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Complex Mediums II: Beyond Linear Isotropic Dielectrics
Editor(s): Akhlesh Lakhtakia; Werner S. Weiglhofer; Ian J. Hodgkinson

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Volume Number: 4467
Date Published: 9 July 2001

Table of Contents
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Electromagnetic metamaterials
Author(s): Rodger M. Walser
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Complex media of ferroelectric and related materials
Author(s): Clive A. Randall; Ian Reaney
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Polarimetry of electromagnetic materials
Author(s): Toru Asahi; Tetsuya Osaka; Jinzo Kobayashi
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Mobile radio channel as a complex medium
Author(s): Dusan Matic; Ramjee Prasad; Dikshitulu K. Kalluri
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High-order effects in the scattering of light due to plasmon polariton excitation on metal surfaces
Author(s): Kevin A. O'Donnell
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Elastic orthonormal beams and localized fields with applications to control laser radiation
Author(s): George N. Borzdov
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Properties of cavity-backed patch antennas with homogeneous and inhomogeneous ferromagnetic, bianisotropic, and chiral substrates
Author(s): Lucio Vegni; Filiberto Bilotti; Alessandro Toscano
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Energy relations for electromagnetic waves in a time-varying magnetoplasma medium
Author(s): Michael I. Bakunov; Ilya S. Grachev
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Thin film morphology at low adatom mobility
Author(s): Robert A. Knepper; Russell F. Messier
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Automobile applications of optical thin films modified by nanotechnology
Author(s): Yasunori Taga; Motofumi Suzuki
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Sculptured-thin-film optoelectronics
Author(s): Martin W. McCall
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Microscopic model for static and dynamic loading of chiral sculptured thin films
Author(s): Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Nanostructures in oxide thin films: dots, wires, and rings
Author(s): Mikk Lippmaa; Kota Terai; Naoyuki Nakagawa; Keisuke Shibuya; Masashi Kawasaki; Hideomi Koinuma
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Magneto-optics: a critical review
Author(s): Allan D. Boardman; Ming Xie
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Static and dynamic magnetoelasticity
Author(s): Graeme Dewar
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Magnetism-based sensors
Author(s): Keat Ghee Ong; Mahaveer K. Jain; Casey Mungle; Stefan Schmidt; Craig A. Grimes
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Statistical approaches to scattering
Author(s): Walid Tabbara
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Rigorous coupled-wave approach to scattering from cylindrical and spherical inhomogeneous objects
Author(s): John M. Jarem
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Fields induced in inhomogeneous spheres by external sources: the scalar case
Author(s): Gerassimos C. Kokkorakis; John G. Fikioris; George Fikioris
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Local fields and optical properties of metal-dielectric films
Author(s): Andrey K. Sarychev; Vladimir M. Shalaev
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Plasmon-enhanced absorption by optical phonons in cermets
Author(s): Mireille Gadenne; Patrice Gadenne; Viktor A. Podolskiy; Ping Sheng; Vladimir M. Shalaev
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Macroscopic models for short-period crystals: boundary effects
Author(s): Silvia Ponti; C. Oldano
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Strong property fluctuation theory applied to the homegenization of linear bianisotropic composites
Author(s): Tom G. MacKay; Akhlesh Lakhtakia; Werner S. Weiglhofer
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Polarization-sensitive microwave band gaps in array structures
Author(s): Said Zouhdi; Arlette Fourrier-Lamer; Sergiy L. Prosvirnin; Sergei A. Tretyakov; T. G. Kharina; H. Jallageas
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Resonance reflection properties of dipole grids near ideally conducting planes
Author(s): Pavel A. Belov; Sergei A. Tretyakov
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Nonlinear optics using semiconductor quantum wells
Author(s): John M. Arnold
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Measurement and analysis of optical nonlinearities of nematic liquid crystals
Author(s): Leemin Pea; Partha P. Banerjee
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Localized plasmon enhanced optical response: harmonic generation and polarization effects
Author(s): Patrice Gadenne; Bruno Berini; Stephanie Buil; Xavier Quelin; C. Anceau; S. Gresillon; S. Ducourtieux; Jean-Claude Rivoal; M. Breit; Alain Bourdon; Andrey K. Sarychev; Vladimir M. Shalaev
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Nonlinearities in energy harvesting media
Author(s): David L. Andrews; Robert D. Jenkins
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Complex mediums education
Author(s): Dikshitulu K. Kalluri
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Point group symmetries
Author(s): Daniel B. Litvin
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Constitutive relations in inhomogenous systems and the particle field conundrum
Author(s): Dan Censor
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Orientation and form of the ellipse polarization of laser beam dependence on direction in quartz
Author(s): Ivetta T. Bodnar
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Temperature dependence of refractive indices of LiNbO3, LiTaO3 and (Ba,Na)NbO3 relative crystals: similarity and difference
Author(s): Ivetta T. Bodnar; Victor P. Yarunichev
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Silicon carbon nitride films as new materials obtained by plasma chemical vapor deposition from novel precursor
Author(s): Tamara P. Smirnova; Aleksander N. Shmakov; Aram M. Badalian; Vasiliy V. Kaichev; Valery I. Bukhtiyarov; Vladimer I. Rachlin; Anna N. Fomina
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Plasmon resonance of copper nanoparticles within zeolites: the effect of matrix composition and agglomeration temperature
Author(s): Vitalii P. Petranovskii; Valerij S. Gurin; Jose Victor Tamariz Flores
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Structural formation of the lead zirconate titanate formed in pulsed-laser ablation deposition
Author(s): Masaaki Ichiki; Lulu Zhang; Zhanjie Wang; Yasushi Morikawa; Makoto Tanaka; Ryutaro Maeda
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