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Growth, Fabrication, Devices, and Applications of Laser and Nonlinear Materials
Editor(s): Jeffrey W. Pierce; Kathleen I. Schaffers; Kathleen I. Schaffers

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Volume Number: 4268
Date Published: 1 May 2001

Table of Contents
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Improving the beam quality of nanosecond optical parametric oscillators
Author(s): Arlee V. Smith
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Observation of damage in PPLN
Author(s): David H. Titterton; Jonathan A. C. Terry; Daniel H. Thorne; Ian R. Jones; D. Legge
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Narrow-bandwidth picosecond BBO-MOPA system: construction and experimental validation
Author(s): Wytze E. van der Veer
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Spectroscopic detection of ammonia using diode-pumped difference-frequency generation
Author(s): Toshitsugu Ueda; Morio Wada; Tadashi Sugiyama; Shinichi Nakajima; Toshimasa Umezawa; Shoujirou Araki; Takahiro Kudou
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Intracavity quasi-phase-matched self-frequency doubling and halving in periodically poled Nd:Mg:LiNbO3
Author(s): Georgy D. Laptev; Alexy A. Novikov; Anatoliy S. Chirkin; Vladimir V. Firsov; Nikolay V. Kravtsov
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Third harmonic generation of high-energy large-aperture one microlaser and its spatial beam property investigation
Author(s): Baoqiang Zhu; Tingyu Zhan; Zhen Gu; Tao Wang; Liejia Qian
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CsLiB6O10 crystal: forth and fifth-harmonic generation in Nd:YAP laser
Author(s): Alexandr E. Kokh; Nadegda G. Kononova; Irina A. Lisova; Sergey V. Muraviov
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Optical properties of lithium thioindate
Author(s): Jacques Mangin; Sophie Salaun; Sandrine Fossier; Pierre Strimer; Jean-Jacques Zondy; Ludmila I. Isaenko; Alexander P. Yelisseyev
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Generation of a pure phase-modulated pulse by cascading effect: a theoretical approach
Author(s): Laurent Videau; Claude Rouyer; Josselin C. Garnier; Arnold Migus
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Nonlinear optical response and reverse saturable absorption of rare-earth phthalocyanine in DMF solution
Author(s): G. Ajith Kumar; Oracio Barbosa-Garcia
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Nonlinear optical properties of mask layer in super-RENS system
Author(s): Toshio Fukaya; Junji Tominaga; Nobufumi Atoda
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Slow-accumulation optical nonlinearity in chlorophyll a solution
Author(s): Li Sun; Shumei Wang
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Highly efficient ultra-broadband supercontinuum generation centered at 1484 nm using Raman fiber laser
Author(s): Mahendra Prabhu; Nam Seong Kim; Jianren Lu; Jianqiu Xu; Ken-ichi Ueda
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Properties of transient and steady-state stimulated Raman scattering in KGd(WO4)2 and BaWO4 tungstate crystals
Author(s): Pavel Cerny; Helena Jelinkova; Tasoltan T. Basiev; Peter G. Zverev
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Quasi-phase-matching anti-Stokes SRS generation
Author(s): Nikolai S. Makarov; Victor G. Bespalov
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Forward SRS compression amplication of femtosecond pulses
Author(s): Elena V. Ermolaeva; Victor G. Bespalov
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Modal birefringences measurement of multilayer multimodal AlGaAS/AlAs waveguides
Author(s): Marco Secondini; Giuseppe Leo; Julien Nagle; Vincent Berger; Gaetano Assanto
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X-ray and optical characterization of multilayer semiconductor waveguides
Author(s): Olivier Durand; Giuseppe Leo; Gianlorenzo Masini; Lorenzo Colace; Xavier Marcadet; Vincent Berger; Gaetano Assanto
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Efficient frequency doubling in lithium niobate waveguides by reverse proton exchange
Author(s): Annarita Di Lallo; Claudio Conti; Alfonso C. Cino; Gaetano Assanto
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Optical frequency mixers for WDM and TDM applications
Author(s): Krishnan R. Parameswaran; Jonathan R. Kurz; Rostislav Vatchev Roussev; Martin M. Fejer; Ming-Hsien Chou; Igal Brener; Satoki Kawanishi; Kazuo Fujiura; Toshio Morioka
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Growth and characterization of Tm,Ho-doped LuLiF4 and YLiF4 crystals
Author(s): Vikas Sudesh; Kazuhiro Asai; Akihito Kudou; Kazushige Ito; Kiyoshi Shimamura; Tsuguo Fukuda
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BBO crystal growth in static and rotating heat fields of variable symmetry
Author(s): Alexandr E. Kokh; Nadegda G. Kononova; Vladimir N. Popov; Pawel W. Mokruchnikov
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Growth and laser performance of Ce-doped LiCaAlF6 and LiSr0.8Ca0.2AIF6 single crystals for UV laser applications
Author(s): Amina Bensalah; Kiyoshi Shimamura; Zhenlin Liu; Nobuhiko Sarukura; Tsuguo Fukuda
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Nonlinear optical borate crystal Ba2B10O17
Author(s): Jennifer L. Stone-Sundberg; Douglas A. Keszler; Gerard Aka; Andree Kahn-Harari; Thomas A. Reynolds
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Repetitive modulation and passive Q-switching of diode end-pumped Nd-KGW laser
Author(s): Yehoshua Y. Kalisky; Leonid Kravchik; Karol Waichman; Christophe Labbe
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New data on the nature of processes in BaO-B2O3-Na2O system at B-BaB2O4 crystal growth
Author(s): Eugene G. Tsvetkov; Victor I. Tyurikov
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Possibility of realizing fullerene-oxygen-iodine laser with solar pumping (sun-light FOIL)
Author(s): Oleg B. Danilov; Inna M. Belousova; Artur A. Mak; V. Y. Zalessky; Vladimir A. Grigor'ev; A. V. Kris'ko; Eugene N. Sosnov; Vlidilen P. Belousov
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