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Selected Research Papers on Spectroscopy of Nonequilibrium Plasma at Elevated Pressures
Editor(s): Vladimir N. Ochkin

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Volume Number: 4460
Date Published: 19 March 2002

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High-current self-sustained atmospheric pressure glow discharge with normal current density
Author(s): V. I. Arkihipenko; L. V. Simonchik
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Microstructured electrode arrays: a source of high-pressure nonthermal plasma
Author(s): C. Penache; C. Gessner; Angela Brauning-Demian; P. Scheffler; Lutz Spielberger; O. Hohn; S. Schossler; T. Jahnke; K.-H. Gericke; Horst W. Schmidt-Boecking
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Electrical and optical study on streamers and spark formation in a steady-state positive pin-plane corona in N2 and ambient air
Author(s): Yurii Akishev; V. Karal'nik; N. Trushkin
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Influence of excitation pulse form on barrier discharge excilamp efficiency
Author(s): Mikhail I. Lomaev; Dmitrii V. Shitz; Victor S. Skakun; Victor F. Tarasenko
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CO2 decomposition in a non-self-sustained discharge with a controlled electronic component of plasma
Author(s): S. N. Andreev; V. V. Zakharov; Vladimir N. Ochkin; S. Y. Savinov
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Plasma focus source of x-ray emission
Author(s): Valery Ya. Nikulin; Vera M. Romanova; Marek Scholz
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Time-resolved emission spectroscopy and its applications to the study of pulsed nanosecond high-voltage discharges
Author(s): Svetlana M. Starikovskaia; Nikolay B. Anikin; Sergey V. Pancheshnyi; Andrey Yu Starikovskii
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Production and loss of CF2 and CF radicals at the polymerization in CF4 plasma
Author(s): V. V. Ivanov; K. S. Klopovskiy; D. V. Lopaev; O. V. Proshina; Alexander T. Rakhimov; T. V. Rakhimova; G. B. Rulev
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Comparison of measured and predicted dynamics of excited states of nitrogen under discharge and post-discharge conditions
Author(s): Yurii Akishev; Nikolay A. Dyatko; Anatolii V. Filippov; Mikhail E. Grushin; Anatoly P. Napartovich; N. Trushkin
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Wave-driven molecular discharges as sources of active species
Author(s): C. M. Ferreira; E. Tatarova; V. Guerra; F. M. Dias; J. Henriques
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Local nonintrusive diagnostics of electron components of plasma glow discharge in nitrogen by CARS spectroscopy
Author(s): Konstantin A. Vereschagin; V. V. Smirnov; A. V. Bodronosov; O. A. Gordeev; V. A. Shakhatov
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Measurement of quenching coefficients and development of calibration methods for quantitative spectroscopy of plasmas at elevated pressures
Author(s): Anne Francis; Timo Gans; Kari Niemi; U. Czarnetzki; Volker Schulz-von der Gathen; H. F. Dobele
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Nonlinear optical techniques applied to process plasmas
Author(s): M. Baeva; J. Ehlbeck; A. Pott; T. Repsilber; Juergen Uhlenbusch
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Two-color resonant four-wave mixing as a new tool to study state-to-state energy transfer
Author(s): A. P. Kouzov; Peter P. Radi
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Determination of line shift coefficients and temperature in extreme media by femtosecond time-resolved four-wave-mixing spectroscopy
Author(s): Marcus Motzkus; T. Lang
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Cross-correlation spectroscopy in investigations of filamentary gas discharges at atmospheric pressure
Author(s): K. V. Kozlov; V. V. Dobryakov; A. P. Monyakin; V. G. Samoilovich; O. S. Shepeliuk; H.-E. Wagner; R. Brandenburg; P. Michel
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Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy for plasmas at elevated pressures
Author(s): H. Lange; R. Bussiahn
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Intracavity laser spectroscopy of plasma
Author(s): Yu. P. Podmar'kov; N. A. Raspopov; M. P. Frolov
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Intracavity laser spectroscopy of molecules in low-temperature plasma
Author(s): Leonid N. Sinitsa; T. M. Petrova; V. I. Serdukov; Yu. A. Poplavskii; Vladimir M. Klimkin
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Progress in plasma spectroscopic diagnostics based on Stark effect in atoms and molecules
Author(s): V. P. Gavrilenko; Vladimir N. Ochkin; S. N. Tskhai
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Laser Thomson scattering diagnostics of nonequilibrium high-pressure plasmas as applied to excimer laser pumping and plasma display
Author(s): Katsunori Muraoka; Mitsuo Maeda; K. Uchino; Y. Noguchi
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Vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy of microhollow cathode discharge plasmas
Author(s): Kurt H. Becker; Peter F. Kurunczi; Mohamed Moselhy; Karl H. Schoenbach
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Rotational temperatures in silent discharges in He/N2 mixtures
Author(s): Nikita K. Bibinov; A. A. Fateev; K. Wiesemann
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Application of LIF techniques to atmospheric pressure nonthermal plasma
Author(s): Tetsuji Oda; Ryo Ono
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Spectroscopic determination of gas temperature in high-pressure nonthermal equilibrium microwave discharge in hydrogen
Author(s): S. I. Gritsinin; I. A. Kossyi; K. F. Sergeichev; V. P. Silakov; I. A. Sychev; N. M. Tarasova; A. V. Chebotarev
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Spectroscopy, actinometry, and simulation of a DC discharge in CO/H2 gas mixtures
Author(s): Anatolii V. Filippov; Yuri A. Mankelevich; Alexander F. Pal; Alexander T. Rakhimov; Alexander O. Serov; Nikolay V. Suetin
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Spectroscopical investigation of plasma parameters in a RF alpha-discharge CO2+N2+He gas mixtures
Author(s): V. V. Azharonok; I. I. Filatova; V. D. Shimanovich; L. N. Orlov; J. I. Necrashevich
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Properties of the catalytic pulsed microwave discharge at atmospheric pressure
Author(s): A. I. Babaritskiy; M. B. Bibikov; E. N. Gerasimov; S. A. Dyomkin; V. K. Jivotov; A. A. Knijnik; B. V. Potapkin; V. D. Rusanov; E. I. Ryazantsev; R. V. Smirnov
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LIF diagnostics of ground-state NO density in a reactor with streamer corona plasma
Author(s): Toshikazu Ohkubo; Seiji Kanazawa; Y. Shuto; Yukiharu Nomoto; J. Mizeraczyk
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Production of N, O, and H atoms in flowing molecular discharges
Author(s): A. Ricard; V. Monna; M. Gaillard; J. P. Sarrette; M. Mozetic
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LIPS as an analytical technique in nonequilibrium plasma
Author(s): Francesco Colao; V. Lazic; Roberta Fantoni
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