Kenneth Overoye; Hartmut H. Aumann
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Theoretical sensitivity of CERES measured radiances to uncertainties in calibration sources and the spectral response of the instrument
Author(s): Ira J. Sorensen; Maria Cristina Sanchez; Kory J. Priestley; J. Robert Mahan
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Overview of the radiometric calibration of MOBY
Author(s): Dennis K. Clark; Michael Feinholz; Mark Yarbrough; B. Carol Johnson; Steven W. Brown; Yong Sung Kim; Robert A. Barnes
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Radiometric calibration of the Scripps Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera
Author(s): Edward A. Early; Brett C. Bush; Steven W. Brown; David W. Allen; B. Carol Johnson
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Solar-radiation-based calibration of an airborne radiometer for vicarious calibration of earth observing sensors
Author(s): Michele Kuester; Kurtis J. Thome; Stuart F. Biggar; Keith Stuart Krause
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SeaWinds quality assurance and applications
Author(s): David Draper; David G. Long
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SeaWinds applications for land and ice studies
Author(s): David G. Long; Ivan S. Ashcraft
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Model-based ground station calibration for SeaWinds on QuikSCAT
Author(s): Peter Yoho; David G. Long
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Microwave backscatter over Greenland: changing with time
Author(s): Ivan S. Ashcraft; David G. Long
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On-orbit radiometric calibration using a solar diffuser
Author(s): Keith Stuart Krause; Stuart F. Biggar; Kurtis J. Thome; Jim Eagen; Dave Kenyon
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MODIS solar diffuser: modeled and actual performance
Author(s): Eugene Waluschka; Joseph A. Esposito; Jun-Qiang Sun; Xindong Wang; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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MODIS solar diffuser stability monitor performance
Author(s): Jun-Qiang Sun; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Bruce W. Guenther
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Status of use of lunar irradiance for on-orbit calibration
Author(s): Thomas C. Stone; Hugh H. Kieffer; James M. Anderson
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Improved transfer standard sources for calibration of earth observation instruments
Author(s): Nigel P. Fox; Neil J. Harrison; Teresa M. Hunt; David F. Pollard; Stuart Windsor; Emma R. Woolliams
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Optical transfer function identification from satellite images
Author(s): Laurent M. Mugnier; Guy Le Besnerais
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Ancillary radiometric product (ARP) usage in the EOS/MISR level 1B radiance product generation
Author(s): Carol J. Bruegge; Nadine Lu Chrien; Robert R. Ando; Brian G. Chafin
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Radiometric calibration of MODIS with reference to Landsat-7 ETM+
Author(s): Kurtis J. Thome; Emily E. Whittington; Noel Smith
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Radiometric evaluation of MODIS emissive bands through comparison to ER-2-based MAS data
Author(s): Christopher C. Moeller; Daniel Darch LaPorte; Henry E. Revercomb; W. Paul Menzel
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Modulation transfer analysis for the moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS-AM)
Author(s): Francisco Rojas; Robert A. Schowengerdt; Stuart F. Biggar
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Global imager's onboard calibration (VNIR-SWIR)
Author(s): Jens Nieke; Ichio Asanuma; K. Tanaka; Yoshio Tange
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Comparison of vicarious and in-orbit calibrations of the imaging spectrometer MOS
Author(s): Horst H. Schwarzer; Karl-Heinz Suemnich; Andreas Neumann; Thomas Walzel; Gerhard Zimmermann
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Meteosat second generation: inflight calibration of the imaging radiometer SEVIRI
Author(s): Donny Maladji A. Aminou; Andreas Ottenbacher; Bernard Jacquet; Frederick Pasternak; P. Coste
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Pupil apodization as a means of mitigating diffraction effects in remote sensing instruments
Author(s): Michael E. MacDonald; Danette P. Ryan-Howard; Edward C. Wack
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Optical design of the CERES telescope
Author(s): G. Louis Smith; Gary L. Peterson; Robert Benjamin Lee III; Bruce R. Barkstrom
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Development and performances of very long stripe-filters for a multispectral detector
Author(s): David Laubier; Thierry Gimenez; Renaud Mercier-Ythier
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Preparing for a storm: the MOPITT SIPS experience
Author(s): Daniel C. Ziskin; Jarmei Stephanie Chen; Charles Cavanaugh
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Leveraging open-source development in large-scale science data management systems
Author(s): Mike Moore; Dawn Lowe
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Overview of aura MLS data processing
Author(s): Mark Echeverri
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Web-based automatic multisensor image registration using the CEONet
Author(s): George A. Lampropoulos; Belinda Yeung; Yifeng Li; Adina Bardas; Brian Low
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Efficient DSP implementation of a new SAR raw-data compression algorithm
Author(s): Giovanni Cordara; Alessandro Costa Laia; Marco Grangetto; Gabriella Olmo
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Simulation study combining radio occultation data and IR/MW radiances to derive temperature and moisture profiles
Author(s): Eva Borbas; W. Paul Menzel; Jun Li
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