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Recent Developments in Traceable Dimensional Measurements

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Volume Number: 4401
Date Published: 22 October 2001

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Automatic gauge block measurement by phase stepping interferometry with three laser wavelengths
Author(s): Gerhard Boensch
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Deformations of a gauging surface texture under wringing conditions
Author(s): Alexandre Titov; Igor Malinovsky; C. A. Massone; G. A. Garcia; Mauricio Urban Kleinke; Marta Elisa Rosso Dotto
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Two-part study toward lowest uncertainty calibration of ceramic gauge blocks: interferometry and mechanical comparison techniques
Author(s): Jennifer E. Decker; Anthony Ulrich; Alain LaPointe; Miguel Viliesid; James R. Pekelsky
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Scientific basis for traceable dimensional measurements in a nanometer range: methods and concepts
Author(s): Alexandre Titov; Igor Malinovsky; C. A. Massone
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Development of an interferometric dilatometer for gauge blocks
Author(s): Miguel Viliesid; Hector-Alfonso Castillo; Marcos Mendoza
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Characterization of inductance probe for gauge block measurement by Fizeau interferometer
Author(s): Kuo-Ming Chang; Gwo-Sheng Peng
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Investigation into the measuring of the length spacing of step gauges
Author(s): Oelof A. Kruger
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Japanese ultimate flatness interferometer (FUJI) and its preliminary experiment
Author(s): Toshiyuki Takatsuji; Nobuaki Ueki; Kenichi Hibino; Sonko Osawa; Tomizo Kurosawa
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Quadrature phase interferometer used to calibrate dial indicator calibrators
Author(s): Shau-Chi Huang; Huay-Chung Liou; Gwo-Sheng Peng; Ming-Feng Lu
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Development of a calibration system for electronic distance measuring instruments
Author(s): Lucy C. Forde; Eleanor F. Howick
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Traceable measurements for tape benches made easy
Author(s): Nicholas Brown
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Development of an automatic line scale measuring instrument
Author(s): Eleanor F. Howick; Christopher M. Sutton
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Adaptive interferometric metrology system (AIMS) based on an interferometer employing a "common-path" optical configuration
Author(s): Michael J. Downs
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Evaluation of the performance of a novel laser tracker used for coordinate measurements
Author(s): Sonko Osawa; Toshiyuki Takatsuji; Jiang Hong; Hironori Noguchi; Tomizo Kurosawa
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Accuracy and versatility of the NIST M48 coordinate measuring machine
Author(s): John R. Stoup; Theodore D. Doiron
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Uncertainty estimation by the concept of virtual instruments
Author(s): Han Haitjema; Bas W. van Dorp; M. Morel; Piet H. J. Schellekens
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Virtual CMM using Monte Carlo methods based on frequency content of the error signal
Author(s): Bas W. van Dorp; Han Haitjema; Frank Delbressine; Robbert H. Bergmans; Piet H. J. Schellekens
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Novel design of a one-dimensional measurement probe
Author(s): Rudolf Thalmann; Dannis M. Brouwer; Han Haitjema; Piet H. J. Schellekens
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Tracing back radius of curvature and topography to the base unit of length with ultraprecision
Author(s): Ingolf Weingaertner; Michael Schulz; Ralf D. Geckeler; Otto Jusko; Michael Neugebauer; Arnold Nicolaus; Gerhard Boensch
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Use and treaceable calibration of autocollimators for ultra-precise measurement of slope and topography
Author(s): Ralf D. Geckeler; Ingolf Weingaertner; Andreas Just; Reinhard Probst
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Recent length and angle comparisons in Asia Pacific
Author(s): Siew Leng Tan; Siok Pheng Low; Nicholas Brown; John R. Miles; Shige Iwasaki; Katuo Seta
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Development and traceability of a multifunctional microscope
Author(s): Wen-Jong Chen; Chih-Kung Lee; Shui-Shong Lua; Yu-Jena Chang; Yu-Chiaa Chang; Chi-Yuana Chang; Shuen-Chen Shiue; Shu-Sheng Lee; Huay-Chung Liou
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Calibration of nanosensors with direct traceability to the meter
Author(s): Robbert H. Bergmans; Han Haitjema; Serge Wetzels; Piet H. J. Schellekens
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Precise interferometric measurements at single-crystal silicon yielding thermal expansion coefficients from 12 deg to 28 degC and compressibility
Author(s): Rene Schoedel; Gerhard Boensch
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Calibration of a 2D reference mirror system of a photomask measuring instrument
Author(s): Felix Meli; Nicolas Jeanmonod; Christian Thiess; Rudolf Thalmann
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Developments at NIST on traceability in dimensional measurements
Author(s): Dennis A. Swyt; Steven D. Phillips; John W. Palmateer
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Realizing traceability to the SI in dimensional metrology: today and in the future
Author(s): Horst Kunzmann; Frank Jaeger; Jens Fluegge
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Portable I2-stabilized Nd:YVO4/KTP laser for secondary wavelength standards at 532 nm
Author(s): Jean-Marie Chartier; Leonid F. Vitushkin; Mikhail Khaleyev; Georgii E. Novikov; Oleg A. Orlov; Sergey Terekhov; Vladimir I. Ustugov
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Automatic high-precision calibration system for angle encoder
Author(s): Tsukasa Watanabe; Hiroyuki Fujimoto; Kan Nakayama; Tadashi Masuda; Makoto Kajitani
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Status of the nanometer comparator at PTB
Author(s): Jens Fluegge; Rainer G.J. Koening
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Absolute measurement of planarity: pixel versus Zernike data analysis
Author(s): Vincenzo Greco; Giuseppe Molesini
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Gauge block interferometer using three frequency-stabilized lasers
Author(s): Youichi Bitou; Akiko Hirai; Hideaki Yoshimori; Feng-Lei Hong; Yun Zhang; Atsushi Onae; Katuo Seta
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Improved calibration of an interference microscope
Author(s): Richard Koops
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Nonlinear error of common-path laser heterodyne interferometer
Author(s): Huijie Zhao; Guangjun Zhang
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Digital in-line holography with numerical reconstruction: three-dimensional particle tracking
Author(s): Hans Jurgen Kreuzer; Manfred H. Jericho; Wenbo Xu
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New instrument for the measurement of diameter and form of cylinders
Author(s): John R. Miles
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New modified Michelson's interferometer and its applications in metrology as new miniaturized absolute portable gravimeter
Author(s): Muhammad Muddassir Gualini
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