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Solar and Switching Materials

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Volume Number: 4458
Date Published: 13 November 2001

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Solar cells with porous silicon as antireflection layer
Author(s): Zaven N. Adamian; Armen P. Hakhoyan; Vladimir M. Aroutiounian; Robert S. Barseghian; Kenell J. Touryan
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Novel high-performance scattering materials for use in energy-saving light fittings and skylights based on polymer pigmented with polymer
Author(s): Geoffrey B. Smith; Alan Earp; Jim B. Franklin; Geoffrey McCredie
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Angular-dependent optical properties of coated glazings: validation of two predictive algorithms
Author(s): Arne Roos; Joakim Karlsson; Peter A. van Nijnatten; Michael G. Hutchins; Piero Polato; Enrico Nichelatti; Marco Montecchi; Francois Olive; Charles Anderson
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Plasmon-mediated visible and near-infrared transmission through sub-30-nm holes in metal films: potential in solar energy applications
Author(s): Geoffrey B. Smith; Sijmen Gerritsen; Moazzem Hossain; Geoffrey McCredie
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Quantum dot solar cells
Author(s): Vladimir M. Aroutiounian; Stepan Petrosyan; A. Khachatryan; Kenell J. Touryan
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New temperable solar coatings: Tempsol
Author(s): Hulya Demiryont
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Calculations of the reflectance of porous silicon and other antireflection coating to silicon solar cells
Author(s): Vladimir M. Aroutiounian; K. R. Maroutyan; A. L. Zatikyan; C. Levy-Clement; Kenell J. Touryan
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Efficiency of solar cells immersed in liquid dielectrics
Author(s): Yu. A. Abramian; V. I. Serago; Vladimir M. Aroutiounian; D. Anisimova; Vitaly I. Stafeev; G. G. Karamian; G. A. Martoyan; A. A. Mouradyan
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Theory of bifacial sunlit silicon solar cells
Author(s): Ferdinand V. Gasparyan; Vladimir M. Aroutiounian
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Progress in switching windows
Author(s): Carl M. Lampert
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Electrochromic smart windows: progress on energy efficiency, durability, and manufacturability
Author(s): Andris Azens; Claes-Goeran Granqvist
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2000 survey of window manufacturers on the subject of switchable glass
Author(s): Michael R. LaPointe; Gregory M. Sottile
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Tantalum oxide thin film ionic conductors for monolithic electrochromic devices
Author(s): Michael G. Hutchins; N. S. Butt; A. John Topping; Jose M. Gallego; Paul E. Y. Milne; Dawn Jeffrey; Ian D. Brotherston
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Electrochromism of Mg-Ni hydride switchable mirrors
Author(s): Jan Isidorsson; I. A. M. E. Giebels; M. Di Vece; Ronald Griessen
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Electrochromic tungsten oxide films for variable infrared reflectance devices
Author(s): Michael G. Hutchins; Jose M. Gallego; Paul E. Y. Milne; Dawn Jeffrey; Ian D. Brotherston; E. O'Keefe; A. John Topping; N. S. Butt
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Electrochromic switching in ionically self-assembled nanostructures
Author(s): Jerzy A. Janik; James Randy Heflin; Daniela Marciu; Michael B. Miller; Hong Wang; Harry W. Gibson; Rick M. Davis
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Properties of electrochromic nickel-vanadium oxide films sputter-deposited from nonmagnetic alloy target
Author(s): Esteban Avendano; Andris Azens; Gunnar A. Niklasson
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Molecular and optical properties of nickel oxide clusters
Author(s): Junichi Nagai
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In-situ spectroscopic studies of electrochromic tungsten oxide films
Author(s): Nilgun Ozer; Muharrem Demirbas; Secuk Ozyurt
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Optical and electrochromic properties of sol-gel-deposited tungsten oxide films
Author(s): Esra Ozkan; Se-Hee Lee; Ping Liu; C. Ed Tracy; Fatma Z. Tepehan; J. Roland Pitts; Satyen K. Deb
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Optical absorption in amorphous LixWOy films: influence of sputtering conditions
Author(s): Lars Berggren; Gunnar A. Niklasson
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Lithium insertion in tungsten oxide thin films
Author(s): Se-Hee Lee; Maeng Je Seong; Esra Ozcan; C. Ed Tracy; Fatma Z. Tepehan; Satyen K. Deb
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Optical and electrochromic properties of amorphous and crystalline tungsten oxide films
Author(s): Esra Ozkan; Se-Hee Lee; C. Ed Tracy; Fatma Tepehan; J. Roland Pitts; Satyen K. Deb
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Optical properties of PbTiO3 films deposited by sol-gel process and pulsed laser deposition: a comparison
Author(s): Nilgun Ozer; L. Tsakalakos; Sevim Akyuz; Timothy Sands
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Digital projection systems based on LCOS
Author(s): Bartley David Millikan; Jason S. Wellman
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Performance improvements for switchable H-PDLC gratings using morphological studies
Author(s): Adam K. Fontecchio; Gregory P. Crawford; Charles C. He; David A. Content
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Polydiacetylene as an all-optical picosecond switch
Author(s): Hossin Ahmed Abdeldayem; Donald O. Frazier; Mark Steven Paley
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Thermochromic nondoped and W-doped VO2 films heteroepitaxially grown on glass substrate using ZnO polycrystalline films as buffer layers
Author(s): Kazuhiro Kato; Pung Keun Song; Yuzo Shigesato; Hidehumi Odaka
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SOI X-crossing optical switch
Author(s): Shyh-Lin Tsao; Huang-Chen Guo; Yi-Jr Chen
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Control of two-photon absorption by using electromagnetic field in sodium and rubidium vapors
Author(s): Dong Wang; Jinyue Gao; Jihua Xu; Giuseppe C. La Rocca; F. Bassani
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Stoichiometry of DC sputtered WO3
Author(s): Peter A. Sieck; Kyle Hukari; Joe Countrywood; Vladimir Kodash
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New solely Prussian-blue EC configurations
Author(s): David Reuben Rosseinsky; Andrew M. Soutar; Ingegerd F. Annergren; Andrew Glidle
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Black coatings for stray light and thermal control applications
Author(s): Kamil A. Moldosanov; Victor A. Kashirin; Alexander M. Skrynnikov; Irina A. Anisimova; Vladimir P. Anisimov; Gennady A. Kobtsov
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