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Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging Technology V
Editor(s): Roger M. Smith; Roger Appleby

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Volume Number: 4373
Date Published: 21 August 2001

Table of Contents
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Large-aperture passive millimeter-wave pushbroom camera
Author(s): Philip Moffa; Larry Yujiri; Hiroshi H. Agravante; Giovanni De Amici; David Dixon; Steven W. Fornaca; Charles M. Jackson; Talbot Jaeger; Karen Jordan; Randolph Quon; Kent A. Rasmussen; Thomas K. Samec; Merit Shoucri
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Concealed weapons detection system using uncooled pulsed imaging arrays of millimeter-wave bolometers
Author(s): Erich N. Grossman; Shalva Nolen; Nicholas G. Paulter; Carl D. Reintsema
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Polarimetric passive millimeter-wave sensing
Author(s): David A. Wikner; Greg Samples
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Security scanning at 35 GHz
Author(s): Rupert N. Anderton; Roger Appleby; Peter R. Coward; P. J. Kent; Sean Price; Gordon N. Sinclair; Matthew R. M. Wasley
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Microstrip-based Rotman lens for mm-wave sensing operations
Author(s): Leonard T. Hall; Hedley J. Hansen; Derek Abbott
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Properties of cavity-backed slot-ring antennas at 95 GHz
Author(s): Shalva Nolen; Todd E. Harvey; Carl D. Reintsema; Erich N. Grossman
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Design of an active mm-wave concealed-object imaging system
Author(s): Nicholas G. Paulter; Erich N. Grossman; G. N. Stenbakken; B. C. Waltrip; Shalva Nolen; Carl D. Reintsema
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Cooling system for ultra low-temperature cryogenic detector cameras
Author(s): Ian D. Hepburn; Michael Emes; Liam B. C. Worth; Damien Feger
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Polarimetric millimeter-wave imaging
Author(s): Neil Anthony Salmon; Roger Appleby; Peter R. Coward
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Restoration techniques of millimeter-wave images
Author(s): Alan H. Lettington; Marc R. Yallop; Sophie Tzimopoulou
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Superresolution of passive millimeter-wave images using a combined maximum-likelihood optimization and projection-onto-convex-sets approach
Author(s): Malur K. Sundareshan; Supratik Bhattacharjee
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Sensor expansion through integration of microscanning and superresolution algorithms
Author(s): William R. Reynolds; Denise Talcott; Michael C. Roggemann; John W. Hilgers; Timothy J. Schulz
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Usage of passive remote sensing for optimum measurement of physical properties of petroleum films on marine surface
Author(s): Graciela Velasco Herrera; Roman Alvarez Bejar; Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera; Valerii Konstantinovich Volosyuk
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Video rate millimeterwave camera for concealed weapons detection
Author(s): Al Pergande; Larry T. Anderson
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New tunnel diode for zero-bias direct detection for millimeter-wave imagers
Author(s): Edward T. Croke; Joel N. Schulman; David H. Chow; Howard L. Dunlap; Kevin S. Holabird; Leslie D. Warren; Matthew A. Morgan; Sander Weinreb
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Passive millimeter-wave image resolution improvement by linear and nonlinear algorithms
Author(s): Joseph D. Silverstein
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ATA algorithms suite for co-boresighted pmmw and ladar imagery
Author(s): Mark R. Stevens; Magnus Snorrason; Vitaly Ablavsky; Sengvieng A. Amphay
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Flight test of a MMW imaging radarometer
Author(s): Doc Ewen; Darryl G. Huddleston; Roger M. Smith; Byron W. Belcher
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