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Automatic Target Recognition XI
Editor(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi

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Volume Number: 4379
Date Published: 22 October 2001

Table of Contents
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Asymptotic target recognition performance for FLIR and ladar systems
Author(s): Brent J. Yen; Jeffrey H. Shapiro
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Automatically scoring ladar detectors using target descriptors
Author(s): Annette Bergman; David H. DeKruger
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Detection and recognition in ladar using invariants and covariants
Author(s): Gregory D. Arnold; Kirk Sturtz; Isaac Weiss
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Mobile target ladar ATR system
Author(s): Jesse L. Hodge; David H. DeKruger; Alden E. Park
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Three-dimensional correlation filters for orientation invariant recognition
Author(s): Abhijit Mahalanobis; Bhagavatula Vijaya Kumar; Alan J. Van Nevel
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Sequential correlation
Author(s): Kevin S. Schweiker; Michael J. Mayercik
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Hybrid fuzzy-neural classifier for feature level data fusion in ladar autonomous target recognition
Author(s): Stephen Soliday; Melissa Tay Perona; Daniel G. McCauley
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Results of ladar ATR captive flight testing experiments
Author(s): T. Dean Cook
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Coding theoretic approach to segmentation and robust CFAR-detection for ladar images
Author(s): Unoma Ndili; Richard G. Baraniuk; Hyeokho Choi; Robert D. Nowak; Mario A. T. Figueiredo
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Benchtop methodology for evaluating the automatic segmentation of ladar images
Author(s): Gregory J. Power
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Automatic registration of sequential ladar imagery
Author(s): Alan J. Van Nevel
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Multisensor target detection using adaptive feature-based fusion
Author(s): Heesung Kwon; Sandor Z. Der; Nasser M. Nasrabadi
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Grouping multiple neural networks for automatic target recognition in infrared imagery
Author(s): Bento A. Brazio Correia; Rui Nunes
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Target identification using Zernike moments and neural networks
Author(s): Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi; Arta A. Jamshidi; Andrew J. Nevis
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New experiments in the use of infrared polarization in the detection of small targets
Author(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi; Cornell S. L. Chun
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Target characterization by using B-spline curves for infrared image segmentation algorithms evaluation
Author(s): Jerome Caporossi; Philippe Bolon; Jacques Blanc-Talon
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Knowledge-based recognition algorithm for long-range infrared bridge images
Author(s): Zhiguo Cao; Qi Sun; Tianxu Zhang
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Regression model for prediction of IR images
Author(s): Anuj Srivastava; Brian D. Thomasson; S. Richard F. Sims
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Improved target detection algorithm using dualband infrared imagery
Author(s): Lipchen Alex Chan; Sandor Z. Der; Nasser M. Nasrabadi
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Information divergence measure for ISAR image registration
Author(s): Yun He; A. Ben Hamza; A. Hamid Krim
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Using support vector machines as HRR signature classifiers
Author(s): Junshui Ma; Honglin Li; Stanley C. Ahalt
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Improving HRR ATR performance at low-SNR by multilook adaptive weighting
Author(s): Duy H. Nguyen; John H. Kay; Bradley J. Orchard; Gerald R. Benitz; Robert H. Whiting
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Validation of a chi2 model of HRR target RCS variability and verification of the resulting ATR performance model
Author(s): Craig R. Holt; Joseph B. Attili; Steven L. Schmidt
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ATR discrimination-SNR for HRR assuming chi2 model of RCS variability
Author(s): Craig R. Holt; Steven L. Schmidt; Joseph B. Attili
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Acquisition and analysis of X-band moving target signature data using a 160-GHz compact range
Author(s): Robert H. Giles; H. J. Neilson; Dennis M. Healy Jr.; Timothy P. Grayson; Robert L. Williams; William E. Nixon
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Automatic classification of minelike targets buried underground using time-frequency signatures extracted by a stepped-frequency radar
Author(s): Hans C. Strifors; Anders Gustafsson; Steffan Abrahamson; Guillermo C. Gaunaurd
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Nonlinear feature extraction applied to ISAR images of targets for classification
Author(s): Guy T. Maskall; Andrew R. Webb
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HRR ATR performance enhancement at low-SNR using beamspace HDI
Author(s): Duy H. Nguyen; Gerald R. Benitz; John H. Kay; Bradley J. Orchard; Robert H. Whiting
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Three-dimensional pattern recognition: algorithms and systems
Author(s): Bahram Javidi; Enrique Tajahuerce
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Group target tracking using game theory
Author(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi; Wolfgang Kober
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Target classification via labeling of subtarget motion patterns
Author(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi
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Fast pattern recognizer for autonomous target recognition and tracking for advanced naval attack missiles
Author(s): Al Hastbacka
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Detection, recognition, identification, and tracking of military vehicles using biomimetic intelligence
Author(s): Paul W. Pace; John Sutherland
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WAR HORSE (wide-area reconnaissance: hyperspectral overhead real-time surveillance experiment)
Author(s): Christopher M. Stellman; Frederick M. Olchowski; Joseph V. Michalowicz
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Consequences of preprocessing feature data for support vector machines
Author(s): David J. Gorsich; Robert E. Karlsen; Grant R. Gerhart
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Relationships between computational system performance and recognition system performance
Author(s): Michael D. DeVore; Joseph A. O'Sullivan; Roger D. Chamberlain; Mark A. Franklin
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Performance prediction of vehicle detection algorithms
Author(s): P. Klausmann; Kristian Kroschel; Dieter Willersinn
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Comparable performance for classifier trained on real or synthetic IR-images
Author(s): Bruce A. Weber; Joseph A. Penn
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Complexity of confidence level optimization in sequential automatic target detection of hyperspectral system
Author(s): Hanna Tran Haskett; Arun K. Sood; Mohammad K. Habib
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Signature adaptive mine detection at a constant false alarm rate
Author(s): Frank J. Crosby; Steve Riley
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Eigen-extended maximum average correlation height (EEMACH) filters for automatic target recognition
Author(s): Bhagavatula Vijaya Kumar; Mohamed Alkanhal
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Shape space object recognition
Author(s): Xiao Zhang; Jun Zhang; Gilbert G. Walter; A. Hamid Krim
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Target detection and classification using a deformable template
Author(s): Roger M. Dufour; Eric L. Miller; Nikolas P. Galatsanos
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Comparison of Hausdorff distances performances in dissimilarity measurements for silhouette discrimination
Author(s): Olivier Ruch; Philippe Refregier
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Advanced detection and correlation-based automatic target recognition
Author(s): Abhijit Mahalanobis; Robert R. Muise
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Image-based aircraft pose estimation: a comparison of simulations and real-world data
Author(s): Marcel G. J. Breuers; Nico de Reus
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Buried landmine detection using multivariate normal clustering
Author(s): Brian M. Duston
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Rapid update of discrete Fourier transform for real-time signal processing
Author(s): Barry G. Sherlock; Yogendra P. Kakad
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Rapid prototyping of update algorithm of discrete Fourier transform for real-time signal processing
Author(s): Yogendra P. Kakad; Barry G. Sherlock; Krishnan V. Chatapuram; Stephen Bishop
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Gradient-based genetic algorithms in image registration
Author(s): Igor V. Maslov; Izidor Gertner
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Vehicle size and orientation estimation using geometric fitting
Author(s): Christina Anna Groenwall; Mille C. Millnert
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Ship detection with an attention mechanism applied
Author(s): Yuehuan Wang; Tianxu Zhang; Guoyou Wang
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Post interaural neural net-based vowel recognition
Author(s): Ismail I. Jouny
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Tumor detection using digital mammography
Author(s): Gary Preis; Ismail I. Jouny
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Classification of Gaussian data with sieve-regularized estimates
Author(s): Natalia A. Schmid; Joseph A. O'Sullivan
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Fisher information in transported generator clutter models
Author(s): Dmitri Bitouk; Ulf Grenander; Michael I. Miller; Paritosh Tyagi
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ATR applications of minimax entropy models of texture and shape
Author(s): Song-Chun Zhu; Alan L. Yuille; Aaron D. Lanterman
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