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Applications and Science of Computational Intelligence IV
Editor(s): Kevin L. Priddy; Paul E. Keller; Peter J. Angeline

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Volume Number: 4390
Date Published: 21 March 2001

Table of Contents
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Cross-validation in fuzzy ARTMAP neural networks for large sample classification problems
Author(s): Michael Georgiopoulos; Anna Koufakou; Georgios C. Anagnostopoulos; Takis Kasparis
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Parallel neurofuzzy learning and construction algorithm
Author(s): Chris J. Harris; Xia Hong
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New geometrical perspective of fuzzy ART and fuzzy ARTMAP learning
Author(s): Georgios C. Anagnostopoulos; Michael Georgiopoulos
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Parental population manipulation in evolution strategies
Author(s): Taoyuan Huang; Yungyaw Chen
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Capability measures of artificial neural network architectures based on soft shattering
Author(s): Mark E. Oxley; Martha Alvey Carter
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Revisiting Bremermann's genetic algorithm: II. Comparing discrete multiparent recombination to mutation
Author(s): David B. Fogel; Gary B. Fogel
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Hybrid evolutionary computing model for mobile agents of wireless Internet multimedia
Author(s): William S. Hortos
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Adaptive critic design for computer intrusion detection system
Author(s): Alexander Novokhodko; Donald C. Wunsch II; Cihan H. Dagli
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Two-stage neural-network-based technique for Urdu character two-dimensional shape representation, classification, and recognition
Author(s): Dalila B. Megherbi; S. M. Lodhi; A. J. Boulenouar
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Fuzzy neural bang-bang controller for satellite attitude control
Author(s): Suriya Thongchet; Suwat Kuntanapreeda
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Fault diagnosis hybrid system using a Luenberger-based detection filter and neural networks
Author(s): Rocco Tarantino; Kathiusca Cabezas; Francklin Rivas-Echeverria; Eliezer Colina-Morles
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Neuronmaster: an integrated tool for applications in neural networks
Author(s): Francklin Rivas-Echeverria; Eliezer Colina-Morles; Solazver Sole; Anna Perez-Mendez; Cesar Bravo-Bravo; Victor Bravo-Bravo
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Fault detection and isolation using a neofuzzy neuron-based system
Author(s): Darcy Novoa-Paredes; Francklin Rivas-Echeverria; Cesar Bravo-Bravo
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Methodology for implementing virtual sensors using neural networks
Author(s): Anna Perez-Mendez; Francklin Rivas-Echeverria; Eliezer Colina-Morles; Luis Nava-Puente; Marianilca Olivares-Labrador
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Dynamic optimization for optimal control of water distribution systems
Author(s): Emre Ertin; Anthony N. Dean; Matthew L. Moore; Kevin L. Priddy
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Self-organizing map with fuzzy class memberships
Author(s): Sunghwan Sohn; Cihan H. Dagli
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Hebbian- and anti-Hebbian-type neural network for blind separation of nonstationary signals
Author(s): Anke Meyer-Baese
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Multimodal fusion of polynomial classifiers for automatic person recgonition
Author(s): Charles C. Broun; Xiaozheng Zhang
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Using feature transformation and selection with polynomial networks
Author(s): William M. Campbell; Huan Liu
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Moving image compression and generalization capability of constructive neural networks
Author(s): Liying Ma; Khashayar Khorasani
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Target detect system in 3D using vision apply on plant reproduction by tissue culture
Author(s): Martin Gerardo Vazquez Rueda; Federico Hahn
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Hopfield-neural-network-based stereo disparity through parallel computing
Author(s): Daniel Patrick R. Viegas
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Neural network topology design for nonlinear control
Author(s): Jens Haecker; Stephan Rudolph
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Comparative study of neural-network-based learning strategies for collective robotic search problem
Author(s): Nian Zhang; Alexander Novokhodko; Donald C. Wunsch II; Cihan H. Dagli
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Adaptive neural-network-based control of robotic manipulators
Author(s): Kyle Mitchell; Cihan H. Dagli
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Adaptive neural networks for mobile robotic control
Author(s): Jeff R. Burnett; Cihan H. Dagli
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Identification and control of nonlinear systems using neural networks with variable-structure-control-based learning algorithms
Author(s): Francklin Rivas-Echeverria; Eliezer Colina-Morles; Iselba Mazzei-Rivas
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Relational data clustering with incomplete data
Author(s): Richard J. Hathaway; Dessa D. Overstreet; Thomas E. Murphy; James C. Bezdek
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Global stability of nonlinear systems with temporal multidimensionality
Author(s): Victor F. Dailyudenko
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Ellipsoid ART and ARTMAP for incremental unsupervised and supervised learning
Author(s): Georgios C. Anagnostopoulos; Michael Georgiopoulos
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Neural network inverse models for propulsion vibration diagnostics
Author(s): Haiying Huang; John L. Vian; Jai Choi; David Carlson; Donald C. Wunsch II
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