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Algorithms and Systems for Optical Information Processing V

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Volume Number: 4471
Date Published: 13 November 2001

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Computer-generated dynamic three-dimensional display using integral photography adopting Fresnel lenses
Author(s): Byoungho Lee; Sung-Wook Min; Sungyong Jung; Jae-Hyeung Park
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All-optical three-dimensional object recognition with volume holography
Author(s): Seung-Ho Shin; Bahram Javidi
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Volume scanning three-dimensional display with an inclined two-dimensional display and a mirror scanner
Author(s): Daisuke Miyazaki; Tsuyoshi Kawanishi; Yasuhiro Nishimura; Kenji Matsushita
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3D filter design for color pattern recognition
Author(s): Maria Josefa Yzuel; Josep Nicolas; I. Moreno; Juan Campos
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Multiview autostereoscopic 3D display system using volume holographic optical element
Author(s): Byung-Chul Cho; Jung-Sik Gu; Wha-Young Kim; Eun-Soo Kim
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Volume correlation filters for recognizing patterns in 3D data
Author(s): Abhijit Mahalanobis; Bhagavatula Vijaya Kumar; Alan J. Van Nevel
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Computer-generated holograms of three-dimensional real objects
Author(s): Youzhi Li; David Abookasis; Joseph Rosen
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Adaptive stereoscopic image conversion of 2D image
Author(s): Jong-Ho Lee; Jung-Jin Kim; Eun-Soo Kim
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New stereovision scheme using a camera and a lens array
Author(s): Jae-Hyeung Park; Sung-Wook Min; Sungyong Jung; Byoungho Lee
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Evaluation of the real-time optical filter generation correlator
Author(s): Brian K. Jones; James C. Kirsch
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Strategies for detection of distorted road signs in background noise
Author(s): Elisabet Perez; Maria-Albertina Castro; Bahram Javidi
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Self-focusing matched filter implemented with a phase-only spatial light modulator
Author(s): Victor M. Arrizon; David Sanchez-de-la-Llave; Luis A. Gonzalez
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Isotropic edge enhancement filter implemented with a phase-only spatial light modulator
Author(s): David Sanchez-de-la-Llave; Victor M. Arrizon; Luis A. Gonzalez
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Correlation of the gallbladder stone and tissue fluorescent images
Author(s): Jahja O. Kokaj; Mustafa A. Marafi; Yacob Makdisi; Kuldip S. Bhatia
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Scalability and miniaturization of optoelectronic Hopfield networks based around micro- and diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Andrew J. Waddie; Mohammad R. Taghizadeh
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Electrical and optical implementations of the PCNN
Author(s): James C. Kirsch; Brian K. Jones; Michele Ruggiero Banish; Heggere S. Ranganath; Jesse N. Viviano
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Fully interconnected neural network system based on an optical broadcast
Author(s): Marta Ruiz-Llata; Horacio Lamela; Cardinal Warde
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Geometry of decision boundaries of neural networks
Author(s): Chulhee Lee; Ohjae Kwon; Eunsuk Jung
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Using a neural networks algorithm for high-resolution imaging in pulsed laser radar
Author(s): Mojtaba Joodaki; Guenter Kompa; Seyed M. Golam Arshad; Vahid Ahmadi; Mohammed K. Moravvej-Farshi
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Consuming computational complexity by space-time fanout in optical computing
Author(s): H. John Caulfield
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Interferometric generation of random binary keys for secure optical communication
Author(s): James H. Menders; Cornelius Diamond; Edward Miles
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Time evolution of frequency components in a chaotic digital signal
Author(s): Jose Antonio Martin-Pereda; Ana P. Gonzalez-Marcos
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Implementation of phase-only coded ternary filters for filtering-based optical processors
Author(s): Melody Lardier; Gilles Keryer; Cesar O. Torres Moreno; Jean-Louis M. de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye
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Digital holographic data reconstruction with data compression
Author(s): Takanori Nomura; Atsushi Okazaki; Masashi Kameda; Yoshiharu Morimoto; Bahram Javidi
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Identification of a red tide blooming species through an automatic optical-digital system
Author(s): Jose Luis Pech-Pacheco; Josue Alvarez-Borrego; Gabriel Cristobal-Perez
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Automatic sputum color image segmentation for tuberculosis diagnosis
Author(s): Manuel G. Forero-Vargas; Eduard L. Sierra-Ballen; Josue Alvarez-Borrego; Jose Luis Pech-Pacheco; Gabriel Cristobal-Perez; Luis Alcala; Manuel Desco
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Agile optical beam scanners using wavelength and space manipulations
Author(s): Zahid Yaqoob; Nabeel A. Riza
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Logarithmic phase filter to extend the depth of field of incoherent hybrid imaging systems
Author(s): Sherif S. Sherif; Edward R. Dowski Jr.; W. Thomas Cathey Jr.
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Spatially adaptive wavelet transform speckle noise-smoothing technique for SAR images
Author(s): Yousef Hawwar; Ali Reza
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Extraction and evaluation of mura in liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Yumi Mori; Kohsei Tanahashi; Ryoji Yoshitake; Satoshi Tsuji
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Two-way optical signal processing element S-parameter measurement
Author(s): Shyh-Lin Tsao; Tai-Chi Liou; Yu-Chia Hsu
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Active fiber optic FIR filter included IIR optical filter
Author(s): Shyh-Lin Tsao; Shien-Cheng Chiou; Ta-Chun Lin
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Image registration: a key element for information processing
Author(s): Alan J. Van Nevel
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Autonomous control systems: applications to remote sensing and image processing
Author(s): Mohammad Jamshidi
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Compression of digital holograms for three-dimensional object recognition
Author(s): Thomas J. Naughton; Yann Frauel; Bahram Javidi; Enrique Tajahuerce
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