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Nondestructive Evaluation of Materials and Composites V

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Volume Number: 4336
Date Published: 3 August 2001

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Structural health monitoring in composite materials using frequency response methods
Author(s): Seth S. Kessler; S. Mark Spearing; Mauro J. Atalla; Carlos E. S. Cesnik; Constantinos Soutis
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Assessing inspection sensitivity as it relates to damage tolerance in composite rotor hubs
Author(s): Dennis P. Roach; Kirk Rackow
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Ultrasonic resonance spectroscopy of composite rings for flywheel rotors
Author(s): Laura M. Harmon; George Y. Baaklini
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Scanning ultrasonic spectroscopy for composite flywheels
Author(s): Richard E. Martin; George Y. Baaklini
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Integrated NDE and FEM characterization of composite rotors
Author(s): Ali Abdul-Aziz; George Y. Baaklini; Jeffrey J. Trudell
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Effect of matrix toughness on fatigue life of plain woven carbon fabric composites
Author(s): Yasuhiro Nishikawa; Kazuya Okubo; Toru Fujii; Toshiyuki Uenoya
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Compared NDE of damages in graphite/epoxy composites by electromagnetic methods
Author(s): Raimond Grimberg; Denis Premel; Michel B. Lemistre; Daniel L. Balageas; Dominique Placko
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Quantification and automation of pulsed thermographic NDE
Author(s): Steven M. Shepard; James R. Lhota; Tasdiq Ahmed; Bruce A. Rubadeux; D. Wang
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Acoustic and thermographic evaluation of polymeric corrosion protective coatings on aluminum alloy airframe structures
Author(s): Jochen Hoffmann; Angela Mahan; Mohammad Khobaib; Shamachary Sathish; Norbert Meyendorf
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Nondestructive evaluation of repairs on aircraft composite structures
Author(s): David K. Hsu; Daniel J. Barnard; John J. Peters
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New nondestructive evaluation method of laminated composite structures by tapping sound analysis
Author(s): Joon Seok Hwang; Seung Jo Kim
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High-frequency noncontact ultrasonic analysis of materials: introduction and applications
Author(s): Mahesh C. Bhardwaj; Gary F. Stead
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Acoustography: it could be a practical ultrasonic NDE tool for composites
Author(s): Jaswinder S. Sandhu; Honghui Wang; Witold J. Popek; Patrick J. Sincebaugh
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Applicability of white light scanning interferometry for high-resolution characterization of surface defects
Author(s): Victoria Kramb; Eric B. Shell; Jody Hoying; Laura B. Simon; Norbert Meyendorf
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Design and modeling of signals by using wavelets for the pulse-echo NDT approaches
Author(s): Lihua Shi; Bin Chen; Cheng Gao; Bihua Zhou
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Elastic constants of "Pinus radiata D. Don" by means of ultrasound transmission techniques
Author(s): Erik Baradit; Cecillia Fuentealba
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Rotor health monitoring and damage detection utilizing a disk spin simulation system
Author(s): Andrew L. Gyekenyesi; George Y. Baaklini
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Nondestructive characterization of fatigue damage with thermography
Author(s): Henrik Roesner; Shamachary Sathish; Norbert Meyendorf
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Flank crack detection in locomotive wheels with NDE techniques
Author(s): Marie Laczynski; Subash B. Jayaraman; Ryan Halter; Bernhard R. Tittmann
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Long-distance leaky surface ultrasonic waves
Author(s): Kathy Joseph; Subash B. Jayaraman; Bernhard R. Tittmann
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Transient thermal deformation of alumina (A12O3) substrate during laser drilling
Author(s): Ryan Halter; Subash B. Jayaraman; Bernhard R. Tittmann
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Process monitoring of composites using multidetection techniques
Author(s): Emmanuel Chailleux; Michelle Salvia; Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault; Yves Jayet; Abderrahim Maazouz; Gerard Seytre; Ivan Kasik
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Monitoring of fabrication strain and temperature during composite cure using fiber optic sensor
Author(s): Hyun-Kyu Kang; Dong-Hoon Kang; Chang-Sun Hong; Chun-Gon Kim
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Biocompatible gradient ceramic coatings for metal implants
Author(s): Josif P. Sharkany; Mikhail J. Sichka; Anatolij M. Potapchuk; Ivan S. Lemko; Josif L. Pintye
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Innovation of x-ray frequency multiplier for radiotherapy
Author(s): Biswajit Mallick
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Ultrasonic characterization of shot-peened metal surfaces
Author(s): Anton I. Lavrentyev; William A. Veronesi
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