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Enabling Technology for Simulation Science V

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Volume Number: 4367
Date Published: 19 September 2001

Table of Contents
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Mission-system planning: an application of multiresolution, multiperspective modeling, and exploratory analysis
Author(s): Paul K. Davis
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Defining the next generation of enabling technology for exploratory analysis and multiresolution modeling
Author(s): Jimmie McEver; Paul K. Davis
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Mission-systems analysis for rapidly insertable military capabilities
Author(s): Richard J. Hillestad
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Overview of clustering algorithms
Author(s): Allyn Treshansky; Robert M. McGraw
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Quantum information theory for model abstraction techniques
Author(s): Marjorie V. Quant; Ryan Colburn
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Considerations for selective-fidelity simulation
Author(s): Bradley C. Schricker; Stephen A. Schricker; Robert W. Franceschini
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Evaluating the performance versus accuracy tradeoff for abstract models
Author(s): Robert M. McGraw; Joseph E. Clark
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Multisensor fusion effects on the characterization and optimization of TPED architecture performance
Author(s): James B. Kraiman
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DeLoRes variable resolution modeling implementation
Author(s): William C. Jorch; Chester R. Haag; Ivans Chou; Bruce Preiss
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Multilevel resolution demonstration of the utility of C4ISR
Author(s): Thomas C. Fall; Gary A. Plotz
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Accuracy and stability tradeoffs in multirate simulation
Author(s): Robert M. Howe
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Evaluating simulation acceleration techniques
Author(s): Gregory D. Peterson
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Electromagnetic simulation environment
Author(s): Eric Jones; Balaji Krishnapuram; John Pormann; John A. Board Jr.; Lawrence Carin
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Web-based models and repositories
Author(s): Paul A. Fishwick
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Virtual reality modeling language templates for dynamic model construction
Author(s): Taewoo Kim; Paul A. Fishwick
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Methodology for the 3D modeling and visualization of concurrency networks
Author(s): Linda K. Dance; Paul A. Fishwick
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Distributed collaborative environments for 21st century modeling and simulation
Author(s): William K. McQuay
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Collaboration forum: an innovation in information exchange for enabling technologies
Author(s): Mark M. Stephenson
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Creation and usage of collaborative workflow templates in distributed simulation
Author(s): Jerome Reaper
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SPEEDES: a brief overview
Author(s): Christopher A. Bailey; Robert M. McGraw; Jeffrey S. Steinman; Jennifer Wong
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Automated parametric execution and documentation for large-scale simulations
Author(s): Robert L. Kelsey; Keith R. Bisset; Robert B. Webster
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MATLAB/Simulink analytic radar modeling environment
Author(s): Bruce L. Esken; Brian L. Clayton
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eSim: a software architecture for Web-enabled simulation
Author(s): Nazareth S. Bedrossian; Jiann-Woei Jang; Joe McManis; Jeremy Tempelton
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Simulation of on-the-move communications: issues and answers
Author(s): Thomas C. Fall; Roger Chase
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Problem signatures from enhanced vector autoregressive modeling
Author(s): Bruno R. Andriamanalimanana; Saumen S. Sengupta
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Domain-size constraint on real-time model abstractions
Author(s): Saumen S. Sengupta; Bruno R. Andriamanalimanana
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Time-stepped simulation of queueing systems
Author(s): Yujing Wu; Weibo Gong
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Developing models and simulations from a life-cycle point of view
Author(s): Wayne Zandbergen; Millard Barger
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Economics of simulation task force
Author(s): Steven C. Gordon
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Solving system integration and interoperability problems using a model reference systems engineering framework
Author(s): Mahmoud A. Makhlouf
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Extending simulation-based acquisition (SBA) to the warfighter with the Air Force Joint Synthetic Battlespace (JSB-AF)
Author(s): Phil Faye; Emily B. Andrew; Jayson Lee
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JIMM: the next step for mission-level models
Author(s): Jamieson Gump; Robert G. Kurker; Joseph P. Nalepka
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Mixed-resolution modeling of perceptions in the joint warfare system
Author(s): David McNamara
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Use of modern control theory in military command and control
Author(s): Timothy E. Busch
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Modeling and agile control for joint air operation environment
Author(s): Christos G. Cassandras; Kagan Gokbayrak; David A. Castanon; Jerry M. Wohletz; Michael L. Curry; Michael Gates
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Simulation and modeling for military air operations
Author(s): Ruth D. Kreichauf; Saad Bedros; Yusuf Ateskan; Joao Hespanha; Hakan Kizilocak
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Predictive models of battle dynamics
Author(s): Jan Jelinek
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Modeling effects-based operations in support of war games
Author(s): Lee William Wagenhals; Alexander H. Levis
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Applying nonlinear multiloop simulation to effects-based operations
Author(s): Corey L. Lofdahl
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Automated IPB in support of wargaming and COA analysis and comparison
Author(s): Charles H. Mitchell; James K. Williams
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Decision investigation and support environment (DISE)
Author(s): Michael J. VonPlinsky; Pete Johnson; Ed Crowder
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Understanding EBO: model abstraction and achieving a favorable endstate
Author(s): Alan B. Evans
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Knowledge focus via software agents
Author(s): Donald E. Henager
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Intelligently interactive combat simulation
Author(s): Lawrence J. Fogel; Vincent William Porto; Steven M. Alexander
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LG Strategist: your personal chief of staff
Author(s): Boris Stilman; Vladimir Yakhnis
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Active objects programming for military autonomous mobile robots software prototyping
Author(s): Roger F. Cozien
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Assessing the effectiveness of Defensive Aids Suite technology
Author(s): John L. Rapanotti; Annie DeMontigny-Leboeuf; Marc Palmarini; Andre Cantin
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Integration of a V&V smart munition model into OneSAF testbed baseline for simulation and training
Author(s): Jerrell R. Ballard Jr.
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Modeling and simulation tools for high-energy laser safety applications
Author(s): Peter Alan Smith; David A. Van Veldhuizen; Kenneth S. Keppler
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Role of premission testing in the National Missile Defense system
Author(s): Janice V. Tillman; Beverly Atkinson
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Aerospace Toolbox---a flight vehicle design, analysis, simulation ,and software development environment: I. An introduction and tutorial
Author(s): Paul M. Christian; Randy Wells
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ARTEMIS: a high-fidelity NTW system simulation
Author(s): Ann F. Pollack; Andreas K. Chrysostomou
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Superfast supercomputer-class on-board processing for visual sensor NMD applications
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Igor V. Ternovskiy
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Family of systems simulation (FOSSIM): a collaborative approach to FoS modeling and simulation
Author(s): Debra Wymer; Ray Washburn; Phil Colvert; Dave Cunefare
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