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Biomedical Diagnostic, Guidance, and Surgical-Assist Systems III

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Volume Number: 4254
Date Published: 4 June 2001

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Integrated probes containing a VCSEL and a multidetector chip for laser Doppler tissue perfusion monitoring
Author(s): Alexander N. Serov; Sjoerd Oosterbaan; Janharm Nieland; Herma van Kranenburg; Frits F. M. de Mul; Wiendelt Steenbergen
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Surface plasmon resonance imaging applied to immunosensing
Author(s): Rosa A. Fireman Dutra; Jose Otavio Maciel Neto; Eduardo Fontana
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Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy for skin cancer diagnostics
Author(s): Masoud Panjehpour; Clark E. Julius M.D.; Suzanne Overholt; Mary N. Phan; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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In-vivo diagnosis of chemically induced melanoma in an animal model using UV-visible and NIR elastic-scattering spectroscopy: preliminary testing
Author(s): Ousama M. A'Amar; Ronald D. Ley; Paul M. Ripley; Irving J. Bigio
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Ultrasonic diffraction in the design of photoacoustic probes
Author(s): Joel Mobley; Brian M. Cullum; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Optical changes as a marker for lesion size estimation during radio frequency ablation: a model study
Author(s): Ola Eriksson; Karin Wardell
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Computer-assisted interstitial laser coagulation for BPH
Author(s): Gideon Ho; Adrian R. W. Barrett; Wan Sing Ng; Liam Guan Lim; Wai S.C. Cheng
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Intraoperative spectroscopic-guided brain tumor resection: reduction of blood contamination effects on tissue optical spectra
Author(s): Wei-Chiang Lin; Anita Mahadevan-Jansen; E. Duco Jansen
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New laser sources for clinical treatment and diagnostics of neonatal jaundice
Author(s): Mostafa Hamza; Mohammad Hamza Sayed El-Ahl; Ahmad Mohammad Hamza
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Calculation of hemoglobin saturation from in vivo human brain tissues using a modified diffusion theory model
Author(s): Maureen Johns; Cole A. Giller; Hanli Liu
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Design of a clinical vein contrast enhancing projector
Author(s): Herbert D. Zeman; Gunnar Lovhoiden; Harshal Deshmukh
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Progress in the noninvasive in-vivo tissue-modulated Raman spectroscopy of human blood
Author(s): Joseph Chaiken; William F. Finney; Xiaoke Yang; Paul E. Knudson; Karen P. Peterson; Charles M. Peterson; Ruth S. Weinstock; Douglas Hagrman
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Novel diode-based laser system for combined transcutaneous monitoring and computer-controlled intermittent treatment of jaundiced neonates
Author(s): Mostafa Hamza; Mohammad Hamza Sayed El-Ahl; Ahmad Mohammad Hamza
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Near-infrared spectroscopy study of tourniquet-induced forearm ischemia in patients with coronary artery disease
Author(s): Mario E. Giardini; Giovanni Guido Guizzetti; Matteo Bavera; Paolo Lago; Mario Corti; Colomba Falcone; Federico Pastore
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Ultrasonic scattering and transmission properties of mammalian white matter in the detection of brain injury
Author(s): Joel Mobley; Anu N. Mathur; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Optical characterization and calibration of gastroscope
Author(s): Chuang-Jan Chang; Jyh-Jong Wei; Hong-Jueng King; Gwo-Jen Jan
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Development of an endoscopic fluorescence image-guided OCT probe for oral cancer detection
Author(s): Roger J. McNichols; Ashok Gowda; Brent A. Bell; Richard M. Johnigan; Karen H. Calhoun; Massoud Motamedi
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In-situ visualization and evaluation of neoplastic lesions of the human gastrointestinal tract using endoscopic optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Andrew M. Rollins; Volker Westphal; Ananya Das; Patrick Pfau; Amitabh Chak; Richard C. K. Wong; Michael J. Sivak Jr.; Joseph A. Izatt
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Nanosensors for analysis of a single cell
Author(s): Brian M. Cullum; Guy D. Griffin; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Development and use of a confocal microendoscope for in-vivo histopathologic diagnosis
Author(s): Arthur F. Gmitro; Andrew R. Rouse
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ECG-triggering of the laser Doppler signal: an approach for perfusion imaging on the beating calf heart
Author(s): Karin Wardell; Daniel M.G. Karlsson; Urban Loenn M.D.; Stefan Traff; Henrik Casimir-Ahn M.D.
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In-vivo colposcopic imaging of neoplastic tissues using optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Pei-Lin Hsiung; Christian C. Chudoba; Constantinos Pitris; Xing De Li; Tony H. Ko; James G. Fujimoto; Annekathryn Goodman
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Disease pattern recognition in FT-IR spectra of human sera
Author(s): Wolfgang H. Petrich; Brion Dolenko; Daniel J. Fink; Johanna Frueh; Helmut Greger; Stephan Jacob; Franz Keller; Alexander Nikulin; Matthias Otto; Melissa S. Pessin-Minsley; Ortrud Quarder; Raymond L. Somorjai; Arnulf Staib; Ulrich Thienel; Gerhard H. Werner; Hans Wielinger
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Bone microstructure deformation observed by Raman microscopy
Author(s): Michael D. Morris; Angela Carden; Rupak M. Rajachar; David H. Kohn
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Raman microscopy of de-novo woven bone tissue
Author(s): Michael D. Morris; Catherine Perso Tarnowski; Jennifer L. Dreier; Michael A. Ignelzi Jr.
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Advances in real-time nonlinear Raman microscopy
Author(s): Vladislav V. Yakovlev
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Noninvasive in-vivo tissue-modulated Raman spectroscopy of human blood: microcirculation and viscosity effects
Author(s): Joseph Chaiken; William F. Finney; Paul E. Knudson; Karen P. Peterson; Charles M. Peterson; Xiaoke Yang; Ruth S. Weinstock
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Use of short-pulse laser for optical tomography of tissues
Author(s): Kunal Mitra; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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