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Microarrays: Optical Technologies and Informatics
Editor(s): Michael L. Bittner; Yidong Chen; Andreas N. Dorsel; Edward R. Dougherty

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Volume Number: 4266
Date Published: 4 June 2001

Table of Contents
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Generic and robust approach for the analysis of spot array images
Author(s): Norbert Braendle; Horst Bischof; Hilmar Lapp
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GLEAMS: a novel approach to high-throughput genetic microarray image capture and analysis
Author(s): Zheng Zheng Zhou; Jaime A. Stein; Qien Zhou Ji
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Statistical issues in signal extraction from microarrays
Author(s): Tracy Bergemann; Filemon Quiaoit; Jeffrey J. Delrow; Lue Ping Zhao
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Groundtruth approach to accurate quantitation of fluorescence microarrays
Author(s): Laura Mascio Kegelmeyer; Lisa Tomascik-Cheeseman; Melinda S. Burnett; Paul van Hummelen; Andrew J. Wyrobek
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Statistical inference methods for gene expression arrays
Author(s): Robert Nadon; Peide Shi; Adonis Skandalis; Erik Woody; Hermann Hubschle; Edward Susko; Nezar Rghei; Peter Ramm
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Rank-based algorithms for anlaysis of microarrays
Author(s): Wei-min Liu; Rui Mei; Daniel M. Bartell; Xiaojun Di; Teresa A. Webster; Tom Ryder
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RAD (RNA abundance database): an infrastructure for array data analysis
Author(s): Elisabetta Manduchi; Angel Pizarro; Christian Stoeckert Jr.
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Sophisticated lenses for microarray analysis
Author(s): Frank Guse; Jakob Bleicher
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Designing oligo libraries taking alternative splicing into account
Author(s): Avi Shoshan; Vladimir Grebinskiy; Avner Magen; Ariel Scolnicov; Eyal Fink; David Lehavi; Alon Wasserman
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Signal amplification on microarrays: techniques and advances in tyramide signal amplification (TSA)
Author(s): Karl E. Adler; Mary C. Tyler; Alvydas Mikulskis; Mike O'Malley; Jeff J. Broadbent; Eva E. Golenko; Andy L. Johnson; Steve Lott; Anis H. Khimani; Mark N. Bobrow
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Multichannel expression analysis of submicrogram total RNA samples without enzymatic amplification using a one-day protocol
Author(s): Robert C. Getts
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Comparative examination of probe labeling methods for microarray hybridization
Author(s): David I. Burke; Karen Woodward; Robert A. Setterquist; Ernest S. Kawasaki
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Estimation of the confidence limits of oligonucleotide-array-based measurements of differential expression
Author(s): Glenda Delenstarr; Herb Cattell; Chao Chen; Andreas N. Dorsel; Robert H. Kincaid; Khanh Nguyen; Nicholas M. Sampas; Shad Schidel; Karen W. Shannon; Andrea Tu; Paul K. Wolber
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Maximum-likelihood estimation of optimal scaling factors for expression array normalization
Author(s): Alexander J. Hartemink; David K. Gifford; Tommi S. Jaakkola; Richard A. Young
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Normalization for cDNA microarry data
Author(s): Yee Hwa Yang; Sandrine Dudoit; Percy Luu; Terence P. Speed
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Normalization and error estimation for biomedical expression patterns
Author(s): Stanley D. Luck
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Random signal model for cDNA microarrays
Author(s): Yoganand Balagurunathan; Edward R. Dougherty; Yidong Chen; Michael L. Bittner; Jeffrey M. Trent
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Processing and modeling genome-wide expression data using singular value decomposition
Author(s): Orly Alter; Patrick O. Brown; David Botstein
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Classification of microarray data with penalized logistic regression
Author(s): Paul H. C. Eilers; Judith M. Boer; Gert-Jan van Ommen; Hans C. van Houwelingen
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Statistical approaches to analyzing multichip data
Author(s): James Roy Johnson; Patrick Hurban; Jeff Woessner; Craig M. Liddell
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Finding robust linear expression-based classifiers
Author(s): Seungchan Kim; Edward R. Dougherty; Junior Barrera; Yidong Chen; Michael L. Bittner; Jeffrey M. Trent
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Parallel computing methods for analyzing gene expression relationships
Author(s): Edward B. Suh; Edward R. Dougherty; Seungchan Kim; Daniel E. Russ; Robert L. Martino
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Time series inference from clustering
Author(s): Edward R. Dougherty; Junior Barrera; Marcel Brun; Seungchan Kim; Roberto M. Cesar; Yidong Chen; Michael L. Bittner; Jeffrey M. Trent
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Analysis of gene expression data of the NCl 60 cancer cell lines using Bayesian hierarchical effects model
Author(s): Jae K. Lee; Uwe Scherf; Lawrence H. Smith; Lorraine Tanabe; John N. Weinstein
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Genetic network models: a comparative study
Author(s): Eugene P. van Someren; Lodewyk F. A. Wessels; Marcel J. T. Reinders
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Simulator for gene expression networks
Author(s): Hugo A. Armelin; Junior Barrera; Edward R. Dougherty; Joao E. Ferreira; Marco D. Gubitoso; Nina Sumiko Tomita Hirata; Eduardo J. Neves
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Modified confocal scanner system for microarrays
Author(s): Ian C. Hsu; Ray Chen; Yen L. Chen
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