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Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing XV
Editor(s): Michael K. Masten; Larry A. Stockum

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Volume Number: 4365
Date Published: 21 August 2001

Table of Contents
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Stabilized high-accuracy optical tracking system (SHOTS)
Author(s): Donald Ruffatto; H. Donald Brown; Richard H. Pohle; Michael F. Reiley; Delmar D. Haddock
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Simulation of an advanced small aperture track system
Author(s): Tommy J. Williams; Gregg A. Crockett; Richard L. Brunson; Brad Beatty; Daniel R. Zahirniak; Bernard G. Deuto
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Development of simulation tools for the analysis of captive flight test data for imaging infrared missile seekers
Author(s): Margaret A. Phillips; Robert L. Hall; Ricky Keith Hammon; Brian A. Brackney
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Design modifications to the gray-level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM)-based trackability metric and the resulting performance
Author(s): Robert L. Hall; Ricky Keith Hammon; Brian A. Brackney; Benjamin J. Schmid
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Simulation of infrared imaging seeking missiles
Author(s): Andre Morin
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Design of an IR/video imaging feature-based autotracker for the Macintosh-hosted G4 processor
Author(s): Samuel T. Mills; Robert L. Hall
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Use of synthetic video targets in electro-optical tracking systems for performance proving and operator training
Author(s): Gordon A. Cain
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NEA model for implied edge nose tracking algorithms
Author(s): Steven L. Chodos
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Target recognition and tracking in an infrared system
Author(s): Harry Charles Lee; Teresa L. P. Olson; Robert Stanfill
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Rapid target tracking algorithm using Gabor representation of target signature and Lie derivatives
Author(s): Thomas R. Tsao; James Zhiqing Wen
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Region tracking using level set registration
Author(s): Frederic Cao; Bertrand Collin
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Sensor bias estimation and compensation for improved track correlation
Author(s): Gregory A. Watson; Theodore R. Rice
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Tracking with asynchronous multiple sensors
Author(s): Ali T. Alouani; John E. Gray; Gregory A. Watson
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Group tracking of occluded targets
Author(s): Tom Connare; Erik P. Blasch
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Bootstrap filtering for mobile position tracking in an IS-95-based cellular CDMA system
Author(s): Sangwoo Cho; Joohwan Chun
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Structural and movement parameter estimation in image sequences
Author(s): Chung-Yi Chan Pang; Andres Guesalaga; Valentin Obac Roda
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Novel onboard sensor systems for making angular measurements on spinning projectiles
Author(s): Thomas E. Harkins; Bradford S. Davis; David J. Hepner
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Vibration noise control in laser satellite communication
Author(s): Avigdor Saksonov; Arnon Shlomi; Norman S. Kopeika
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Acquisition time calculation and influence of vibrations for microsatellite laser communication in space
Author(s): Michael Scheinfeild; Norman S. Kopeika; Arnon Shlomi
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Laser accelerometer for guidance and navigation
Author(s): Baghrat V. Melkoumian
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Extended true proportional navigation
Author(s): Pin-Jar Yuan; Ming-Ghow Chen
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Multisite sensors target location
Author(s): Gee Wah Ng; KhinHua Ng; Peter Wong; S. C. Teo
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ARS-12G inertial angular vibration sensor provides nanoradian measurement
Author(s): Darren R. Laughlin; Dennis Smith
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Time optimal strategy for target acquisition handoffs
Author(s): Robert D. Sobek; Charles L. Malone
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