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Digital Wireless Communication III

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Volume Number: 4395
Date Published: 28 August 2001

Table of Contents
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Recent advances in reduced-rank adaptive filtering with application to high-speed wireless communications
Author(s): Michael D. Zoltowski; Michael Joham; Samina Chowdhury
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Recursive reduced-rank adaptive equalization for wireless communications
Author(s): Guido Dietl; Michael D. Zoltowski; Michael Joham
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Adaptive equalization techniques for indoor dynamic wireless communication channels
Author(s): Lin He; Moeness G. Amin; Charles Reed
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Digital multicarrier spread spectrum for resistance against jamming and multipath
Author(s): Shengli Zhou; Georgios B. Giannakis; Ananthram Swami
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Group theoretic description of circular trellis coded modulation
Author(s): James E. Curry; Alan R. Lindsey; Jeffrey C. Dill; Sergio Lopez-Permouth
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Adaptive multichannel modulation for variable QoS multimedia applications in survivable mobile wireless communications
Author(s): John E. Kleider; Glen P. Abousleman
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Near-ML multiuser detection
Author(s): Zhenyu Liu; Dimitris A. Pados
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Smart adaptive array antennas for wireless communcations
Author(s): Christos G. Christodoulou; Michael Georgiopoulos
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Use of minimum-variance beamforming algorithms for a smart antenna applied to a repeater
Author(s): Chong Hyun Lee; Hyekyung Jwa; Joohwan Chun; Joowan Kim
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Sensor array networks and long distance communications
Author(s): Peter P Budulas; Cynthia S. Pierce; Philip J. Emmerman
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Pilot symbol-assisted beamforming algorithms in the WCDMA reverse link
Author(s): Dongkeon Kong; Jong Hyun Lee; Joohwan Chun; Yeon Sik Woo; Ju Won Soh
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Multiband phased array antennas for wireless communications
Author(s): James J. Foshee; Raghbir S. Tahim; Kai Chang
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Maximin algorithm for adaptive arrays and frequency-hopping systems
Author(s): Don Torrieri; Kesh Bakhru
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Adaptive assignment of binary user spreading codes in DS-CDMA systems
Author(s): George N. Karystinos; Dimitris A. Pados
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Performance analysis of subspace projection techniques for FM interference rejection in GPS receivers
Author(s): Liang Zhao; Moeness G. Amin; Alan R. Lindsey
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Likelihood method for BPSK and unbalanced QPSK modulation classification
Author(s): King C. Ho; Liang Hong
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Modified CRLB on the modulation parameters of a QAM signal
Author(s): Liang Hong; King C. Ho
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Optimization of real-time protocols for wireless packet-switched multimedia networks based on partially observed multivariate point processes
Author(s): William S. Hortos
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Further results on self-similar network traffic modeling with scale-invariant systems
Author(s): Raghuveer M. Rao; Seungsin Lee; Rajesh Narasimha; Soheil A. Dianat
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Infrared communications for small spacecraft: from a wireless bus to cluster concepts
Author(s): Suzanne C. Walts; Wolfger Schneider; Margaret A. Garrison Darrin; Bradley G. Boone; Philip J. Luers
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High-data-rate optical downlink concept for LEO satellites
Author(s): Peter J. Wheel; Chris Langford; Mark C. Abrams
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Defense and security of a wireless tactical network
Author(s): Michael Younger; Stuart H. Young
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Data transmission over Inmarsat in TCP/IP environment
Author(s): Brian B. Luu; Christopher M. Sadler
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Traffic prediction tool for enhancing wireless network management
Author(s): Chi-Man Kwan; Roger Xu; Pam Clark; Charlie Hammond
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