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Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection II: Application in Industrial Design

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Volume Number: 4398
Date Published: 23 October 2001

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Ultrashort-pulse interferometric sensors for optical shape and deformation measurement
Author(s): Torgny E. Carlsson
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Electronic speckle pattern interferometry based on spatial fringe analysis method
Author(s): Yasuhiko Arai; Shunsuke Yokozeki
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Projection of structured light in object planes of varying depths for absolute 3D profiling in a triangulation setup
Author(s): Klaus Koerner; Ulrich Droste; Robert Windecker; Matthias Fleischer; Hans J. Tiziani; Thorsten Bothe; Wolfgang Osten
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Fringe pattern compensation by synthesis of phase-shifted interferograms
Author(s): Zoltan Fuezessy; Janos Kornis; Attila Nemeth
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Long-base optical extensometer for tensile testing machines
Author(s): Leszek A. Salbut; Malgorzata Kujawinska; Robert Sitnik; Grzegorz Dymny
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Influence of depolarization effects in interferometric measurement methods
Author(s): Patrick Menn; Ervin Kolenovic; Wolfgang Osten; Werner P. O. Jueptner
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Combining finite element analysis with digital light-in-flight recording by holography
Author(s): Bengt J.L. Nilsson; Torgny E. Carlsson
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Specification of spectral line shape and dispersion of a medium by self-imaging and moire techniques
Author(s): Mohammad Taghi Tavassoly; Mohammad Abolhassani
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Self-calibrating 360-degree shape measurement systems
Author(s): Gunther Notni; Peter Kuehmstedt; Matthias Heinze; Georg H. Notni; Peter Brakhage
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Determining 3D shapes of hybrid surfaces by laser rangefinder
Author(s): Mitsuru Baba; Kozo Ohtani
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High-resolution dimensional measurement apparatus using optical scale with different grating pitches
Author(s): Hiroo Fujita
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Laser-doppler sensor system for speed and length measurements at moving surfaces
Author(s): Wilhelm Stork; Armin Wagner; Carsten Kunze
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Absolute optical path difference measurement with angstrom accuracy over ranges of millimeters
Author(s): Lukas Max Krieg; Rene G. Klaver; Joseph J. M. Braat
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Study of relationships between roughness and lightness of precision-machined surfaces
Author(s): Zhaowei Zhong; SweeHock Yeo; Liu Kian Tay
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Three-line rangefinder for shape, slope, and local curvature measurement from a robot arm
Author(s): Armando Albertazzi Jr.; Frank Hrebabetzky
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Novel laser grating interferometer (LES) for industrial applications
Author(s): Malgorzata Kujawinska; Leszek A. Salbut
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Plastic disk inspection system: an approach using two-dimensional birefringence distribution measurement
Author(s): Yukitoshi Otani; Kenichi Ishizuka; Toshiyuki Kanno; Toru Yoshizawa
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3D ESPI and 3D shearography measurements applied to NDT and FEM analysis validation for industrial quality control
Author(s): Erwin K. Hack; Marc Riner
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Endoscopic electronic-speckle-pattern interferometry: application to nondestructive quality control in industry and medicine
Author(s): Bjorn Kemper; Jochen Kandulla; Sabine Knoche; Dieter Dirksen; Gert von Bally
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3D-PulsESPI technique for dynamic deformation measurement
Author(s): Rene Krupka; Herbert Vetter; Thomas Walz; Andreas Ettemeyer
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Speckle index in dynamic processes: application to drying of paint
Author(s): Marcelo Trivi; Hector Jorge Rabal; Nelly Lucia Cap; Ricardo A. Arizaga
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Application of digital holographic microscopy for inspection of micro-optical components
Author(s): Volker Kebbel; Hans-Juergen Hartmann; Werner P. O. Jueptner
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Three-dimensional profilometry using hybrid grating projection
Author(s): Toru Yoshizawa; Hiroshi Takahashi; Masayuki Yamamoto; Yukitoshi Otani; Hiroo Fujita
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Calibration techniques for fringe projectors
Author(s): Joerg Peters; Stefan Patzelt; Frank Horn; Gert Goch
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Strain measurement in curved industrial components using multicomponent shearography
Author(s): Roger M. Groves; Stephen W. James; Ralph P. Tatam
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Two-beam shearing interferometric method for testing a conical lens
Author(s): Marella De Angelis; Sergio De Nicola; Pietro Ferraro; Andrea Finizio; Giovanni Pierattini
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Group refractive index of fused silica and white-light spectral interferometry with a dispersive Michelson interferometer
Author(s): Petr Hlubina
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Features of the subjective speckle field and their use for noise-immune unwrapping
Author(s): Claas Falldorf; Wolfgang Osten; Frank Elandaloussi; Ervin Kolenovic; Werner P. O. Jueptner
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Detection of microbumps in aeronautic surfaces by means of an elastical moire system
Author(s): Juan Carlos Martinez-Anton; Hector A. Canabal; J. A. Quiroga; Eusebio Bernabeu; M. Alvaro-Labajo; V. Cortes Testillano
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Distorted noisy interferogram enhancement and evaluation by nonlinear 2D data-dependent fringe processing
Author(s): Igor P. Gurov; Mikhail V. Volkov
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Study of parameters affecting the sensitivity of a 3D measurement system using the phase shifting technique
Author(s): Zhaowei Zhong; Chew Ping Han; Anand Krishna Asundi
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Novel method for determination of spot/line position in the array-based triangulation sensors
Author(s): Radovan D. Stojanovic; Panagiotis Mitropoulos; Svetlana Stojanovic; George D. Papadopoulos
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Application of multistep algorithms for deformation measurement
Author(s): Antonin Miks; Jiri Novak
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Noncontact laser speckle sensor for measuring one- and two-dimensional angular displacement
Author(s): Dumitru Gh. Ulieru
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Two-wavelength optical tomography system for industrial applications
Author(s): Andrzej W. Domanski; Miroslaw A. Karpierz; Marek Wojciech Sierakowski; Ryszard Swillo; Tomasz R. Wolinski
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