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Laser Techniques and Systems in Art Conservation
Editor(s): Renzo Salimbeni

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Volume Number: 4402
Date Published: 22 October 2001

Table of Contents
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Laser conservation paleontology
Author(s): John F. Asmus
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Laser technology of artworks and antiquities: fundamental aspects
Author(s): Costas Fotakis; Savas K. Georgiou; Vassilis Zafiropulos; Vivi Tornari
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Diode laser potential in laser cleaning of stones
Author(s): Renzo Salimbeni; Roberto Pini; Salvatore Siano; Friedrich G. Bachmann; Frank Meyer
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u-LIBS/u-Raman spectroscopic analysis of pigments in a Roman fresco
Author(s): Bilal Al Ali; Dunja Bulajic; Michela Corsi; Gabriele Cristoforetti; Stefano Legnaioli; Leonardo F. Masotti; Vincenzo Palleschi; Azenio Salvetti; Elisabetta Tognoni
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Laser cleaning of stones: optimizing the laser parameters and treatment methodology
Author(s): Roberto Pini; Salvatore Siano; Renzo Salimbeni
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Laser cleaning of oxidized metallic materials: role of the optical properties of the oxide films
Author(s): Pierre Pasquet; Pandora Psyllaki; Roland Oltra; Jean-Pierre Boquillon; Paul Leiderer; Johannes Boneberg; Suzanne Joiret; Anne Hugot-Le Goff
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Coated bronze cleaning by Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Salvatore Siano; Roberto Pini; Renzo Salimbeni
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Removal of adhesives and coatings on iron artifacts using pulsed TEA CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Yangsook Koh; Istvan Sarady
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Laser cleaning of marble: discoloration effects using various Nd:YAG laser wavelengths (w, 2w, 3w)
Author(s): Klaus Dickmann; Stefan Klein; Vassilis Zafiropulos
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Laser-induced chemical changes in art materials
Author(s): Margaret H. Abraham; Stefanie Scheerer; Odile Madden; Fran Adar
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Underlying mechanisms in laser techniques for art conservation: two improved cleaning methods
Author(s): Kenneth G. Watkins; Jong-Myoung Lee; Carmel Curran
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Optodynamic characterization of a laser cleaning process
Author(s): Vladimir B. Bregar; Janez Ivan Mozina
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Overview of beam transmission through optical fibers for laser cleaning applications
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Boquillon; Alain Diard
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From lab to life: engineering concepts in the design of mobile laser systems for art conservation
Author(s): Stefan Beyer; Hansjoerg Albrecht; Tamer Hueyuektepe; Frank Zgoda
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Line of laser systems for applications in the restoration yard and in the restorer's studio
Author(s): Alessandro Zanini; Fabrizio Margheri; Stephano Modi; Maurizio Scortecci
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Lidar remote sensing of the Parma Cathedral and Baptistery
Author(s): Petter K. A. Weibring; David Lognoli; Roberto Chiari; Giovanna Cecchi; Hans Edner; Thomas Johansson; Luca Pantani; Sune Svanberg; Daniele Tirelli; Massimo Trambusti
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Advanced workstation for controlled laser cleaning of paintings
Author(s): Hans Scholten; Dennis A. Schipper
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Probing the limits of paper and parchment laser cleaning by multispectral imaging
Author(s): Wolfgang Kautek; Simone Pentzien; Doris Mueller-Hess; Karin Troschke; Rianne Teule
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Removing foxing stains from old paper at 157nm
Author(s): Alkiviadis Constantinos Cefalas; Evangelia Sarantopoulou; Z. Kollia; Panagiotis Argitis
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Comparison of laser regimes for stamp cleaning
Author(s): Roxana N. Radvan; Suzana Dan; Nicoleta Popovici; J. Striber; Dan Savastru; Roxana Savastru
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Holographic approach to conserving and analyzing the cuneiform inscription
Author(s): Nazif Demoli; Guenther K.G. Wernicke; Sven Krueger; Hartmut Gruber
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New applications of scanning laser Doppler vibrometry (SLDV) to nondestructive diagnosis of artwork: mosaics, ceramics, inlaid wood, and easel painting
Author(s): Paolo Castellini; Enrico Esposito; Barbara Marchetti; Nicola Paone; Enrico Primo Tomasini
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Laser-based systems for the structural diagnostic of artwork: an application to XVII-century Byzantine icons
Author(s): Vivi Tornari; Antonia Bonarou; Paolo Castellini; Enrico Esposito; Wolfgang Osten; Michael K. Kalms; Nikos Smyrnakis; Stergios Stasinopulos
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Large-scale investigation of plaster detachments in historical murals by acoustic stimulation and video-holographic detection
Author(s): Gerd Guelker; Klaus D. Hinsch; Holger Joost
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Reading and processing of audio information reproduced from Edison phonograph cylinders by method of laser interferometry
Author(s): Semen M. Shanoylo; Igor V. Kosyak; Vyacheslav Petrov; Andrey A. Kryuchin
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Surface cleaning of artwork by UV, VIS, and IR pulse laser radiation
Author(s): Jan Marczak
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Performances of a fiber optic Raman system: importance of the interferential filter in art applications
Author(s): Sergio Ruiz-Moreno; R. Perez-Pueyo; Maria Jose Soneira; A. Gabaldon; M. Breitman; C. Sandalinas
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Salerno Exultet: its characterization by Raman and PIXE-alpha analyses
Author(s): Marina Bicchieri; Michele Nardone; Giuseppe Pappalardo; Lighea Pappalardo; Francesco Paolo Romano; Pio Alfonso Russo; Armida Sodo
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Restoration of a Parmigianino's fresco: a micro-Raman investigation of the pictorial surface
Author(s): Danilo Bersani; Gianni Antonioli; Pier Paolo Lottici; L. Fornari; Marcello Castrichini
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Comparative study on the efficiency of some optical methods for artwork diagnostics
Author(s): Giuseppe Schirripa Spagnolo; Dario Ambrosini; Domenica Paoletti
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Interferometric measurements of acoustic waves generated during laser cleaning of works of art
Author(s): Marek Strzelec; Jan Marczak
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