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Internet Imaging II

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Volume Number: 4311
Date Published: 27 December 2000

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Printing images from the Web
Author(s): Reiner Eschbach
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DjVu document browsing with on-demand loading and rendering of image components
Author(s): Yann Le Cun; Leon Bottou; Andrei Erofeev; Patrick Haffner; Bill Riemers
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Multispectral Internet imaging
Author(s): Hans Brettel; Francis J. M. Schmitt
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Multilingual system using Internet imaging
Author(s): Tadashi Mori; Yoshitsugu Hata; Ryouji Iida; Hirotsugu Kakugawa; Tadashi Ae; Hisae Murakami
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Object and image retrieval over the Internet
Author(s): Sebastien Gilles; A. Winter; J. Feldmar; N. Poirier; R. Bousquet; B. Bussy; H. Lamure; C.-H. Demarty; Chahab Nastar
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Intellihance: client-side and server-side architectures for photo site image enhancement
Author(s): David M. Pfeiffer
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Vision theory guiding Web communication
Author(s): Claudio M. Privitera; Lawrence W. Stark; Yuek Fai Ho; Adam Weinberger; Michela Azzariti; Kamran Siminou
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Indexing and retrieving Web documents as direct manipulation of images
Author(s): Fernando Ferri; Patrizia Grifoni; Piero Mussio; Marco Padula
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New classification strategy for color documents
Author(s): Raimondo Schettini; Carla Brambilla; A. Valsasna; Mauro De Ponti
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Automatic page layout using genetic algorithms for electronic albuming
Author(s): Joe Geigel; Alexander C. P. Loui
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Image representations for accessing and organizing Web information
Author(s): Jonathan I. Helfman; James D. Hollan
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Quicklink: a system for the generation of similarity links in Web image archives
Author(s): Isabella Gagliardi; Bruna Zonta
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Distributional clustering for content-based browsing of unstructured video
Author(s): Giridharan Iyengar
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Mosaic-based query paradigm for content-based video retrieval
Author(s): Jurgen Assfalg; Alberto Del Bimbo; Masahito Hirakawa
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Prefiltering with Retinex in color image retrieval
Author(s): Gianluigi Ciocca; Daniele Marini; Alessandro Rizzi; Raimondo Schettini; Silvia Zuffi
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Using positive and negative examples for precise image retrieval
Author(s): Jurgen Assfalg; Alberto Del Bimbo; Pietro Pala
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Dynamic multiscale image classification
Author(s): Alfons H. Salden; Sorin Marcel Iacob
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Image retrieval and semiautomatic annotation scheme for large image databases on the Web
Author(s): Xingquan Zhu; Wenyin Liu; HongJiang Zhang; Lide Wu
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Classifying images using multiple binary-class decision trees for object-based image retrieval
Author(s): Linhui Jia; Leslie Kitchen
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Multimedia database system with embedding MPEG-7 meta data
Author(s): Ho Kyung Kang; Yong Ju Jung; Hee Kyung Lee; Yong Man Ro
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Accessing textual information embedded in Internet images
Author(s): Apostolos Antonacopoulos; Dimosthenis Karatzas; Jordi Ortiz-Lopez
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Thematico-visual image retrieval: how to deal with partially indexed corpora
Author(s): Gerald Duffing
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Interactive visualization of energy consumption using VRML
Author(s): Tomohiro Kuroda; Atsushi Nakamura; Yoshiyuki Kojima; Yoshitsugu Manabe; Kunihiro Chihara
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Photorealistic rendering over the Internet for restoration support of ancient buildings
Author(s): Maurizio Rossi; Daniele Marini; Alessandro Rizzi
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Indexing VRML objects with triples
Author(s): YongCheol Yang; JaeDong Yang; HyungJeong Yang; Ohbong Gwun
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Mathematical morphology three-dimensional binary image representation
Author(s): Dragos Nicolae Vizireanu; A. Vizireanu; V. Lazarescu
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Benchmark for image retrieval using distributed systems over the Iinternet: BIRDS-I
Author(s): Neil J. Gunther; Giordano B. Beretta
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Low-cost system for real-time integration of virtual and real distributed environments
Author(s): Nello Balossino; Fulvio Bresciani; Maurizio Lucenteforte; Simona Siracusa
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Very low rate video processing
Author(s): Simone Santini
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Collaborative design using distributed virtual reality over the Internet
Author(s): Fabien Costantini; Christian Toinard; Nicolas Chevassus; Francois Gaillard
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Distributed monitoring architecture for movable objects over the GSM system
Author(s): Jui-fa Chen; Wei-Chuan Lin; Chi-Ming Chung; Kun-Hsiao Tsai; C.H. Chang; Wen-Chen Hu
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Design of a MPEG-4-based multimedia e-mail system
Author(s): Guoyin Wang; Li Liao
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Teleprescence in ear, nose, and throat surgery
Author(s): Wolfgang Freysinger; Andreas R. Gunkel; Walter F. Thumfart; Michael J. Truppe
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Web tools for effective retrieval, visualization, and evaluation of cardiology medical images and records
Author(s): Marco Masseroli; Francesco Pinciroli
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Acquisition and review of diagnostic images for use in medical research and medical testing examinations via the Internet
Author(s): Mark A. Pauley; Glenn V. Dalrymple; Quiming Zhu; Wei-Kom Chu
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Visible human slice sequence animation Web server
Author(s): Jean-Christophe Bessaud; Roger David Hersch
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3D foveated visualization on the Web
Author(s): John Schermann; John L. Barron; Irene A. Gargantini
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Three-dimensional semantic object tracking in video sequences
Author(s): Jean Gao; Akio Kosaka
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Approach of sports programs classification with motion information in MPEG domain
Author(s): Yuwen He; Shi-Qiang Yang; Yuzhuo Zhong
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Motion feature extraction for content-based video sequence retrieval
Author(s): Tianli Yu; Yujin Zhang
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Invariant variational principle for model-based interpolation of high-dimensional clustered data
Author(s): Ravi C. Venkatesan
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Geometric compression with predictable compression ratio
Author(s): Zisheng Le; David Y. Yun; Tianyu Lu
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Scene detection for MPEG video sequences
Author(s): Carmelo Lodato; Salvatore Lopes
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What do you see in a digital color dot picture such as the Ishihara pseudo-isochromatic plates? Web Accessibility Palette (WAP)
Author(s): Yasuyo G. Ichihara
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Combining multiple image descriptions for browsing and retrieval
Author(s): Youssef Chahir; Saadallah Jomni
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Analysis of color management systems (CMS) and measurement devices for monitors as instruments for calibration and profiling
Author(s): Walter F. Steiger; Christopher M. Li
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