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Organic Photovoltaics II

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Volume Number: 4465
Date Published: 21 February 2002

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Inorganic benchmarks for organic solar cells: considerations of efficiency, stability, and cost
Author(s): David Faiman
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Flexible solid-state dye solar cells
Author(s): Toby B. Meyer; Andreas F. Meyer; Daniel Ginestoux
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Solid-state and flexible solar cells based on dye-sensitized TiO2: study by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Author(s): Claudia Longo; Flavia Nogueira; Hubert Cachet; Marco-Aurelio De Paoli
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Interfacial processes in organic-based solar cells
Author(s): Brian A. Gregg; Suzanne Ferrere; Francois Pichot
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Theoretical analysis of composite polymer solar cell function
Author(s): Vladimir M. Aroutiounian; Helmut Tributsch
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Mechanism of carrier photoexcitation in semiconducting polymers: the role of electron photoemission in photoconductivity measurements
Author(s): Daniel Moses; Paulo B. Miranda; Cesare Soci; Alan J. Heeger
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Light-assisted tunneling current spectroscopy: a new tool for nanoscale observation of organic semiconductors
Author(s): Fabrice Charra; Denis Fichou
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Time-resolved photoelectrochemical measurements and photovoltaic efficiency of electrochemically self-assembled ZnO-dye electrodes
Author(s): Derck Schlettwein; Torsten Oekermann; Yoshida Tsukasa; Takashi Sugiura; Hideki Minoura; Dieter Woehrle
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Hybrid polymer-based photovoltaics via carbon nanotubes and electrostatic self-assembly
Author(s): Elizabeth Donaldson; Michael F. Durstock; Barney E. Taylor; David W. Tomlin; Lindsay C. Richardson; Jeffery W. Baur
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Electron losses in nanostructured anatase using transient absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Hans van't Spijker; Albert Goossens
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Photocurrent spectra of bilayers and blends of the organic donor-acceptor system CuPc/C60
Author(s): Thomas Stuebinger; Wolfgang Bruetting
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Photodoping of zinc phthalocyanine: formation, transport, and activity of ionized oxygen in phthalocyanine solar cells
Author(s): Carolien L. Huisman; Albert Goossens; Joop Schoonman
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Design and synthesis of novel block copolymers for efficient optoelectronic applications
Author(s): Sam-Shajing Sun; Zhen Fan; Yiqing Wang; Charles Taft; James H. Haliburton; Shahin Maaref
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Infrared spectroscopic investigations of organic polymeric photovoltaic systems
Author(s): Helmut Neugebauer; Christoph J. Brabec; Antonio Cravino; Teketel Yohannes; Patrick Denk; Silvia Luzzati; Marinella Catellani; Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci
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Charge transport under illumination in mesoporous continuous films
Author(s): Jorge A. Garcia-Macedo; Daniel Cruz; Guadalupe Valverde; Jeffrey I. Zink; Raquel Hernandez; Payam Minoofar
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Highly efficient cyanine dyes used for nanocrystalline TiO2 electrode sensitization
Author(s): Fanshun Meng; Yanjie Ren; Enqin Gao; Shengmin Cai; Kongchang Chen; He Tian
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