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Lithography for Semiconductor Manufacturing II
Editor(s): Chris A. Mack; Tom Stevenson

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Volume Number: 4404
Date Published: 26 April 2001

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Lithography aspects of dual-damascene interconnect technology
Author(s): Mireille Maenhoudt; Diziana Van Goidsenhoven; Ivan K.A. Pollentier; Kurt G. Ronse; Muriel Lepage; Herbert Struyf; Marleen Van Hove
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Exposure tool chuck flatness study and effects on lithography
Author(s): Moitreyee Mukherjee-Roy; Cher-Huan Tan; Yong Kwang Tan; Ganesh S. Samudra
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Polygate within wafer CD uniformity improvement by the minimization of lens heating effect
Author(s): Yuh-Sen Chang; M. J. Wu; Ming-Yeon Hung; K. Y. Cheng; J. C. Hsieh
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Analysis of full-wafer/full-batch CD uniformity using electrical linewidth measurements
Author(s): Peter Vanoppen; Oscar Noordman; Jan Baselmans; Jan B.P. van Schoot
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Overlay improvement on 0.15-um production with ASML IOSc (improved overlay scanner) package
Author(s): Kun-Yi Liu; S. S. Wang; Y. Y. Chu; J. C. Hsieh
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Front-end-of-line process development using 193-nm lithography
Author(s): Ivan K.A. Pollentier; Monique Ercken; Astrid Eliat; Christie Delvaux; Patrick Jaenen; Kurt G. Ronse
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Simulation-enabled decision making in advanced lithographic manufacturing
Author(s): Christopher J. Progler
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Simple method for characterizing photoresist dissolution properties
Author(s): Steven G. Hansen; Youri van Dommelen
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STIL II: photoresist silylation simulation using 2D finite element analysis and boundary movement algorithms
Author(s): Thomas J. Kinsella; Arousian Arshak; Declan McDonagh
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Comparison of simulation approaches for chemically amplified resists
Author(s): Andreas Erdmann; Wolfgang Henke; Stewart A. Robertson; Ernst Richter; Bernd Tollkuehn; Wolfgang Hoppe
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Toward a universal resist dissolution model for lithography simulation
Author(s): Stewart A. Robertson; Chris A. Mack; Mark John Maslow
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Continuum model of shot noise and line edge roughness
Author(s): Gregg M. Gallatin
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New instrument to characterize materials and optics for 157-nm lithography
Author(s): Pierre Boher; Patrick Evrard; Jean-Philippe Piel; Jean-Louis P. Stehle
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Measurement and analysis of reticle and wafer-level contributions to total CD variation
Author(s): Moshe E. Preil; Chris A. Mack
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Novel analysis technique for examining the effect of exposure conditions on the mask error enhancement factor
Author(s): Stewart A. Robertson; Michael T. Reilly; Colin R. Parker
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ArF lithography: challenges, resolution capability, and the mask error enhancement function (MEEF)
Author(s): Marina V. Plat; Christopher F. Lyons; Amada Wilkison; Jeff A. Schefske; Hung-Eil Kim
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Manufacturing considerations for MEEF minimization and process window optimization for 180-nm contact holes
Author(s): Doris Kang; Stewart A. Robertson; Michael T. Reilly; Edward K. Pavelchek
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MEEF management and the effect of assist feature optical proximity corrections
Author(s): Michael T. Reilly; Colin R. Parker; Stewart A. Robertson
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Critical procedure for OPC software benchmarking with maskshop consideration
Author(s): Alexandra Barberet; Gerald Galan; Gilles L. Fanget; Jean-Charles Richoilley; Michel Tissier; Yves Quere
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Tools and processes for MEMS and nanotechnology
Author(s): Philip D. Prewett; Syed Ejazu Huq; M. C. L. Ward
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Enhancing the development rate model in optical lithography simulation of ultrathick resist films for applications such as MEMS and LIGA
Author(s): Graham G. Arthur; Brian Martin
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High-resolution proximity printing by wave-optically designed complex transmission masks
Author(s): Sven Buehling; Frank Wyrowski; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Ton J.M. Nellissen; Lingli Wang; Maarten Dirkzwager
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Fabrication of fluidic manifold systems using single-exposure grayscale masks
Author(s): Christopher J. Hayden; Julian P.H. Burt
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Combined optical and electron beam lithography for integrated circuit fabrication
Author(s): Grahame C. Rosolen
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Photolithography on micromachined 3D surfaces using spray coating technology of photoresist
Author(s): Arief Suriadi; Thomas Luxbacher
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Optical proximity strategies for desensitizing lens aberrations
Author(s): John S. Petersen
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0.11-um imaging in KrF lithography using dipole illumination
Author(s): Mark Eurlings; Eelco van Setten; Juan Andres Torres; Mircea V. Dusa; Robert John Socha; Luigi Capodieci; Jo Finders
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Aberration control for 70-nm optical lithography
Author(s): Harry Sewell; James A. McClay; Andrew Guzman; Carlo Lafiandra
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Some lithographic limits of back end lithography
Author(s): Martin McCallum
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Development and investigation of high-quality CaF2 used for 157-nm microlithography
Author(s): Axel Engel; Konrad Knapp; Lutz Aschke; Ewald Moersen; Wolfgang Triebel; Christoph Chojetzki; Sven Brueckner
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Progress of light source technologies from KrF laser to F2 laser
Author(s): Hakaru Mizoguchi
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Automatic resist parameter calibration procedure for lithography simulation
Author(s): Bernd Tollkuehn; Max J. Hoepfl; Andreas Erdmann; Stefan Majoni; Marion Jess
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Electron projection lithography: progress on the electron column modules for SCALPEL high-throughput/alpha exposure tools
Author(s): Dirk Stenkamp; Claudia Hertfelder; O. Kienzle; Alexander Orchowski; Wigbert D. Rau; A. Weickenmeier; Warren K. Waskiewicz
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Final inspection of photomask blanks
Author(s): Fredi Schubert; Hartmut Sauerbrei; Lutz Aschke; Konrad Knapp
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Microstructuring irradiated by 197- and 308-nm excimer laser
Author(s): Qihong Lou; Lin Zhang
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Investigation of OPC mask distortion effect
Author(s): Zheng Cui; Jinglei Du
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Sub-0.35-um i-line lithography with new advanced bottom antireflective coatings optimized for high-topography and dual-damascene applications
Author(s): Shreeram V. Deshpande; Nickolas L. Brakensiek; Paul Williams; Kelly A. Nowak; Shelly Fowler
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Dose metrology for DUV lithographic tools
Author(s): Gregory J. Kivenzor; Richard Zimmerman
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Modifying the surface inhibition layer of thick resists for improved process control
Author(s): Graham G. Arthur
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Automatic calibration of lithography simulation parameters
Author(s): Sven Jug; Richard Huang; Jeff D. Byers; Chris A. Mack
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Low-temperature 193-nm resist reflow process for 100-nm generation contact patterning
Author(s): Veerle Van Driessche; Kevin Lucas; Frieda Van Roey; Grozdan Grozev; Plamen Tzviatkov
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Periodic nanostructure fabrication on the semiconductor monocrystalline surface
Author(s): Vasily V. Valyavko; Vladimir P. Osipov; Alexander Mozgo
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Spatial filtering effects of the attenuated PSM and assist bar OPC
Author(s): Bruce W. Smith
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