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Flat Panel Display Technology and Display Metrology II
Editor(s): Edward F. Kelley; Edward F. Kelley; Apostolos T. Voutsas

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Volume Number: 4295
Date Published: 30 April 2001

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Advanced excimer laser crystallization techniques of Si thin film for location control of large grain on glass
Author(s): Ryoichi Ishihara; Paul Ch. van der Wilt; Barry D. van Dijk; Artyom Burtsev; F. C. Voogt; G. J. Bertens; J. W. Metselaar; C. I. M. Beenakker
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Excimer-laser-crystallized poly-Si thin film transistors
Author(s): Dharam Pal Gosain
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Excimer laser annealing system for AMLCDs: a long laser pulse for high-performance, uniform, and stable TFT
Author(s): Christophe Prat; Dorian Zahorski; Youri Helen; Taieb Mohammed-Brahim; Olivier Bonnaud
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1-J and 300-W excimer laser with exceptional pulse stability for poly-Si crystallization
Author(s): Michael Fiebig; Uwe Stamm; Peter Oesterlin; Naoyuki Kobayashi; Burkhard Fechner
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Simulation of transient temperature profiles during ELA and relation to process parameters
Author(s): Hidayat Kisdarjono; Apostolos T. Voutsas; Rajendra Solanki; Ashwini Kumar
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Technology trends in LPS technology and forecast for the future
Author(s): Yukihiko Nakata; Akihiko Imaya; Yutaka Ishii
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Polysilicon TFT on plastics
Author(s): Tatsuya Shimoda; Satoshi Inoue; Sumio Utsunomiya
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Low-temperature polysilicon technology for active matrix addressing of LCDs and OLEDs
Author(s): Didier Pribat; Francois Plais
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Alternatives to low-temperature poly-Si technology in active matrix displays
Author(s): James S. Flores
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Switch-on transient behavior in low-temperature polysilicon thin film transistors
Author(s): Nathan Bavidge; Mauro Boero; Piero Migliorato; Tatsuya Shimoda
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6-bit multiresolution digital-to-analog converter for low-temperature polysilicon digital drivers
Author(s): Michael Brownlow; Graham Cairns; Catherine Dachs; Y. Kubota; H. Washio; H. Yamashita
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Modeling and performance of polysilicon thin film transistor circuits on stainless steel foil substrates
Author(s): Themis Afentakis; Miltiadis K. Hatalis
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Polycrystalline silicon thin film transistor technology for flexible large-area electronics
Author(s): YehJiun Tung; Paul G. Carey; Patrick M. Smith; Steven D. Theiss; Paul Wickboldt; Xiaofan Meng; Robert E. Weiss; Gary A. Davis; Verle W. Aebi; Tsu-Jae King
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Reliability of polysilicon thin film transistors on stainless steel foil substrates
Author(s): Themis Afentakis; Miltiadis K. Hatalis
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Flexible organic light-emitting devices
Author(s): Michael S. Weaver; Richard H. Hewitt; Raymond C. Kwong; S. Y. Mao; Lech A. Michalski; T. Ngo; Kamala Rajan; Mark A. Rothman; Jeff A. Silvernail; W. D. Bennet; Charles C. Bonham; Paul E. Burrows; Gordon L. Graff; Mark E. Gross; Michael Hall; Eric Mast; Peter M. Martin
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Novel multiple lateral polysilicon p+-n-n+ and p+-p-n+ diodes
Author(s): Sooraj V. Karnik; Susan Alexander; William Bruce Jr.; Miltiadis K. Hatalis
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Poly-Si driving circuits for organic EL displays
Author(s): Simon W.-B. Tam; Yojiro Matsueda; Mutsumi Kimura; Hiroshi Maeda; Tatsuya Shimoda; Piero Migliorato
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Passive and active matrix addressed polymer light-emitting diode displays
Author(s): Ton van de Biggelaar; Ivo G. J. Camps; Mark Childs; Martin Fleuster; Andrea Giraldo; Sandra Godfrey; Iain M. Hunter; Mark T. Johnson; Herbert Lifka; Remco Los; Aad Sempel; John M. Shannon; Michael J. Trainor; Richard W. Wilks; Nigel D. Young
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a-Si:H pixel electrode circuits for AM-OLEDs
Author(s): Jerzy Kanicki; Yi He; Reiji Hattori
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Objective performance evaluation of medical image displays: a preliminary report of the AAPM TG18
Author(s): Ehsan Samei
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Computed radiographic examinations of subtle bone pathology: implications for liquid crystal displays in radiology
Author(s): William Pavlicek; Patrick Liu
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Digital imaging colorimeter for fast measurement of chromaticity coordinate and luminance uniformity of displays
Author(s): David R. Jenkins; Dingeman C. Beuzekom; Gerry Kollman; C. Benjamin Wooley; Ronald F. Rykowski
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Image photometry applied to measuring visual displays
Author(s): Brian Tansley; Tim P. Moggridge
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Measurements of static noise in display images
Author(s): John W. Roberts; Edward F. Kelley
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Retinal scanning display (RSD) technology and the task of measuring contrast
Author(s): Martin A. Kykta
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Quantification of specular image distinction in avionics active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) applications
Author(s): Peter N. Wyckoff; Steven D. Ellersick
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Light-measuring device diagnostics for the photometric and colorimetric measurement of flying-spot displays
Author(s): Paul A. Boynton; Edward F. Kelley
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Characterization of crosstalk in high-resolution active matrix liquid crystal displays for medical imaging
Author(s): Aldo Badano; Jerzy Kanicki
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Tritium-activated RGB reference sources for the calibration of CRTs
Author(s): Rejean Baribeau; Arnold A. Gaertner
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Construction of a programmable light source for use as a display calibration artifact
Author(s): Christine F. Wall; Andrew R. Hanson; Julie A. F. Taylor
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Implementation of a color calibration method for liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Albert N. Cazes; Frederick C. Mintzer
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Standard illumination source for the evaluation of display measurement methods and instruments
Author(s): John M. Libert; Paul A. Boynton; Edward F. Kelley; Steven W. Brown; Yoshihiro Ohno; Farshid Manoocheri
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Excimer-laser-produced two-dimensional arrays of large Si grains
Author(s): Masakiyo Matsumura
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