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Laser Resonators IV

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Volume Number: 4270
Date Published: 24 April 2001

Table of Contents
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Most efficient beams for frequency mixing in second-order nonlinear crystals
Author(s): Vittorio C. Magni
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Exploiting thermal effects in high-power lasers
Author(s): Thomas Graf; Eduard Wyss; Marc Schmid; Heinz P. Weber
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Nonlinear optics with liquid hydrogen droplet
Author(s): Satoshi Uetake; Kohzo Hakuta
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Fiber optic beam homogenizer and resonator design for 5-kW class supersonic chemical oxygen-iodine laser (COIL)
Author(s): Shiv C. Dass; Kip R. Kendrick; Charles A. Helms; Vincent A. Valdez
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Closed-loop adaptive system for laser beam control
Author(s): Alexis V. Kudryashov; Alexey L. Rukosuev; Alexander Alexandrov; Valentina Ye. Zavalova; Vadim V. Samarkin
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Active-mirror amplifier for high average power
Author(s): John Vetrovec
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Bessel-Gauss laser resonators
Author(s): J. Rogel-Salazar; G. H. C. New; Peter F. Muys; Julio Cesar Gutierrez-Vega; Sabino Chavez-Cerda
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Off-axis one-sided negative-branch unstable resonators compared with positive-branch unstable resonators in wave-optics characteristics
Author(s): Koji Yasui; Yushi Takenaka
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Intelligent beam monitoring and diagnostics for CO2 lasers
Author(s): Stefan Kaierle; Stefan Mann; Juergen Ortmann; Ernst-Wolfgang Kreutz; Reinhart Poprawe
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Optimization of tunable CO2 laser outputs by automated setting of intracavity emission polarization for each line
Author(s): Yuri N. Bulkin; Anatoliy A. Adamenkov; Evgeniy A. Kudryashov; Vladimir Masychev
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In-situ monitoring of the optical cavity of diffraction-grating line-selection CO2 laser by Wang's method
Author(s): Yuzhi Wang
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Fundamental investigation on the plane IR (total internal reflection) prism resonator
Author(s): Xiaoyan Chen; Yuzhi Wang; Li Wang; Xiaorong Gao; Gang Zhao
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Compensation of quasi-optical-wedge effect by plane-prism cavity
Author(s): Yuzhi Wang; Xiaoyan Chen; Gang Zhao
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Low-ignition-voltage helium neon laser: I. Breakdown characteristics of capillary discharges
Author(s): Yuzhi Wang; Zonglin Huang
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Low-ignition-voltage helium neon laser: II. Mechanism of lowering ignition voltage
Author(s): Yuzhi Wang; Zonglin Huang
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Dielectric resonators based on amorphous silicon
Author(s): Ali Serpenguzel
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Efficient diode-pumped double-clad Tm-doped silica fiber laser with a ring cavity
Author(s): Jianqiu Xu; Jianren Lu; Mahendra Prabhu; Ken-ichi Ueda
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Spectral beam combining model for fiber lasers
Author(s): Erik J. Bochove
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Novel circular-beam equalizing techniques using graded-index (GI) fiber optics for high-power laser diode
Author(s): Yushi Takenaka; Lalit B. Sharma; Keisuke Furuta; Tetsuo Kojima; Koji Yasui
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Locking and laser-frequency tracking of a microsphere whispering-gallery mode
Author(s): Jeromy P. Rezac; Albert T. Rosenberger
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Novel whispering-gallery resonators for lasers, modulators, and sensors
Author(s): Vladimir S. Ilchenko; Lute Maleki
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Evanescent and refractive side-coupled high-Q resonances of noncircular 2D micropillars
Author(s): Andrew W. Poon; Francois Courvoisier; Richard K. Chang
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Coupling of a guided mode with a microresonator: effect of the size of the resonator
Author(s): Kenjiro Miyano; Hiroshi Ishikawa
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Thermorefractive noise in microspheres
Author(s): Mikhail L. Gorodetsky
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Performance and design considerations of angled-grating semiconductor lasers
Author(s): John R. Marciante; Andrew M. Sarangan; David J. Bossert
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Diffractive focusing of wide-aperture beams: theory and experiment
Author(s): Renat R. Letfullin; Oleg A. Zayakin; Thomas F. George
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Aberration correction in double-pass amplifiers through the use of phase-conjugate mirrors and/or adaptive optics
Author(s): Steven M. Jackel; Inon Moshe; Raphael Lavi
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Application of static phase control elements to high-power solid state lasers
Author(s): Thomas H. Bett; Andrew R. Barnes; N. W. Hopps; Mohammad R. Taghizadeh; Andrew J. Waddie; P. Rudman; M. Thompson
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Comparison of adaptive resonators and multipass amplifiers for efficient power extraction with good beam quality
Author(s): Andrew M. Scott; A. P. G. Davies
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Analysis of laser cavities with self-starting Kerr-lens mode locking
Author(s): Jinan Xia; Minhee Lee
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Definition, meaning, and measurement of coherence parameters
Author(s): Bernd Eppich
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