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Ophthalmic Technologies XI

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Volume Number: 4245
Date Published: 7 June 2001

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Excimer laser ophthalmic system optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Alexander M. Razhev; Sergei N. Bagayev; Valentin M. Gelikonov; Evgeny S. Kargapoltsev; Roman V. Kuranov; Ilya V. Turchin; Andrey A. Zhupikov
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Scanning confocal slit photon counter measurements of post-PRK haze in two-year study
Author(s): John Taboada; David Gaines; Mary Alice Perez; Steve G. Waller; Douglas J. Ivan; J. Bruce Baldwin; Frank LoRusso; Ronald C. Tutt; B. Thompson; Jose Perez; Thomas Tredici; Dan A. Johnson
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Irradiation control parameters for computer-assisted laser photocoagulation of the retina
Author(s): Espen Naess; Torstein Molvik; Steven F. Barrett; Cameron H. G. Wright; Peter W. de Graaf
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Is the human eye a perfect optic?
Author(s): Michael Mrochen; Maik Kaemmerer; Peter Mierdel; Hans-Eberhard Krinke; Theo Seiler
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Refractive surgery and supervision: physical and biological constraints to an exciting perspective
Author(s): Pier Giorgio Gobbi
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Problems with wavefront aberrations applied to refractive surgery: developing standards
Author(s): Stanley A. Klein
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Calculation of the primary spherical aberration of an eye model using paraxial ray tracing with matrix optics
Author(s): Fabrice Manns; Arthur Ho; Jean-Marie A. Parel
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Theoretical study of aberration correction in eyes using scanning-spot lasers
Author(s): Muhammad Arif; David Huang
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Selective corneal optical aberration (SCOA) for customized ablation
Author(s): Benedikt J. Jean M.D.; Thomas Bende
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Patient treatment based on wavefront-guided CustomCornea correction with the Alcon Summit Autonomous LADARVision excimer laser system
Author(s): Ezra I. Maguen M.D.; James J. Salz M.D.; Marguerite B. McDonald; George H. Pettit M.D.; K. K. Leidel; John A. Campin
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Corneal modeling using conic section fits of PAR corneal topography system measurements
Author(s): Stanley Zipper; Fabrice Manns; Viviana Fernandez; Samith Sandadi; Arthur Ho; Jean-Marie A. Parel
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Measurement of the topography of human cadaver lenses using the PAR corneal topography system
Author(s): Viviana Fernandez; Fabrice Manns; Stanley Zipper; Samith Sandadi; Marie Hamaoui; Hassan Tahi; Arthur Ho; Jean-Marie A. Parel
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Feasibility of simultaneous correction of ametropia by varying gel refractive index with phaco-ersatz
Author(s): Arthur Ho; Paul Erickson; Fabrice Manns; Therese Pham; Jean-Marie A. Parel
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Noninvasive and remote detection of cataracts during space exploration with dynamic light scattering
Author(s): Rafat R. Ansari; Frank Giblin; James F. King; Lisa M. Lambert
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Minimizing the influence of fundus pigmentation on retinal vessel oximetry measurements
Author(s): Matthew H. Smith; Kurt R. Denninghoff; Arthur Lompado; Jacob B. Woodruff; Lloyd W. Hillman
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Raman detection of carotenoid pigments in the human retina
Author(s): Werner Gellermann; Igor V. Ermakov; Maia R. Ermakova; Robert W. McClane; Steven W. Wintch; Da-You Zhao; Paul S. Bernstein
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Performance of amplitude-modified second-order Gaussian filter for the detection of retinal blood vessel
Author(s): Gang Luo; Opas Chutatape; Sanjay M. Krishnan
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Computer-simulated phacoemulsification
Author(s): Carl-Gustaf Laurell M.D.; Leif Nordh; Eva Skarman; Mats Andersson; Per Nordqvist
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Celestial and terrestrial tele-ophthalmology: a health monitoring helmet for astronaut/cosmonaut and general public use
Author(s): Rafat R. Ansari; Luigi Rovati; Jerry Sebag M.D.
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Video injection for slit lamp augmented reality
Author(s): Bojidar Madjarov M.D.; Jeffrey W. Berger M.D.
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Integrated instrument for dynamic light scattering and natural fluorescence measurements
Author(s): Luigi Rovati; Luca Pollonini; Rafat R. Ansari
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Zoom ophthalmoscope
Author(s): George G. Smith; John Farmer; Ian P. Powell
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Thickness and topographic inspection of RPG contact lenses by optical triangulation
Author(s): Manuel Filipe M. Costa
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Maximum tolerable dose (MTD): a new index for ultraviolet radiation toxicity in the lens
Author(s): Per G. Soderberg; Stefan Lofgren; Marcelo Ayala; M. Kakar
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Hydrophilic treatment of porous PTFE for intractable glaucoma implant devices
Author(s): Masataka M. Murahara; Yuji Sato; Viviana Fernandez; Francisco Fantes; Izuru Nose; William E. Lee; Peter J. Milne; Jean-Marie A. Parel
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Nonpenetrating glaucoma surgery using the CO2 laser: experimental studies in human cadaver eyes
Author(s): Ehud I. Assia M.D.; Irina S. Barequet; Mordechai Rosner M.D.; Michael Belkin M.D.
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Computer modeling of transpupillary thermotherapy for choroidal neovascularization
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Berger M.D.
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Optimization of the parameters for intrastromal refractive surgery with ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Alexander Heisterkamp; Tammo Ripken; Holger Lubatschowski; Herbert Welling; Wolfgang Dommer; Elke Luetkefels; Thanongsak Mamom; Wolfgang Ertmer
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Automatic multidiagnosis system for slit lamp
Author(s): Liliane Ventura; Caio Chiaradia; Andre Marcio Vieira Messias; Sidney Julio Faria de Sousa; Flavio Isaac; Cesar A. Cardosa Caetano; Andre Baptista Rosa Filho
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In-vitro corneal transparency measuring system
Author(s): Liliane Ventura; Marcelo Andrade da Costa Vieira; Flavio Isaac; Caio Chiaradia; Sidney Julio Faria de Sousa
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Clinical application of red and green laser retinometer for cataracts of various etiology using speckle technologies
Author(s): Garif G. Akchurin; Valery V. Bakutkin; Dmitry A. Zimnyakov; Elena Yu. Radchenko; Valery V. Tuchin
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Accumulated IR-laser ablation of endothel at the inner wall of Schlemm's canal
Author(s): Holger Specht; Hans Eberhard Voelcker; Reinhard O. W. Burk
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Effect of lenslet resolution on the accuracy of ocular wavefront measurements
Author(s): Daniel R. Neal; Daniel M. Topa; James Copland
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Imaging the primate retina using polarization-sensitve optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Jason D. Marsack; Mathieu G. Ducros; Sapun H. Parekh; Sharon L. Thomsen M.D.; Henry Grady Rylander III; Thomas E. Milner
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