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Optomechanical Design and Engineering 2001
Editor(s): Alson E. Hatheway

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Volume Number: 4444
Date Published: 5 November 2001

Table of Contents
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Design and fabrication of a lightweight laser scanning mirror from metal-matrix composites
Author(s): Xin-Xiang Jiang; Denis G. Laurin; Daniel Levesque; Darius Nikanpour
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Dimensional stability of CFRP composites for space-based reflectors
Author(s): Abdel A. Abusafieh; Dan R. Federico; Steven J. Connell; Eri J. Cohen; Paul B. Willis
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Alignment of a grazing incidence x-ray interferometer
Author(s): Ann F. Shipley; Webster C. Cash
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Optical performance of bimetallic mirrors under thermal environment
Author(s): Il-Kwon Moon; Myung K. Cho; Ralph M. Richard
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Ultralightweight C-SiC composite mirrors
Author(s): Witold Kowbel; William Champion; James C. Withers
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Lightweight SiC foamed mirrors for space applications
Author(s): Andrea Novi; Giuseppe Basile; Oberto Citterio; Mauro Ghigo; Aldo Caso; Gianluigi Cattaneo; G. Francesco Svelto
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Optimization methods for thermal modeling of optomechanical systems
Author(s): Miltiadis V. Papalexansris; Mark H. Milman; Marie B. Levine
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Structural analysis of a 50-cm-diameter open-back triangular cell beryllium mirror in a cryogenic environment
Author(s): Lawrence Donald Craig; Todd Cline; James B. Hadaway; Max E. Nein; Martin E. Smithers; John W. Keidel; H. Philip Stahl
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Optomechanical analysis of segmented/adaptive optics
Author(s): Victor L. Genberg; Gregory J. Michels
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Analysis and verification of Hobby-Eberly Telescope 1-m mirror deflections due to edge sensor loading
Author(s): Michael A. Stallcup; Jeffrey L. Lindner
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Thermal radiative properties of the microwave anisotropy probe telescope
Author(s): James B. Heaney; Charles C. He; Wanda C. Peters; Robert R. Gorman; Samuel Dummer; Cliffton E. Jackson; J. T. VanSant
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Structural and thermal modeling of a cooled CCD camera
Author(s): Anees Ahmad; Thomas D. Arndt; Robert Gross; Mark Hahn; Mark Panasiti
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Athermal design and analysis for WDM applications
Author(s): Keith B. Doyle; Jeffrey M. Hoffman
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Thermo-elastic stability of a fiber optic spread-spectrum encoder
Author(s): Alson E. Hatheway
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Performance factors, selection, and metrology of adhesives for optical applications
Author(s): Jerry Zieba; Hiren V. Shah; Heather Aldridge
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Bonding glass to metal with plastic for stability over temperature
Author(s): Chris L. Willis; Stephen P. Petrie
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Structural adhesives for bonding optics to metals: a study of optomechanical stability
Author(s): John G. Daly; Damien J. Daly
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Advances in light curing adhesives
Author(s): Andy Bachmann
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Testing boresight stability of optomechanical subassemblies
Author(s): James P. Zona; Chris L. Willis
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Optical metrology for testing an all-composite 2-m-diameter mirror
Author(s): Brian E. Catanzaro; James A. Thomas; Donald W. Small; Roger A. Johnston; Daniel D. Barber; Steven J. Connell; Shaun A. Whitmore; Eri J. Cohen
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Comparison of full-aperture interferometry to subaperture stitched interferometry for a large-diameter fast mirror
Author(s): Brian E. Catanzaro; James A. Thomas; Eri J. Cohen
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Cryogenic (70-K) measurement of an all-composite 2-m-diameter mirror
Author(s): Brian E. Catanzaro; Steven J. Connell; Mark Mimovich; Stan Backovsky; Grant Williams; James A. Thomas; Daniel D. Barber; Roger A. Johnston; Joseph C. Hylton; Kelly J. Dodson; Eri J. Cohen
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Effects of aberrations (low order and quilting) on the performance of the all-composite design for the Herschel Space Observatory
Author(s): Brian E. Catanzaro; James A. Thomas; Stan Backovsky; Daniel D. Barber; Donald W. Small; Roger A. Johnston; Eri J. Cohen
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Applications of cylinders in Vs
Author(s): Douglas S. Goodman
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Construction and calibration of a new design of fiber optic respiratory plethysmograph (FORP)
Author(s): Francois-Xavier Maletras; Andreas T. Augousti; Julian Mason
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CRYSTAL camera: an infrared prototype instrument for flow visualization between 90 and 313 K has been installed in a cryogenic wind tunnel
Author(s): Jean-Francois Goussu; Philippe Deliot
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Wind buffeting effects on the Gemini 8-m primary mirrors
Author(s): Myung K. Cho; Larry M. Stepp; Seongho Kim
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Mechanical aspects of a dual field of view infrared lens
Author(s): Troy A. Palmer
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Application of genetic algorithms for design optimization of a Bragg cell
Author(s): Vladimir V. Nikulin; Victor A. Skormin
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Establishing calibration tolerances for a scanning seeker optical bench by correlating influence function and Code V analysis methods
Author(s): Brian J. Perona; Christopher L. Yarbrough
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High-accuracy focal plate alignment for the first commercial digital airborne camera ADS40
Author(s): Andreas Eckardt; Hans Driescher
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Elastomeric mounting of collimating lenses in space solar telescope
Author(s): Haiying Zhang
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Design and detection of superprecision positioning stage with nanometer resolution
Author(s): Chunyong Yin; Dejiao Lin; Jian Wu; Rui Zhang
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Dual-frequency laser using anisotropic bireflectance film
Author(s): Dejiao Lin; Juqun Yan; Wenwei Mao; Chunyong Yin
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Software for integrated optical design analysis
Author(s): James D. Moore Jr.; Edward R. Troy; Brian G. Patrick; Michael A. Stallcup
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Semi-kinematic rails for construction of optical test stands
Author(s): Tomas D. Milster; David Felix; Charles J. Burkhart; J. Butz; Yan Zhang; Jason B. Curtis
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