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Window and Dome Technologies and Materials VII
Editor(s): Randal W. Tustison

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Volume Number: 4375
Date Published: 7 September 2001

Table of Contents
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Development of large-aperture monolithic sapphire optical windows
Author(s): Joel Askinazi; Richard V. Wientzen; Chandra P. Khattak
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Large-area edge-bonded flat and curved sapphire windows
Author(s): Patrick Timothy McGuire; Brian G. Pazol; Richard L. Gentilman; Joel Askinazi; John W. Locher
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Sapphire statistical characterization and risk reduction program
Author(s): Donald R. McClure; Robert Cayse; David R. Black; Steven M Goodrich; K. Peter D. Lagerloef; Daniel C. Harris; Dale McCullum; Daniel H. Platus; Charles E. Patty Jr.; Robert S. Polvani
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Compressive strengthening of sapphire by neutron irradiation
Author(s): Thomas M. Regan; Daniel C. Harris; Rhonda M. Stroud; John R. White; David W. Blodgett; Kevin C. Baldwin; Joseph A. Miragliotta; Michael E. Thomas; Milton J. Linevsky; John W. Giles; Thomas A. Kennedy; Mohammad Fatemi; David R. Black; K. Peter D. Lagerloef
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Slow crack growth and fracture toughness of sapphire for a window application
Author(s): Jonathan A. Salem; Lynn M. Powers; Robert Allen; Anthony Calomino
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Measurement of the infrared refractive index of sapphire as a function of temperature
Author(s): Di Yang; Michael E. Thomas; Simon G. Kaplan
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VIS-IR transmitting BGG glass and glass-ceramics
Author(s): Shyam S. Bayya; Joshua A. Wojcik; Jasbinder Singh Sanghera; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; Joel Askinazi
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Recent advances in aluminum oxynitride (ALON) optical ceramic
Author(s): Lee M. Goldman; Thomas M. Hartnett; Joseph M. Wahl; Robert J. Ondercin; Karen R. Olson
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Polycrystal GaAs infrared windows
Author(s): Hideo Wada; Ken-ichiro Shibata; Masashi Yamashita; Shigeru Nakayama; Akihito Fujii
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Highly transmissive ion implanted germanium windows
Author(s): Bradley D. Schwartz; Joel Askinazi; Richard R. Poole
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Precision conformal optics technology program
Author(s): Patrick A. Trotta
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Deterministic processes for manufacturing conformal (freeform) optical surfaces
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Ruckman; Edward M Fess; Harvey M. Pollicove
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Mandrel reusability in precision replication of ZnS conformal domes
Author(s): Jitendra Singh Goela; Joel Askinazi; Barry Robinson
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Fabrication challenges associated with conformal optics
Author(s): John Schaefer; Richard A. Eichholtz; Frank C. Sulzbach
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Testing and analyzing conformal windows with null optics
Author(s): Ronald G. Hegg; C. Bill Chen
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Conformal optics risk reduction demonstration
Author(s): David J. Knapp; James P. Mills; Ronald G. Hegg; Patrick A. Trotta; Christopher B. Smith
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Demonstration of a conformal window imaging system: design, fabrication, and testing
Author(s): Patrick H. Marushin; Jose M. Sasian; Tony Y. Lin; John E. Greivenkamp; Scott A. Lerner; Barry Robinson; Joel Askinazi
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Ray path deviation in a nonhemispherical dome
Author(s): Richard I. Joseph; Michael E. Thomas
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Damage mechanism involved in the solid particle erosion of CVD diamond
Author(s): Alun R. Davies; John E. Field
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CVD diamond optical components, multispectral properties, and performance at elevated temperatures
Author(s): Tim P. Mollart; Christopher J. H. Wort; Charles S. James Pickles; Mark R. McClymont; Neil Perkins; Keith L. Lewis
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Coatings technology for CVD diamond optics
Author(s): Tim P. Mollart; Keith L. Lewis; Christopher J. H. Wort; Charles S. James Pickles
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Diamond-ZnS composite infrared window
Author(s): Akihito Fujii; Hideo Wada; Ken-ichiro Shibata; Shigeru Nakayama; Masato Hasegawa
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Measurement of absorption and scattering properties of CVD diamond
Author(s): Michael E. Thomas; William J. Green; Di Yang; David W. Blodgett
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Measurement of the temperature-dependent refractive index and relative photoelastic constant of zinc sulfide
Author(s): David W. Blodgett; Di Yang; Suzanne C. Walts; Michael E. Thomas
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Electron irradiation of transparent and ceramics window materials
Author(s): Thomas M. Regan; Gary A. Gilde; Steven M Goodrich
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How to do a Weibull statistical analysis of flexural strength data: application to AlON, diamond, zinc selenide, and zinc sulfide
Author(s): Claude A. Klein; Richard P. Miller
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Optical technique to sense thermal stress in sapphire
Author(s): K. R. Grossman; R. Kelly Frazer; R. Bamberger; Joseph A. Miragliotta
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New protective antireflecting coating for multispectral ZnS
Author(s): Caspar C. Clark; Alan H. Lettington; Steven J. Wakeham; Peter S. Jones; Dave Waterman
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Solid particle erosion performance of a new ultradurable AR for silicon
Author(s): Caspar C. Clark
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Properties of thin film Si-C-N compositions
Author(s): Alan B. Harker; Robert J. Ondercin; Karen R. Olson
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Infrared transparent conductive oxides
Author(s): Linda F. Johnson; Mark B. Moran
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Aluminum nitride coatings by reactive pulsed dc magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Mark B. Moran; Linda F. Johnson
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Two-color Mach 3 IR coating for TAMD systems
Author(s): Caspar C. Clark; David Haddow
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Dual-band transparent conductive coating
Author(s): Nuphar N. Lipkin; Hedva Zipin; Yigal Yadin; Zeev Klein; Limor Dagan; Orna Marcovitch
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