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Inorganic Optical Materials III

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Volume Number: 4452
Date Published: 2 November 2001

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Synthesis and characterization of optically nonlinear and light-emitting lanthanide borates
Author(s): Henry Giesber; John M. Ballato; William T. Pennington Jr.; Joseph W. Kolis
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Control of defect concentrations in single crystals: insights from micro-IR on natural quartz crystals
Author(s): Phillip Ihinger; Stephen I. Zink
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Infrared absorption of Czochralski germanium and silicon
Author(s): Jason E. Peters; P. Darrell Ownby; Charles R. Poznich; Jroy C. Richter; Dennis W. Thomas
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Nonradiative energy transfer process in the system Sm3+: ZrO2 prepared by sol-gel technique
Author(s): Elder de la Rosa-Cruz; Luis A. Diaz-Torres; Ajith Kumar; Maximiliano Avendano; Pedro Salas; V. Castano Meneses; Jose Manuel Hernandez
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Spectroscopic characterization of Nd3+ doped barium fluoroborophosphate and fluorosulphatephosphate glasses
Author(s): Elder de la Rosa-Cruz; Ajith Kumar; Luis A. Diaz-Torres; Alejandrina Martinez; Oracio Barbosa
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Diffractive optical elements in photosensitive inorganic glasses
Author(s): Oleg M. Efimov; Leonid B. Glebov; Vadim I. Smirnov
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Transparent silica glasses containing single-walled carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Jeffrey R. DiMaio; Suzette L. Rhyne; John M. Ballato; Richard Czerw; Jianfeng Xu; Scott Webster; David L. Carroll; Kefu Fu; Ya-Ping Sun
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Space radiation testing of radiation-resistant glasses and crystals
Author(s): Tammy D. Henson; Geoffrey K. Torrington
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Flexural strength of sapphire: measurements performed at SoRI, UMass, and UDRI
Author(s): Claude A. Klein; Richard L. Gentilman
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Influence of local micro-inhomogeneity of refractive index on laser-induced damage of wide band-gap dielectrics
Author(s): Vitali E. Gruzdev; Mikhail N. Libenson
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Transition element-doped crystals in glass
Author(s): Linda R. Pinckney; George H. Beall
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Thermal expansion and internal quality of a proposed EUVL mask substrate material: Zerodur
Author(s): Mark J. Davis; Alexander J. Marker III; Lutz Aschke; Fredi Schubert; Ewald Moersen; Heiko Kohlmann; Ina Mitra; Jochen Alkemper; Rudolf W. Mueller; John S. Taylor; Kenneth L. Blaedel; Scott Daniel Hector
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Low-temperature joining of Zerodur and SiO2 for optical device manufacture
Author(s): Samuel D. Conzone; Mark J. Davis
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Surface cleaning and etching of rare-earth-doped phosphate glass
Author(s): Amy Suzanne Barnes; Carlo G. Pantano; Samuel D. Conzone
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Fabrication of large thick panels of transparent spinel
Author(s): Mark Patterson; Gary A. Gilde; Donald W. Roy
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