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Clinical Diagnostic Systems
Editor(s): Gerald E. Cohn

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Volume Number: 4255
Date Published: 22 May 2001

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Electrical and optical methods for the manipulation and analyses of single cells
Author(s): Daniel T. Chiu; Maximilian Davidson; Anette Stroemberg; Frida Ryttsen; Owe Orwar
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Advanced development of the digital tuberculosis tester for MDR-TB screening
Author(s): Jason E. Smith; Michelle D. Simkulet; Alexander Gutin; Alexy Gutin; Savco Bardarov; William R. Jacobs Jr.; James Castracane; Oliver Tang; Paul Riska
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High-throughput cell analysis and sorting technologies for clinical diagnostics and therapeutics
Author(s): James F. Leary; Lisa M. Reece; Peter Szaniszlo M.D.; Tarl W. Prow; Nan Wang M.D.
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Novel high-sensitivity fluorescence polarization reader
Author(s): Clifford C. Hoyt; Richard M. Levenson; Peter Banks
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Multiparametric monitoring of tissue vitality in clinical situations
Author(s): Avraham Mayevsky; Tamar Manor; Sigal Meilin; Nisim Razon; George E. Ouknine; Eugene Ornstein
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Immunoaffinity-based biosensor for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Author(s): C. Brent Bargeron; Richard C. Benson; Terry E. Phillips; Peter F. Scholl; Sala Abubaker; John D. Groopman; Paul T. Strickland
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Application of diode laser/fiber optic colorimetric spectrometer to the determination of cholesterol
Author(s): SungHo Kim; Shin-Young Yun; Jeong-Hwa Lee; Hyo-Young Lee; Hae-Seon Nam
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Fiber-optic-based biosensors utilizing long period grating (LPG) technology
Author(s): Charles Pennington; Mark E. Jones; Mishell K. Evans; Roger VanTassell; Josh Averett
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Commercialization of evanescent planar waveguide (EPW) technology
Author(s): Arthur D. Boren; Jan W. Pawlak; Timothy J. Stultz
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New features for detecting cervical precancer using hyperspectral diagnostic imaging
Author(s): Gordon S. Okimoto; Mary F. Parker; Gregory C. Mooradian; Steven J. Saggese; Ames A. Grisanti; Dennis M. O'Connor; Kunio Miyazawa
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NIR transmittance pulse oximetry system with laser diodes
Author(s): Sonnia Maria Lopez Silva; Juan Pedro Silveira; Jose Raman Sendra; Romano Giannetti; Maria Luisa Dotor; Dolores Golmayo
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Ratiometric fluorescence imaging of free Zn2+ in brain
Author(s): Richard B. Thompson; Sang Won Suh; Christopher J. Frederickson
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New applications of fluorescence polarization for enzyme assays and in genomics
Author(s): Theo Nikiforov; Jill Coffin; Sang Jeong; Anton Simeonov; Xiahui Bi
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Sensor gas analyzer for acetone determination in expired air
Author(s): Vitaly V. Baranov
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