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Optical Methods for Tumor Treatment and Detection: Mechanisms and Techniques in Photodynamic Therapy X
Editor(s): Thomas J. Dougherty

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Volume Number: 4248
Date Published: 9 April 2001

Table of Contents
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Evaluating clinical outcomes of PDT
Author(s): Teresa T. Goodell; Steven L. Jacques; Kenton W. Gregory M.D.
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Clinical applications for photodymanic therapy in oncology
Author(s): James M. Metz; Zelig Tochner M.D.; Stephen M. Hahn; Debbie Smith; Timothy C. Zhu; Joseph S. Friedberg M.D.; Douglas L. Fraker; Eli Glatstein M.D.
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Photodynamic therapy in thoracic oncology: a single institution experience
Author(s): James D. Luketich M.D.; Hiran C. Fernando M.D.; Neil A. Christie M.D.; Virginia R. Litle; Peter F. Ferson; Percival O. Buenaventura
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Photofrin photodynamic therapy for malignant brain tumors
Author(s): Paul J. Muller M.D.; Brian C. Wilson; Lothar D. Lilge; Victor X.D. Yang; Fred W. Hetzel; Qun Chen; Tim Fullagar; Robert Fenstermaker; Robert Selker; Judith Abrams
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Photodynamic therapy for breast cancer with photosense
Author(s): Elena G. Vakoulovskaya M.D.; Victor V. Shental M.D.; Yury V. Buidenok; Georgui I. Solomakho; Tatiana M. Nadezhdina
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Photodynamic therapy using Verteporfin and 630-nm laser light in canine esophagus
Author(s): Masoud Panjehpour; Robert C. DeNovo D.V.M.; Mark G. Petersen; Bergein F. Overholt M.D.; Barbara Kelly; Robert D. Bower; Valery Rubinchik
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Hyperoxygenation enhances photodynamic therapy tumor cure
Author(s): Fred W. Hetzel; Abdus Shakil; Jill Beckers; Qun Chen
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Using radiance predicted by the P3-approximation for treatment planning for PDT for prostatic carcinoma
Author(s): Dwayne J. Dickey; Ronald B. Moore; David R. Rayner; John Tulip
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Multispectral monitoring of fluorescence during ALA-PDT of superficial skin cancers
Author(s): Jacqueline Hewett; Valerie Nadeau; James Ferguson; Harry Moseley; Sally Ibbotson; Lorenzo Brancaleon; David J. Birkin; Wilson Sibbett; Miles J. Padgett
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Measurement of intrinsic photobleaching rate by fluorescence microsampling of tissue
Author(s): Brian W. Pogue; Gregory P. Fournier; Altug R. Akay; Gregory C. Burke; P. Jack Hoopes D.V.M.
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Clinical-scale laser-based scanning and processing of live cells: selective photothermal killing of fluorescent tumor targets for autologous stem cell transplantation
Author(s): Manfred R. Koller; Elie G. Hanania; Timothy Eisfeld; Robert A. O'Neal; Kevin M. Khovananth; Bernhard O. Palsson
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Compact endoscopic fluorescence detection system for gastrointestinal cancers
Author(s): Valerie Nadeau; Miles J. Padgett; Jacqueline Hewett; Wilson Sibbett; Khaled Hamdan; Sami Mohammed; Iain Tait; Alfred Cushieri
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Influence of parameters of laser irradiation on the mechanisms of tumor damage due to PDT
Author(s): Gennadii A. Meerovich; Alexander A. Stratonnikov; Victor B. Loschenov; Eugenia A. Kogan; Olga P. Gladskikh; Eugeny A. Lukianets; Georgy N. Vorozhtsov; Mikhail A. Paltsev
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Role of inflammatory cytokines in the response of solid cancers to photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Mladen Korbelik; Jinghai Sun; Ivana Cecic; Graeme J. Dougherty
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Action of the photosensitizer QLT0074 upon human T lymphocytes in vitro
Author(s): David W. C. Hunt; Huijun Jiang; Ruth A. Salmon; David J. Granville; John R. North; Anna M. Richter
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PDT-induced apoptosis: what are the critical molecular targets
Author(s): Nancy L. Oleinick; Irina Belichenko; Song-mao Chiu; Minh C. Lam; Rachel L. Morris; Liang-yan Xue
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Influence of light intensity and repetition rate of nanosecond laser pulses on photodynamic therapy with PAD-S31 in mouse renal carcinoma cell line in vitro: study for oxygen consumption and photo..
Author(s): Satoko Kawauchi; Tsunenori Arai; Kenji Seguchi; Hiroshi Asanuma; Shunichi Sato; Makoto Kikuchi; Takeshi Takemura; Isao Sakata; Susumu Nakajima
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Oxygen microelectrode measurements in R3230Ac Tumors during photodynamic therapy with verteporfin
Author(s): Brian W. Pogue; Rodney D. Braun; Jennifer L. Lanzen; Christian Erickson; Mark Dewhirst
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Fluence rate effects in human glioma spheroids: implications for photodynamic therapy of brain tumors
Author(s): Steen J. Madsen; Chung-Ho Sun; Bruce J. Tromberg; Henry Hirschberg
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Mechanism of PDT-induced mitochondrial photodamage
Author(s): David Kessel; Michelle Castelli; John Reiners Jr.
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Early responses of human cancer cells upon photodynamic treatment monitored by laser phase microscopy
Author(s): Theo A. Roelofs; Georgi Graschew; Elena V. Perevedentseva; Stefan Rakowsky; Cathrin Dressler; Juergen Beuthan; Peter M. Schlag
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Additional approach to PDT: type III mechanism and the role of native free radicals
Author(s): Dezso Gal; Tamas Kriska; Tatiana G. Shutova; Andras Nemeth
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Scavengers modifying the phototoxicity induced by ALA-mediated photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Adriana Casas; Christian Perotti; Haydee Fukuda; Alcira Batlle
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