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Engineering Thin Films with Ion Beams, Nanoscale Diagnostics, and Molecular Manufacturing
Editor(s): Emile J. Knystautas; Wiley P. Kirk; Valerie Browning

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Volume Number: 4468
Date Published: 27 December 2001

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Ion beam modification of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in (Co/Pt)n multilayers and FePt thin films
Author(s): John Baglin; Charles Rettner; Bruce D. Terris; D. K. Weller; J.-U. Thiele; Andrew Kellock; Simone Anders; T. Thomson
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Metal oxide films with magnetically modulated nanoporous architectures
Author(s): Craig A. Grimes; R. S. Singh; Elizabeth Dickey; Oomman Varghese
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Ion beam nanosmoothing of sapphire and silicon carbide surfaces
Author(s): David B. Fenner; Vincent DiFilippo; Johnathan Bennett; Thomas Tetreault; James K. Hirvonen; Leonard C. Feldman
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Time-resolved studies of photoluminescence from proton irradiated and thermally annealed a-SiC:H alloys
Author(s): Pietro Baeri; Andrea Marco Malvezzi; Riccardo Reitano
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Highly charged ion-secondary ion mass spectrometry (HCI-SIMS): toward metrology solutions for sub-100-nm technology nodes
Author(s): Thomas Schenkel; A Kraemer; Ka-Ngo Leung; Alex V. Hamza; Joe W. McDonald; Dieter H. Schneider
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Structural analysis of chalcogenide waveguides using Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy (RBS)
Author(s): Clara Rivero; Patricia S. Sharek; Gero Nootz; Cedric Lopez; Kathleen A. Richardson; Alfons Schulte; Richard Irwin; Tigran V. Galstian; Vincent Hamel; Karine Turcotte; Alain Villeneuve; Real Valee
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In-line methods of optical diagnostics in the field of standardization and metrology
Author(s): Boris I. Constantinov; Sergiu Sircu
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Forensic applications of ion-beam mixing and surface spectroscopy of latent fingerprints
Author(s): Charles H. Koch; Matthew R. Augustine; Harris L. Marcus
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Mass-transport driven by atomic relocations under high-flux ion irradiation at elevated temperatures
Author(s): Liudvikas Pranevicius; Julius Dudonis; Claude Templier; Jean-Paul Riviere
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Low-energy ion implantation-induced control of InP-based heterostructure properties
Author(s): Vincent Aimez; Jacques Beauvais; Dominique Drouin; Jean Beerens; Denis Morris; Serge Jandl
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Magnesium film implanted with vanadium ions for hydrogen storage
Author(s): Aline Leon; Emile J. Knystautas; Jacques Huot; Robert Schulz
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Purification and processing of carbon nanotubes using self-assembly and selective interaction with a semiconjugated polymer
Author(s): Patrick Fournet; Brendan McCarthy; Alan Brian Dalton; Jonathan N. Coleman; Robert J. Murphy; Christophe Stephan; Serge Lefrant; Patrick Bernier; Hugh James Byrne; Werner J. Blau
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In-situ biaxial texture analysis of MgO films during growth on amorphous substrates by ion-beam-assisted deposition
Author(s): Rhett Brewer; Paul N. Arendt; James R. Groves; Harry A. Atwater
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Effects of nitrogen plasma immersion ion implantation in silicon
Author(s): Raj Kumar; Mukesh Kumar; P. J. George; K. S. Chari; Subroto Mukherjee
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Nanoscale-level dielectric property image of low-k dielectric materials for copper metallization using energy-filtered TEM
Author(s): Shen-Chuan Lo; Fu-Rong Chen; Ji-Jung Kai; Li-Chien Chen; Li Chang; Cheng-Cheng Chiang; Peijun Ding; Barry Chin; Fusen E. Chen
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Using scanning probe microscopy and nanomoter surface profiler of DEDTAK for determination of thermal stress in quasi-monolithic integration technology (QMIT)
Author(s): Mojtaba Joodaki; Teoman Senyildiz; Guenter Kompa; Rainer Kassing; Hartmut Hillmer
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Dual-fiber optic microcantilever proximity sensor
Author(s): Shawn Goedeke; Stephen W. Allison; R. H. Farahi; Slobodan Rajic; Panos G. Datskos
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Detection of metal fatigue by laser-instituted thermal vibration
Author(s): Akira Mori; Sinichi Iwasa; Kaoru Suzuki
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Electrostatic self-assembly processing of functional nanocomposites
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Mecham; Kristi L. Cooper; Keith Huie; Richard O. Claus
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