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Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and Target Recognition X
Editor(s): Ivan Kadar

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Volume Number: 4380
Date Published: 16 August 2001

Table of Contents
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Multiple-model nonlinear filtering for low-signal ground target applications
Author(s): Chris M. Kreucher; Keith D. Kastella
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Multiple-model tracking with feedback
Author(s): Ali T. Alouani; Theodore R. Rice
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Passive tracking scheme for a single stationary observer
Author(s): Y. T. Chan; Terry Rea
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Multitarget tracking on intensity-modulated sensor data
Author(s): Roy L. Streit; Marcus L. Graham; Michael J. Walsh
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Target-type probability combining algorithms for multisensor tracking
Author(s): Torbjorn Wigren
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Naval air defense: multiple-model approach to the angular tracking and targeting of antiship missiles
Author(s): Dominique Maltese
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Track-to-track fusion in a multisensory environment
Author(s): Denis J. Gendron; Mohamad Farooq; Kaouthar Benameur
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Application of fuzzy logic to target tracking in a cluttered environment
Author(s): Ahmed S. Gad; Mohamad Farooq; S. Midwood
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Unified generalized Bayesian accrual of evidence for robust ATR: new results
Author(s): John R. Hoffman; Ronald P. S. Mahler; Ravi Prasanth; Melvyn Huff; Ravi B. Ravichandran; Raman K. Mehra; Stanton Musick
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Target variability and exact signature reproduction requirements for Ka-band radar data
Author(s): Robert H. Giles; William T. Kersey; M.Shane McFarlin; Robbin Finley; H. J. Neilson; William E. Nixon
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Registration of SAR and FLIR images for fusion ATR applications
Author(s): Yang Chen
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Detecting landmines using weighted density distribution function features
Author(s): Ronald Joe Stanley; Nipon Theera-Umpon; Paul D. Gader; Satish Somanchi; Dominic K. Ho
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Detection and recognition of vehicles in high-resolution SAR imagery
Author(s): Wolfgang Roller; Elisabeth Peinsipp-Byma; Anton Berger; Edmund Korres
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Experimental results on detection and classification of buried objects
Author(s): Stephane Guyonic
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Multitarget filtering using a multitarget first-order moment statistic
Author(s): Ronald P. S. Mahler; Tim Zajic
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Joint tracking, pose estimation, and target recognition using HRRR and track data: new results
Author(s): Tim Zajic; Constantino Rago; Ronald P. S. Mahler; Melvyn Huff; Michael J. Noviskey
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Multitarget nonlinear filtering based on spectral compression and probability hypothesis density
Author(s): Adel I. El-Fallah; Tim Zajic; Ronald P. S. Mahler; Barbara A. Lajza-Rooks; Raman K. Mehra
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Detecting, tracking, and classifying group targets: a unified approach
Author(s): Ronald P. S. Mahler
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Sequential detection of targets in distributed systems
Author(s): Alexander G. Tartakovsky; X. Rong Li; George Yaralov
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Particle filters for combined state and parameter estimation
Author(s): Hubert Y. Chan; Michael A. Kouritzin
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Practical application of a branching particle-based nonlinear filter
Author(s): David J. Ballantyne; John R. Hoffman; Michael A. Kouritzin
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Optical path tracking in high-scintillation scenarios
Author(s): Constantino Rago; Melvyn Huff; Ravi B. Ravichandran; Raman K. Mehra; Tim Zajic; Norman Lehtomaki; Ronald P. S. Mahler; Donald C. Washburn
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Complexity reducing algorithm for near optimal fusion (CRANOF) with application to tracking and information fusion
Author(s): D. Bamber; I. R. Goodman; William C. Torrez; H. T. Nguyen
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None-of-the-above (NOTA) capability for INTELL-based NCTI
Author(s): Eric Sorensen; Ronald P. S. Mahler; Trent Brundage
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Bayesian network using edge probabilities for target detection and recognition
Author(s): Renjian Zhao; Patrick A. Kelly; Haluk Derin
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User-defined information and scientific performance evaluation
Author(s): John R. Hoffman; Ronald P. S. Mahler; Tim Zajic
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Fuzzy logic resource manager: tree structure and optimization
Author(s): James F. Smith III; Robert D. Rhyne
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Scientific performance evaluation for distributed sensor management and adaptive data fusion
Author(s): Adel I. El-Fallah; Ravi B. Ravichandran; Raman K. Mehra; John R. Hoffman; Tim Zajic; Chad A. Stelzig; Ronald P. S. Mahler; Mark G. Alford
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Self-organizing team formation for target observation
Author(s): Richard S. Bowyer; Robert E. Bogner
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Situation assessment and impact assessment activities in information fusion
Author(s): Michael L. Hinman
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Human-computer interface for the study of information fusion concepts in situation analysis and command decision support systems
Author(s): Jean Roy; Richard Breton; Stephane Paradis
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Perceptual reasoning managed situation assessment and adaptive fusion processing
Author(s): Ivan Kadar
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Defining a fusion-gain system operation characteristic (SOC) curve based on probability of detection and probability of false alarms
Author(s): Erik P. Blasch; Jim Hoffman; Joe Petty
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Evaluation of CFAR effects on adaptive Boolean decision fusion performance for SAR/EO change detection
Author(s): Martin E. Liggins II
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Signal-level fusion model for image-based change detection in DARPA's dynamic database system
Author(s): Mark J. Carlotto
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Perceptual evaluation of different image fusion schemes
Author(s): Alexander Toet; Jan Kees IJspeert
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Force detection and identification system
Author(s): Michael A. Pagels; John F. Gilmore
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Multisensor fusion for improved air-to-ground target localization
Author(s): Moira I. Smith; Eleanor M. Januarius; Mark Bernhardt; David Nicholson; Gareth Rees; Jason F. Ralph
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FRESNEL program: fusion of radar and electro-optical signals for surveillance on land
Author(s): Arne Theil; Leon Kester; Sebastiaan P. van den Broek; Philip van Dorp; Ronald van Sweeden
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Fusion of radar and EO sensors for surveillance
Author(s): Leon Kester; Arne Theil
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Results of the DRIVE I experiment for fusion of IR and radar data
Author(s): Christian M. Birkemark; James D. Titley
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Multisensor fusion in gastroenterology domain through video and echo endoscopic image combination: a challenge
Author(s): Renaud Debon; Clara Le Guillou; Jean-Michel Cauvin; Basel Solaiman; Christian Roux
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Utilizing a class labeling feature in an adaptive Bayesian classifier
Author(s): Robert S. Lynch Jr.; Peter K. Willett
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Tracking of moving objects in scenery using subspace projection using independent component analysis
Author(s): Brian J. Noe; Fredric M. Ham
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Remote sensing through reduced Mueller matrix elements
Author(s): Jeremy D. Ellis; Aristide C. Dogariu
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Facial expression recognition using constructive neural networks
Author(s): Liying Ma; Khashayar Khorasani
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Contrast-invariant dimensionless features
Author(s): Albrecht Melan; Stephan Rudolph
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Increasing spatial resolution by using an image sequence
Author(s): Ingmar A. Andersson; Leif Haglund; Erik Roennqvist
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Metropolis Monte Carlo deconvolution technique compared to iterative methods for noisy data
Author(s): Abolfazl M. Amini; George E. Ioup; Juliette W. Ioup
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LED flicker pulsing
Author(s): Mark A. Johnson; Paul J. Cote
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Feature detection and fusion for intelligent compression
Author(s): Paul G. Ducksbury; Margaret J. Varga
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Automatic eye tracking in video image sequence
Author(s): Kai Qian; GuoWei Zhou; Chih-Cheng Hung; Prabir Bhattacharya; Jigang Liu
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Generic reusable COTS multifunction radar monitor, recorder, and simulator unit
Author(s): Mohammed Anwar Sayid
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Fluctuation-based technique for beamforming and auto detection
Author(s): Ronald A. Wagstaff
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Automatic fusion of multiple-sensor and multiple-season images
Author(s): Vadim R. Lutsiv; Igor A. Malyshev; Vadim Pepelka
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GMUGLE: A goal lattice constructor
Author(s): Kenneth J. Hintz
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Hierarchical adaptation scheme for multiagent data fusion and resource management in situation analysis
Author(s): Abder Rezak Benaskeur; Jean Roy
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