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Laser Radar Technology and Applications VI
Editor(s): Gary W. Kamerman

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Volume Number: 4377
Date Published: 19 September 2001

Table of Contents
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Field measurements with 1574-nm imaging and scannerless eye-safe laser radar
Author(s): Ulrich Schael; Hendrik Rothe
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Research progess on scannerless ladar systems using a laser diode transmitter and FM/cw radar principles
Author(s): Barry L. Stann; Ahmed Abou-Auf; Scott Frankel; Mark M. Giza; William Potter; William C. Ruff; Paul H. Shen; Deborah R. Simon; Michael R. Stead; Zoltan G. Sztankay; Luke F. Lester
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Three-dimensional laser radar modeling
Author(s): Ove K. Steinvall; Tomas Carlsson
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Three-dimensional laser radar for long-range applications
Author(s): Ralph L. Burnham
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Eye-safe laser radar 3D imaging
Author(s): Roger Stettner; Howard Bailey; Richard D. Richmond
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Staring underwater laser radar (SULAR) 3D imaging
Author(s): Roger Stettner; Howard Bailey
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Three-Dimensional Imaging Sensors program
Author(s): Mark K. Browder; Bruno Evans; Jeffrey D. Beck; Michael A. Blessinger; Wolfram S. Blattner; Richard LeBlanc; Brian H. Miles
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3D flash ladar at Raytheon
Author(s): Maurice J. Halmos; Michael D. Jack; James F. Asbrock; C. Anderson; Steven L. Bailey; George Chapman; E. Gordon; P. E. Herning; Murray H. Kalisher; Louis F. Klaras; Kim Kosai; V. Liquori; Mike Pines; Valerie Randall; Robin Reeder; Joseph P. Rosbeck; Sanghamitra Sen; Patrick A. Trotta; P. Wetzel; Andrew T. Hunter; John E. Jensen; T. J. DeLyon; Charlie Ward Trussell; James Andrew Hutchinson; Raymond S. Balcerak
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Adaptive ladar receiver for multispectral imaging
Author(s): Kenneth Johnson; Mohan Vaidyanathan; Song Xue; William E. Tennant; Lester J. Kozlowski; Gary W. Hughes; Duane D. Smith
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Three-dimensional laser radar with APD arrays
Author(s): Rick Heinrichs; Brian F. Aull; Richard M. Marino; Daniel G. Fouche; Alexander K. McIntosh; John J. Zayhowski; Timothy Stephens; Michael E. O'Brien; Marius A. Albota
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Novel focal plane array integration technology for use in eye-safe imaging ladar receivers
Author(s): Kenneth Vaccaro; Stephen M. Spaziani; Helen M. Dauplaise; Darlene Schwall; Mark Roland; James E. Murguia; Joseph P. Lorenzo
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3D imaging for Army applications
Author(s): Charlie Ward Trussell
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Multifunction laser radar: III
Author(s): James Andrew Hutchinson; Charlie Ward Trussell; Toomas H. Allik; Scott J. Hamlin; Jason D. Force; Ian D. Crawford; Jack C. McCarthy; Mark S. Bowers; Michael D. Jack
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Three-dimensional visualization for large models
Author(s): Michael W. Roth
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Coherent mid-IR laser radar
Author(s): Frank E. Hanson; Peter M. Poirier; Erhard J. Schimitschek; Mark Alan Arbore
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Analysis of laser radar measurements of the asteroid 433 Eros
Author(s): Timothy D. Cole; Maria T. Zuber; Greg Neuman; Andrew F. Cheng; R. Alan Reiter; Yanping Guo; David E. Smith
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Three-dimensional imaging polarimetry
Author(s): Anthony D. Gleckler; Asher Gelbart
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Holographic Raman/Rayleigh lidar for all-atmosphere thermal profiles
Author(s): Anthony N. Dills; Geoff P. Andersen; Randall J. Knize
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Molecular optical air data system (MOADS)
Author(s): Peter Tchoryk Jr.; Christopher B. Watkins; Scott K. Lindemann; Paul B. Hays; Carl Anthony Nardell
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Wide-angle imaging lidar (WAIL): a ground-based instrument for monitoring the thickness and density of optically thick clouds
Author(s): Steven P. Love; Anthony B. Davis; Charles A. Rohde; Cheng Ho
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Airborne test of an optical true-airspeed sensor
Author(s): Stephan Rahm; Ines Leike; Engelbert Nagel; Christian Werner; Richard Bogenberger
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Preamplifier impulse-response shape-driven shot-noise in direct-detection photon-counting laser radars
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans
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Laser radar detection statistics: a comparison of coherent and direct-detection receivers
Author(s): Philip Gatt; Sammy W. Henderson
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Measurements of Stokes parameters of materials at 1064-nm and 532-nm wavelengths
Author(s): Songxin Tan; Ram Mohan Narayanan; James E. Kalshoven Jr.
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Cylindrical target Doppler and Doppler-spread feature estimation using coherant mode-locked pulse laser radars with long observation times
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans
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Optically pre-amplified lidar-radar
Author(s): Loic Morvan; Daniel Dolfi; Jean-Pierre Huignard
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Green functions for multiple scattering as mathematical tools for dense-cloud remote sensing: theory with passive and active applications
Author(s): Anthony B. Davis; Alexander Marshak; Robert F. Cahalan
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Experimental validation of the differential image motion lidar concept
Author(s): Mikhail S. Belen'kii; David W. Roberts; John M. Stewart; Gary G. Gimmestad; W. R. Dagle
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Multifrequency laser radar band selection
Author(s): Terry L. Nichols; Steven E. Johnson; Charles Garvin; Philip Gatt
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Multispectral and hyperspectral 3D imaging lidar based upon the multiple-slit streak tube imaging lidar
Author(s): Anthony D. Gleckler; Asher Gelbart; James M. Bowden
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Spike characteristics of radar sea clutter for extremely small grazing angles: II
Author(s): Gennady P. Kulemin
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Ladar measurements of the International Space Station
Author(s): Colin L. Smithpeter; Robert O. Nellums; Steve M. Lebien; George Studor; George H. James III
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Eye-safe coherent lidar detection using a 1.5-um Raman laser
Author(s): Timothy W. Monarski; Stephen M. Hannon; Philip Gatt
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