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Smart Structures and Materials 2001: Smart Systems for Bridges, Structures, and Highways
Editor(s): S.-C. Liu

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Volume Number: 4330
Date Published: 30 July 2001

Table of Contents
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Damage assessment from remotely sensed images using PCA
Author(s): Masanobu Shinozuka; S. Ali Rejaie
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Information system for intelligent protection of earthquake-induced urban fires
Author(s): Gui-Zhong Qi; Dongliang Liu
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Building change/damage detection in Seymen, Turkey, using ERS SAR data
Author(s): Babak Mansouri; Bijan Houshmand; Masanobu Shinozuka
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Built-in active sensing diagnostic system for civil infrastructure systems
Author(s): Fan Wu; Fu-Kuo Chang
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Adaptive systems in architecture and structural engineering
Author(s): Werner Sobek; Patrick Teuffel
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Design and testing of a hybrid-mode PVDF displacement sensor for low-frequency infrastructure monitoring
Author(s): George M. Lloyd; Ying Zhang; P. Fabo; Ming L. Wang; L. Wang
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Long-gage fiber optic Bragg grating strain sensors to monitor civil structures
Author(s): Whitten L. Schulz; Joel Pascal Conte; Eric Udd
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Inspection of bridge columns and retaining walls with electromagnetic waves
Author(s): Dryver R. Huston; Noel V. Pelczarski; Brian Esser
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Modeling and measurement for health monitoring of an existing SRC eight-story building
Author(s): Hiroshi Isoda; Masaomi Teshigawara; Toshihide Kashima; Tadashi Ishihara
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Identification of damping and stiffness matrix of building structure from response measurement
Author(s): Chin-Hsiung Loh; Shih-Chuen Chien
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System identification by video image processing
Author(s): Masanobu Shinozuka; Hung-Chi Chung; Makoto Ichitsubo; Jianwen Liang
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Novelty detection under changing environmental conditions
Author(s): Hoon Sohn; Keith Worden; Charles R. Farrar
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Detecting damage in a building structure model under seismic excitation
Author(s): Jun Ma; Darryll J. Pines
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Vibration-based damage assessment using local attractor variance
Author(s): Jonathan M. Nichols; Michael D. Todd; Lawrence N. Virgin; Louis M. Pecora
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Seismic damage sensing of bridge structures with TRIP reinforcement steel bars
Author(s): Yukio Adachi; Shigeki Unjoh
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Instrumentation and manufacture of a smart composite bridge for short-span applications
Author(s): Steve E. Watkins; John F. Unser; Antonio Nanni; K. Chandrashekhara; Abdeldjelil Belarbi
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Evaluation of structural dynamic characteristics using CCD measurement principle
Author(s): Man-Yong Choi; Gwanghee Heo; Kyeongsik Park; Sewook Oh
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Structural identification of phenomenological physical models with controlled mechanisms of uncertainty
Author(s): Korhan Ciloglu; Fikret Nacati Catbas; Mesut Pervizpour; Albert. S. Wang; A. Emin Aktan
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Multiduct electrorheological dampers
Author(s): Henri P. Gavin; Chaval Compucot
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Experimental and analytical methods for predicting mechanical properties of MRF damper
Author(s): Satsuya Soda; Norio Iwata; Katsuaki Sunakoda; Hiroshi Sodeyama; Hideo Fujitani
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Conceiving semi-active control devices for large-size monolithic monuments
Author(s): Fabio Casciati; Adel El Attar; Sara Casciati
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Experimental testing and control of an ER long-stroke vibration damper
Author(s): Neil D. Sims; Roger Stanway; Andrew R. Johnson
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Innovative beam column connections using shape memory alloys
Author(s): Roberto T Leon; Reginald DesRoches; Justin Ocel; Greg Hess
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SMA recentering devices for seismic isolation of civil structures
Author(s): Mauro Dolce; Donatello Cardone; Roberto Marnetto
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Progress of application, research and development, and design guidelines for shape memory alloy devices for cultural heritage structures in Italy
Author(s): Maria Gabriella Castellano; Maurizio Indirli; Alessandro Martelli
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Demo-application of shape memory alloy devices: the rehabilitation of the S. Giorgio Church bell tower
Author(s): Maurizio Indirli; Maria Gabriella Castellano; Paolo Clemente; Alessandro Martelli
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Optimal design of an MR device
Author(s): Henri P. Gavin; Mark Evan Dobossy
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Seismic response mitigation of adjacent high-rise structures via stochastic optimal coupling-control
Author(s): Zuguang Ying; Yi-Qing Ni; Jan Ming Ko
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Stochastic system invariant spectrum analysis applied to smart systems in highway bridges
Author(s): Shuang Jin; Richard A. Livingston; Dhafer Marzougui
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Performance-based design of active/hybrid protective systems for vibration reduction of buildings
Author(s): Jann N. Yang; Silian Lin; Faryar Jabbari
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Semi-active control of bridges with use of magnetorheological dampers
Author(s): Anat Ruangrassamee; Kazuhiko Kawashima
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Seismic response control of nonlinear base-isolated structures using variable fluid dampers
Author(s): Nat Wongprasert; Michael D. Symans
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Smart variable stiffness control systems
Author(s): Satish Nagarajaiah; Nadathur Varadarajan
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Experimental study on fuzzy logic vibration control of a bridge using fail-safe magnetorheological fluid dampers
Author(s): Yanming Liu; Faramarz Gordaninejad; Cahit A. Evrensel; Gregory H. Hitchcock
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Modal damping and stepping-switch control of stay cables with magnetorheological fluid dampers
Author(s): Wen Juan Lou; Yi-Qing Ni; Jan Ming Ko
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Cable parametric oscillation and its control for cable-stayed bridges
Author(s): Bing Nan Sun; Zhi Gang Wang; Jan Ming Ko; Yi-Qing Ni
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Semi-active vibration control of stay cables using neural networks
Author(s): Yong Chen; Jan Ming Ko; Yi-Qing Ni
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Feasibility of active control of cable-stayed bridges: an insight into Ting Kau Bridge
Author(s): Yi-Qing Ni; Billie F. Spencer Jr.; Jan Ming Ko
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Stand-alone controller for a semi-active bridge damper
Author(s): Fabio Casciati; Lucia Faravelli
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Experimental characterization of piezoelectric friction dampers
Author(s): Gabriel T Garrett; Genda Chen; Franklin Y. Cheng; Wayne Huebner
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Development and application of induced-strain actuators for building structures
Author(s): Koichi Morita; Takafumi Fujita; Shiro Ise; Ken-ichi Kawaguchi; Takayoshi Kamada; Hideo Fujitani
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Method for measuring the effective mass of a building using an active tuned mass damper
Author(s): Isao Nishimura; Takuji Hamamoto
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Active microvibration control of precision manufacturing factories with smart structure using piezoelectric actuators
Author(s): Takafumi Fujita; Masahito Enomoto; Takeo Arikabe; Tomohiro Ogawa; Nobuyoshi Murai; Yoshiyuki Hashimoto; Hiroki Hamaguchi; Takashi Kitahara
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Seismic performance of multiple tuned mass dampers in suppressing multimode responses of building structures
Author(s): Genda Chen; Jingning Wu
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Health monitoring system using FBG-based sensors for a 12-story building with column dampers
Author(s): Hideaki Iwaki; Hiroshi Yamakawa; Akira Mita
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Fiber Bragg grating accelerometer for buildings and civil infrastructures
Author(s): Akira Mita; Isamu Yokoi
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Structural monitoring of composite marine piles using fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Christopher S. Baldwin; Toni Poloso; Peter C. Chen; John B. Niemczuk; Jason S. Kiddy; Carl Ealy
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Acoustic emission evaluation of reinforced concrete bridge beam with graphite composite laminate
Author(s): Dan E. Johnson; H. Warren Shen; Richard David Finlayson
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Effect of dowel bar looseness on measured load transfer efficiency using FWD load
Author(s): Samir N. Shoukry; Gergis W. William; Mourad Y. Riad
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Measuring bridge performance using a structural health monitoring system
Author(s): Charles S. Sikorsky; Norris Stubbs; R. Bolton; Sanghyun Choi; Vistasp M. Karbhari; Frieder Seible
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Multimode-based evaluation of cable tension force in cable-supported bridges
Author(s): Gang Zheng; Jan Ming Ko; Yi-Qing Ni
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Self-actuating fiber composites for auto-adaptive structures
Author(s): Neven Krstulovic-Opara; P. Wriggers; L. Krstulovic-Opara
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