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Three-Dimensional Image Capture and Applications IV
Editor(s): Brian D. Corner; Joseph H. Nurre; Roy P. Pargas

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Volume Number: 4298
Date Published: 13 April 2001

Table of Contents
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CMOS array of photodiodes with electronic processing for 3D optical reconstruction
Author(s): Gemma Hornero; Enric Montane; Genis Chapinal; Mauricio Moreno; Atila Herms
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Three-dimensional measurement of multiple points using a TV camera with circular shifting apparatus
Author(s): Kikuhito Kawasue; Yuichiro Ohya
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Three-dimensional shape recovery using a video camera with a gyro sensor and its error analysis
Author(s): Toshiharu Mukai; Noboru Ohnishi
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Three-dimensional reconstruction from multiple 2D views using trilinear tensor technology
Author(s): Ron Gershon; Meny Benady; Tamir Shalom
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Multicamera 3D modeling system to digitize human head and body
Author(s): Kouta Fujimura; Yukinori Matsumoto; Tetsuichi Emi
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Three-dimensional imaging in the studio and elsewhere
Author(s): Gavriel J. Iddan; Giora Yahav
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Superquadrics-based object representation of complex scenes from range images
Author(s): Yan Zhang; Jeffery R. Price; Mongi A. Abidi
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Split-and-merge method for 3D model reconstruction
Author(s): Ying-jieh Huang; Hirobumi Nishida
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Reconstructing polygonal approximations of 3D shapes through multiple-view matching on planes
Author(s): Hironobu Gotoda
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Three-dimensional face model creation from video
Author(s): Shang-Hong Lai; Chia-Ming Cheng
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Speech recognition technology combined with three-dimensional lip movement
Author(s): Kazumi Komiya; Ryo Ishikawa; Keiko Momose
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Three-dimensional capture, representation, and manipulation of Cuneiform tablets
Author(s): Sandra Isobel Woolley; Nicholas J. Flowers; Theodoros N. Arvanitis; Alasdair Livingstone; Tom R. Davis; John Ellison
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Using trilinearity to reduce misregistration in image mosaicing
Author(s): Naoki Chiba; Michihiko Minoh; Hiroshi Kano
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Adaptive regularized noise smoothing of dense range image using directional Laplacian operators
Author(s): Jeong-Ho Shin; Yiyong Sun; Woongchan Jung; Joon-Ki Paik; Mongi A. Abidi
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Dense estimation of surface reflectance parameters from registered range and color images by determining illumination conditions
Author(s): Takashi Machida; Haruo Takemura; Naokazu Yokoya
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Topological and geometrical cooperation-based method for stereo matching
Author(s): Saida Bouakaz
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Multibaseline stereo correction for silhouette-based 3D model reconstruction from multiple images
Author(s): Adem Yasar Mulayim; Volkan Atalay
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Face modeling: a real-time embedded implementation of a stereovision algorithm
Author(s): Jean-Philippe Zimmer; Johel Miteran
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DISTA: a portable software solution for 3D compilation of photogrammetric image blocks
Author(s): Frank Boochs; Hartmut Mueller; Markus Neifer
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High-speed 3D imaging using photorefractive holography
Author(s): Yan Gu; Zunaira Ansari; Duncan Parsons-Karavassilis; Paul M. W. French; David D. Nolte; Michael R. Melloch
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Automatic reconstruction of the top of the head from Cyberware PS head scan data
Author(s): Peng Li; Brian D. Corner; Steven Paquette
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Surface characterization using confocal microscopy and wavelet transform analysis
Author(s): Mouade Bouydain; Jose F. Colom; Joan Anto; Josep Mallofre Pladellorens
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Reconstruction of 3D ultrasound image from freehand scanned frames using frame-by-frame isotropic correlation function
Author(s): Jun Ho Lee; Sang Hyun Kim; Nam Chul Kim
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Efficient 3D interpolation method for 3D reconstruction
Author(s): Shichang Joung; Younhui Jang; Inkyung Hwang; Sungjin Kim; Joon-Ki Paik
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Viterbi algorithm as an alternative to energy minimization for stereo image matching
Author(s): Martin J. Robinson; Kurt Kubik; David McKinnon; Robert Andrews
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Graph representation by medial axis transform for 3D image retrieval
Author(s): Duck Hoon Kim; Il Dong Yun; Sang Uk Lee
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