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Wave-Optical Systems Engineering
Editor(s): Frank Wyrowski

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Volume Number: 4436
Date Published: 21 December 2001

Table of Contents
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Eigenmodes in nonnormal optical systems
Author(s): Anthony E. Siegman
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Numerical simulation of Fresnel-regime wave propagation: the light-tube model
Author(s): William T. Rhodes
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Finite-difference time-domain modeling of laser beam propagation and scattering in dielectric materials
Author(s): Vitali E. Gruzdev; Anastasia S. Gruzdeva
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Integration of the modeling of photonics devices into geometric and physical optics analysis
Author(s): George N. Lawrence
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Combined ray and diffraction calculations for quantitative assessment of image quality
Author(s): Jakob J. Stamnes
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Anything optical rays cannot do?
Author(s): Andrey V. Semichaevsky; Markus E. Testorf
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Analysis and design of optical elements with the local plane-interface approximation
Author(s): Albrecht von Pfeil; Frank Wyrowski
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Numerical experiments in Monte Carlo modeling of polarization, diffraction, and interference phenomena
Author(s): Vladimir V. Serikov; Shinji Kawamoto
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Comparing geometrical and wave-optical algorithms of a novel propagation code applied to the VLTI
Author(s): Rainer Wilhelm
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Optical propagation calculations for gradient-index materials
Author(s): Thomas J. Bruegge
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Model theory of partially coherent imagery
Author(s): Andrey S. Ostrovsky; Obdulio Ramos Romero; Gabriel C. Martinez-Niconoff; Julio C. Ramirez San Juan
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Interleaved diffractive optical element design
Author(s): Marion R. LeCompte; Shouyuan Shi; Dennis W. Prather
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Optimization of the wave aberration of the diffraction monochromator
Author(s): Elena A. Sokolova; Sandra I.P Mogo
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Proximity printing by wave-optically designed masks
Author(s): Frank Wyrowski; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Sven Buehling; Ton J.M. Nellissen; Lingli Wang; Maarten Dirkzwager
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Optical properties of ZnSe diffractive optical elements for spot array generation
Author(s): Keiji Ebata; Keiji Fuse; Kenichi Kurisu; Takeshi Okada; Takayuki Hirai; Hirokuni Nanba
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Light demultiplexing by using diffraction gratings: importance of electromagnetic effects
Author(s): Evgueni K. Popov
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Comparison between diffraction intensity for different planar geometries
Author(s): Mario Marcelo Lehman; Carlos I. Aguirre-Velez
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Design of subwavelength binary micro-optics using a gradient optimization method
Author(s): Dmitry V. Nesterenko; Victor V. Kotlyar
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Optical networks on a chip using photonic bandgap materials
Author(s): Ahmed S. Sharkawy; Shouyuan Shi; Dennis W. Prather
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Comparative properties of optically clear epoxy encapsulants
Author(s): Maury Edwards; Yan Zhou
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New nondestructive optical method for measuring the rigidity modulus of solid materials
Author(s): Nicolas Javahiraly; Ayoub Chakari; Lionel Calegari; Patrick Meyrueis
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Transverse interference pattern for the examination of spliced optical fibers
Author(s): Hatem El-Ghandoor; Ibraheem M.A. Nasser; Mohammed A. Abd-El Rahman; Ali Mohammad Al-Shukri
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Light field selfreproduction at the Fresnel diffraction zone behind zone plates
Author(s): Irena Georgievna Palchikova
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Influence of aberrations on the image quality of subtle periodic structures in case of high entrance numerical apertures
Author(s): Alexander V. Belozubov
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Initial phase assignment method for synthesizing computer generated hologram
Author(s): Enwen Dai; Changhe Zhou; Peng Xi; Shuai Zhao; Liren Liu
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Design of hard-edged unstable laser resonators with user-defined mode shape
Author(s): Uwe D. Zeitner; Frank Wyrowski
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