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Nonlinear Optical Transmission Processes and Organic Photorefractive Materials

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Volume Number: 4462
Date Published: 16 January 2002

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Nonlinear 3D optical storage and comments on two-photon cross section measurements
Author(s): Dmitri A. Oulianov; Alexander S. Dvornikov; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Spectral and kinetic behavior of phenylacetylene oligimers
Author(s): Daniel G. McLean; Joy E. Rogers; Thomas M. Cooper
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Nonlinear absorption of stilbazolium derivatives
Author(s): Wenfang Sun; Christopher M. Lawson; Gary M. Gray; Chuan-Lang Zhan; Duo-Yuan Wang
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Multiple up-conversion emissions induced by three-photon absorption from two novel stibazolium-like dyes containing triple conjugated bridge
Author(s): Duo-Yuan Wang; Chuan-Lang Zhan; Yun-Jing Li; Zhen-Zhong Lu; Yu-Xin Nie
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Evaluation of experimental laser-induced-damage assessment techniques for solid state nonlinear optical elements
Author(s): Brian R. Kimball; Kenneth Altshuler; Samuel H. Cohen; Barry S. DeCristofano; Masato Nakashima; Appaji Panchangam; Devulapalli V. G. L. N. Rao; Pengfei Wu
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Transversely excited liquid crystal cells
Author(s): Gary Cook; Jason P. Duignan; Lesley L. Taylor
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Numerical simulations of solvent effects on optical transmission processes for zinc porphyrins
Author(s): Masato Nakashima; Landa Hoke; Brian R. Kimball; Gregory J. Kowalski; Barry S. DeCristofano; Paula Rosenof; Desai Narayana Rao; Devulapalli V. G. L. N. Rao
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Optical transmission processes in a thermally driven protected multi-component device
Author(s): Gregory J. Kowalski; Landa Hoke; David Colanto; Masato Nakashima; Barry S. DeCristofano
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Developing photorefractive glass composites
Author(s): Jason P. Duignan; Lesley L. Taylor; Gary Cook
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Optical parametric amplifier by a narrow linewidth pulse Ti:sapphire laser on injection seeding
Author(s): Li Wang; Jian Yang; Jinfeng Zhou; Liu Huang
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Formation of electromagnetic shocks on optical cycle near leading front of femtosecond laser pulse
Author(s): Vitali E. Gruzdev; Anastasia S. Gruzdeva
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Nonlinear self-depolarization effect of high-intensity tightly focused laser beams in transparent isotropic dielectric
Author(s): Vitali E. Gruzdev; Mikhail N. Libenson
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Investigation of photorefractive nonlinear optical properties of iron-doped lithium niobate in bulk and fiber configurations
Author(s): Dean R. Evans; Timothy Paul Pottenger; Mohammad A. Saleh; S. A. Basun; G. R. Landis; Timothy J. Bunning; Shekhar Guha
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Organic photorefractive material design strategies
Author(s): Daniel Wright; Ulrich J. Gubler; Shaumo Sadhukhan; William E. Moerner; Meng He; Robert J. Twieg; Michael DeClue; Jay S. Siegel
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Progress in fully functionalized organic photorefractive materials
Author(s): Man-Kit Ng; Liming Wang; Wei You; Luping Yu
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Influence of composition on the photoconductive and photorefractive properties of PVK composites
Author(s): Oksana Ostroverkhova; Kenneth D. Singer
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Investigation of reflectance gratings in PVK-based photorefractive polymers by photo-EMF and self-diffraction techniques
Author(s): Serguei I. Stepanov; Ruben Ramos-Garcia; V. Camacho-Pernas; Svetlana Mansurova; Reinhard Bittner; Klaus Meerholz
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Simulation of charge carrier transport in disordered molecular solids
Author(s): Jorg Stephan; Ludwig Brehmer
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Thermally stimulated current and electro-optic responses in stable photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Tetsuya Aoyama; Takafumi Sassa; Hiroyuki Sasabe; Tatsuo Wada
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Infrared-sensitive photorefractive polymer composites and fully functionalized polymethacrylates with high gain and dynamic range
Author(s): Eric Hendrickx; David Van Steenwinckel; Christiaan Engels; Mark Schaerlaekens; Elke Gubbelmans; Celest Samyn; Andre P. Persoons
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Photoconductivity and charge-carrier photogeneration in photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Thomas K. Daeubler; Lazar Kulikovsky; Dieter Neher; Vera Cimrova; Jan C. Hummelen; Erwin Mecher; Reinhard Bittner; Klaus Meerholz
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Temperature dependent measurements on a low-molecular-weight photorefractive glass
Author(s): Ralf Bausinger; Andre Leopold; Stephan J. Zilker; Dietrich Haarer; Jolita Ostrauskaite; Mukundan Thelakkat
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Photorefractive polymer composites based on poly(4-vinylpyridine)
Author(s): Erwin Mecher; Reinhard Bittner; Christoph R. Braeuchle; Klaus Meerholz; A. Zelichenok; M. Wender; E. Vaganova; S. Yitzchaik
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