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Smart Structures and Materials 2001: Industrial and Commercial Applications of Smart Structures Technologies
Editor(s): Anna-Maria Rivas McGowan

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Volume Number: 4332
Date Published: 14 June 2001

Table of Contents
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Comments on prospects of fully adaptive aircraft wings
Author(s): Daniel J. Inman; Frank H. Gern; Harry H. Robertshaw; Rakesh K. Kapania; Greg Pettit; Anand Natarajan; Erwin Sulaeman
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Evaluation of new actuators in a buffet loads environment
Author(s): Robert W. Moses; Carol D. Wieseman; Aaron A. Bent; Alessandro E. Pizzochero
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ASSET: collaboration in Europe on smart structures
Author(s): Brian Culshaw
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German industrial research project ADAPTRONIK: content, results, and outlook
Author(s): Holger Hanselka; Delf Sachau
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Experimental aeroelastic control using adaptive wing model concepts
Author(s): Antonio P. Costa; Paulo A. Moniz; Afzal Suleman
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Air vehicle integration issues and considerations for CLAS successful implementation
Author(s): Allen J. Lockyer; Kevin H. Alt; Jayanth N. Kudva; James Tuss
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Structural health management for aging aircraft
Author(s): Roy Ikegami; Eric D. Haugse
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Common optical interconnect for systems and sensors
Author(s): Rick C. Stevens
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Structural health monitoring using FBG sensor in space environment
Author(s): Shigenori Kabashima; Tsuyoshi Ozaki; Nobuo Takeda
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Structural health monitoring methodology for aircraft condition-based maintenance
Author(s): Jordi Saniger; Livier Reithler; Didier Guedra-Degeorges; Nobuo Takeda; Jean Pierre Dupuis
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SMART Layer and SMART Suitcase for structural health monitoring applications
Author(s): Mark Lin; Xinlin Qing; Amrita Kumar; Shawn J. Beard
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Integrated photonic systems redefine air vehicle management
Author(s): David L. Francis; Floyd A. Fazi Jr.
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Application of smart optical fiber sensors for structural load monitoring
Author(s): Heddwyn Davies; Lorna A. Everall; Andrew M. Gallon
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Structural testing of a Navy LPD-17 propulsion propeller using Bragg grating sensors and digital spatial wavelength domain multiplexing (DSWDM)
Author(s): Christopher S. Baldwin; Peter C. Chen; Jason S. Kiddy; John B. Niemczuk; Martin B. Christiansen; Kartik Vaithyanathan; Shiping Chen
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Use of 3000 Bragg grating strain sensors distributed on four 8-m optical fibers during static load tests of a composite structure
Author(s): Brooks A. Childers; Mark E. Froggatt; Sidney G. Allison; Thomas C. Moore Sr.; David A. Hare; Christopher F. Batten; Dawn C. Jegley
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Feasibility study of embedded fiber optic strain sensing for composite propeller blades
Author(s): Virgil E. Zetterlind III; Steve E. Watkins; Mark W. Spoltman
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Recent transitions of smart structures technologies through flight experiments
Author(s): Benjamin K. Henderson; Keith K. Denoyer
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Miniature vibration isolation system for space applications
Author(s): Dan Quenon; Jim Boyd; Paul Buchele; Rick Self; Torey Davis; Timothy L. Hintz; Jack H. Jacobs
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Heavy load vibration isolation system for airborne payloads
Author(s): Steve Hadden; Torey Davis; Paul Buchele; Jim Boyd; Timothy L. Hintz
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ELITE-3 active vibration isolation workstation
Author(s): Eric H. Anderson; Bowie Houghton
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Application of smart materials in automotive structures
Author(s): Holger Manz; Elmar J. Breitbach
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Narrow and broadband sound reduction in automotive panels
Author(s): Marco Giovanardi; Knut Schmidt; Holger Kunze
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Environmentally responsive material to address human-system interaction in the automotive cockpit
Author(s): Jackie D. Rehkopf; Saeed D. Barbat; Neil Mark Goldman; Marsha A. Samus; Harris Gold
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Mechanisms based on piezoactuators
Author(s): Frank Claeyssen; Ronan Le Letty; Francois Barillot; Nicolas Lhermet; H. Fabbro; Philippe Guay; Mickael Yorck; Philippe Bouchilloux
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Proof of concept of a novel SMA cage actuator
Author(s): Christopher W. Deyer; Diann E. Brei
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Piezoelectric hydraulic pump performance
Author(s): Lisa D. Mauck; William S. Oates; Christopher S. Lynch
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Lightweight low-frequency woofer for active sound control in payload fairings
Author(s): Robert D. Corsaro
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Flex-Patch: a highly flexible piezoceramic composite with attached electrical leads
Author(s): Garnett C. Horner; John Teter; Eugene Robbins
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Biologically inspired hexapedal robot using field-effect electroactive elastomer artificial muscles
Author(s): Joseph Eckerle; Scott Stanford; John Marlow; Roger Schmidt; Seajin Oh; Thomas Low; Subramanian Venkat Shastri
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Comparison of drive amplifier for piezoelectric actuators
Author(s): Douglas K. Lindner; Nikola Vujic; Donald J. Leo
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Experimental characterization of commercially practical magnetorheological fluid damper technology
Author(s): Shawn P. Kelso
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Pneumatic motion control using magnetorheological technology
Author(s): Mark R. Jolly
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Smart prosthetics based on magnetorheological fluids
Author(s): J. David Carlson; Wilfried Matthis; James R. Toscano
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Boeing active flow control system (BAFCS)-II
Author(s): A. Dean Jacot; Frederick T. Calkins; Jim H. Mabe
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NASA micro-aero-adaptive control
Author(s): Anthony E. Washburn
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Wind tunnel demonstration of the SAMPSON Smart Inlet
Author(s): Dale M. Pitt; James P. Dunne; Edward V. White; Ephrahim Garcia
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Resonant bimorph-driven high-torque piezoelectric rotary motor
Author(s): George Andre Lesieutre; Gary H. Koopmann; Eric Michael Mockensturm; Jeremy Eli Frank; Weicheng Chen
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Flexible tab-assisted control concept (FlexTAC)
Author(s): Thang Dinh Nguyen; Bernie F. Carpenter; Jeffrey Hall
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Shape memory alloy actuation for a variable area fan nozzle
Author(s): Nancy Rey; Gregory Tillman; Robin M. Miller; Thomas Wynosky; Michael J. Larkin; Jeffrey D. Flamm; Linda S. Bangert
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Overview of the DARPA/AFRL/NASA Smart Wing Phase II program
Author(s): Jayanth N. Kudva; Brian P. Sanders; Jennifer L. Pinkerton-Florance; Ephrahim Garcia
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Aerodynamic and aeroelastic characteristics of the DARPA Smart Wing Phase II wind tunnel model
Author(s): Brian P. Sanders; Christopher A. Martin; David L. Cowan
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Design, fabrication, and testing of scaled wind tunnel model for the Smart Wing Phase II program
Author(s): Christopher A. Martin; Lewis B. Scherer; John S. Flanagan; Bernie F. Carpenter
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Development of high-rate large-deflection hingeless trailing-edge control surface for the Smart Wing wind tunnel model
Author(s): Donny P. Wang; Jonathan D. Bartley-Cho; Christopher A. Martin; Brian J. Hallam
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DNA molecular motors
Author(s): Friedrich C. Simmel; Bernard Yurke
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Piezoelectric energy harvesting for bio-MEMS applications
Author(s): Michael J. Ramsay; William W. Clark
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Elastin-mimetic protein polymers: biologically derived smart materials
Author(s): R. Andrew McMillan; Elizabeth Rose Wright; Vincent P. Conticello
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Electric-field-mediated processing of biomaterials: toward nanostructured biomimetic systems
Author(s): Gary L. Bowlin; David G. Simpson; Philippe Lam; Gary E. Wnek
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Neural control of helicopter blade-vortex interaction noise
Author(s): Holger Glaessel; Valentin Kloeppel; Stephan Rudolph
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Damping in SMA-reinforced composites using SMA intrinsic properties
Author(s): Christian Boller; Peter Konstanzer; Yuji Matsuzaki; Tadashige Ikeda
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Multifunction piezoelectric transducers for handheld electronics
Author(s): Richard R. Perkins
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Smart wide-area imaging sensor system (SWISS)
Author(s): Klaus-Peter Kress; Kay W. Dittrich; Guenther Guse
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