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Cockpit Displays VIII: Displays for Defense Applications
Editor(s): Darrel G. Hopper

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Volume Number: 4362
Date Published: 7 September 2001

Table of Contents
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Review of defense display research programs
Author(s): Robert W. Tulis; Darrel G. Hopper; David C. Morton; Ranganathan Shashidhar
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Web-LCCA: an acquisition decision support tool for the 21st Century
Author(s): Alberto B. Calvo; Gregory J. Gibson; Stephen J. Alter
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Current supply status of flat panel displays for naval aircraft cockpit applications
Author(s): LeRoy S. Forney; Phillip Davis
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Military display market segment: aircraft cockpits
Author(s): Daniel D. Desjardins; Darrel G. Hopper
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Military helicopter cockpit modernization
Author(s): Andrew S. Hall
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Successful marriage: American Panel Corporation and LG Philips LCD custom-designed avionic, shipboard, and rugged ground vehicle display modules from a consumer-oriented fabrication facility
Author(s): William Dunn; Kimberly S. Garrett
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Practical use of AMLCDs in avionic applications
Author(s): David J. Marvin
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Novel display devices for command and control applications
Author(s): Roger Fortin
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Display requirements for synthetic vision in the military cockpit
Author(s): Guy A. French; Michael P. Snow; Darrel G. Hopper
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Point of view and perspective land navigation
Author(s): William P. Marshak; Mary M. Wesler
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Design and implementation of expert system development tool ESDT-HKD
Author(s): Deyun Chen
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Interchangeable LCDs reduce cost and risk
Author(s): James C. Byrd; Kevin M. Lawrence
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Common display performance requirements for military and commercial aircraft product lines
Author(s): Steven J. Hoener; Arthur J. Behrens; John R. Flint; Alan R. Jacobsen
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Status of development of LCOS projection displays for F-22A, F/A-18E/F, and JSF cockpits
Author(s): Michael H. Kalmanash
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Development of an advanced multifunction head-up display using digital micromirror device and laser technologies
Author(s): Michael Billings; Glenn Tisdale
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OPO-based compact laser projection display
Author(s): Dicky Lee; Peter F. Moulton; Robert Bergstedt; Graham W. Flint
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Flexible display enabling technology
Author(s): Sigurd Wagner; Stephen J. Fonash; Thomas N. Jackson; James C. Sturm
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Recent progress in flexible OLED displays
Author(s): Michael G. Hack; Michael S. Weaver; Janice K. Mahon; Julie J. Brown
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Holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal sample characterization
Author(s): Frederick M. Meyer; Darrel G. Hopper
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Commercial roadmaps for ultra-high-resolution displays
Author(s): James Norman Bardsley
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Development of a production process for COTS glass remanufacture for use in avionic displays
Author(s): David Hogg; Iain C. MacKenzie
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Using liquid cooling for flat panel displays
Author(s): Robert D. Seinfeld; Robert P. Herman
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Directionality of light shaping and displays
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Il'ya P. Agurok; Kevin Yu; Abbas Hosseini; Indra Tengara; Tin M. Aye; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Gajendra D. Savant
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Progress toward making full-color RMP-CRTs
Author(s): Larry D. Owen; Steven M. Jaffe; Michael L. Jones; Charles A. Rowell
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Status review of field emission displays
Author(s): Joseph Ghrayeb; Reginald Daniels
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Ground combat vehicle displays
Author(s): John T. Thomas
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Status of display systems in the A-10A aircraft
Author(s): Kenneth E. Wodke; Darrel G. Hopper
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Specialized cockpit displays, symbology, and control mechanization for air vehicle weapons aiming and employment
Author(s): Kevin W. Greeley
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New NVIS compatibility standard evaluated
Author(s): Bud E. Boulter; Rick L. Bowyer
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High-resolution LCD-projection-based color head-up display
Author(s): Robert D. Brown; David H. Modro; Michael R. Greer
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AMLCD resizing
Author(s): Lawrence E. Tannas Jr.
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