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Physics, Theory, and Applications of Periodic Structures in Optics
Editor(s): Philippe Lalanne

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Volume Number: 4438
Date Published: 26 December 2001

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Diffraction gratings: generating the exact and complete solution of an electromagnetic problem from the approximate solution of another problem
Author(s): Alexandre V. Tishchenko; M. Hamdoun
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Classical differential method, the rigorous coupled wave theory, and the modal method: comparative analysis of convergence properties in staircase approximation
Author(s): Evgueni K. Popov; Michel Neviere; Boris Gralak; Gerard Tayeb
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Arbitrary shaped periodic anisotropic media: new presentation of Maxwell equations in the truncated Fourier space
Author(s): Evgueni K. Popov; Michel Neviere
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Polarizers designed by FEM for electromagnetic simulation
Author(s): Shinji Kawamoto; Hirohiko Iwase; Vladimir V. Serikov
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Light demultiplexing by photonic crystal grating
Author(s): Evgueni K. Popov; Michel Neviere; Bozhan Bozhkov
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Periodic microstructures for large area applications generated by holography
Author(s): Michael Niggemann; Benedikt Blaesi; Volkmar Boerner; Andreas Gombert; Michael Klicker; Volker Kuebler; Philippe Lalanne; Volker Wittwer
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Large transmission 1w and 3w gratings for the LIL laser
Author(s): Jerome Neauport; Philippe Bouchut; Jean Flamand; Geraud de Villele; Yves Josserand; Francis Bonnemason; Bruno M. Touzet; Pierre Garrec; Xavier Ribeyre; Genevieve Chabassier
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Image replication with diffractive structures
Author(s): Andrew Robert Harvey; Douglas A. Payne; Mark A.G. Smith; Maurice Stanley; Christopher W. Slinger
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Imaging with blazed-binary diffractive elements
Author(s): Mane-Si Laure Lee; Philippe Lalanne; Pierre H. Chavel; Edmond Cambril
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Subwavelength hole array enhanced light transmission
Author(s): Stefan Enoch; Evgueni K. Popov; Michel Neviere; Raymond Reinisch
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Shedding light on butterfly wings
Author(s): Peter Vukusic; J. Roy Sambles
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Characterization of a multilayered dielectric transmissive phase modulator
Author(s): Andrew S. Keys; Richard Lynn Fork; Thomas R. Nelson Jr.; James E. Ehret; Joseph E. Van Nostrand
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Pulse-width measurement of ultrashort laser pulse based on Talbot effect
Author(s): Peng Xi; Changhe Zhou; Shuai Zhao; Enwen Dai; Liren Liu
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Rigorous electromagnetic analysis of 2D resonant subwavelength metallic gratings by parametric Fourier-modal method
Author(s): Gerard Granet; Jean-Pierre Plumey
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Fourier modal method for crossed anisotropic gratings
Author(s): Lifeng Li
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Volume phase synchronism in diffraction gratings: comparison for different situations
Author(s): Ivan Richter; Pavel Fiala; Petr Honsa
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New insight to the diffraction at high reflecting gratings under surface polariton excitation conditions
Author(s): Alexandre V. Kats
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Integration of grating couplers and optical PBG elements in standard S.O.I guiding wafers using one lithography level process
Author(s): Nicole A. Paraire; Pascal G. Filloux
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Moire fringes affected by two inclined gratings in Talbot interferometry
Author(s): Qian Liu; Ryoji Ohba
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3D photonics crystals dispersion relation: improved convergence using fast Fourier factorization (FFF) method
Author(s): Stefan Enoch; Evgueni K. Popov; Michel Neviere
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Decomposing rule of two-dimensional separable Talbot array illuminator
Author(s): Shuai Zhao; Changhe Zhou; Peng Xi; Liren Liu
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Periodic sine structures on dielectric surface: numerical calculations and applications
Author(s): Vitali E. Gruzdev; Anastasia S. Gruzdeva
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High reflectivity and low losses photonic crystals waveguides obtained by adiabatic modal conversion
Author(s): Mirel E. Palamaru; Philippe Lalanne
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