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Smart Structures and Devices
Editor(s): Dinesh K. Sood; Ronald Albert Lawes; Vasundara V. Varadan

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Volume Number: 4235
Date Published: 21 March 2001

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Ferroelectric Pb(Zr0.53, Ti0.47)O3 thin films for smart MEMS
Author(s): Ryutaro Maeda; Zhanjie Wang; Jiaru Chu; Wenmei Lin
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Computational simulation of active piezoelectric coatings with sensors and actuators applied in underwater acoustics
Author(s): Gui-Rong Liu; C. Cai; KwokYan Lam
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Precision piezoelectric stepping motor using piezoelectric torsional actuator
Author(s): Byung-Woo Kang; Jaehwan Kim; ChaeCheon Cheong; Bo-Won Yang
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Circular inclusion problem in dynamic antiplane piezoelectricity
Author(s): Fumio Narita; Yasuhide Shindo; Hirokazu Moribayashi
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Fabrication of high-performance PZT actuators using microwave and hot-press hybrid sintering process
Author(s): Hirofumi Takahashi; Kazuaki Kato; Jinhao Qiu; Junji Tani
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Innovations in piezoelectric shunt damping
Author(s): Andrew J. Fleming; Sam Behrens; S. O. Reza Moheimani
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New differential-type SMA actuator for a miniature silicon gripper
Author(s): Sebastian Buetefisch; Stephanus Buettgenbach
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Simulation of novel microassembly using shape memory alloy
Author(s): Weiming Huang; Xiangyang Gao
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Modeling dynamics of multilayered SMA actuators
Author(s): Roderick V. N. Melnik; Anthony J. Roberts
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Probing human skin as an information-rich biological interface using MEMS-based informatics
Author(s): Shekhar Bhansali; H. Thurman Henderson; Steven B. Hoath
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Novel fabrication technique for development of polymer-based microsensor arrays for molecular diagnostics
Author(s): Paul Jacobs; Walter Hofer; Rudi Rossau; Wim Tachelet; Andrew Campitelli; Peter Detemple; Jeff Newman; Chris Flack; Andre Van de Voorde
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Potential applications of a small high-surface-area platinum electrode as an implanted impedance biosensor or recording electrode
Author(s): Yvonne Y. Duan; Rodney E. Millard; Michael Tykocinski; Xuguang Lui; Graeme M. Clark; Robert S. C. Cowan
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Prototype micromachined thin film electrode array for cochlear implants
Author(s): Joanna R. Parker; Yvonne Y. Duan; Jim Patrick; H. Barry Harrison; Olaf Reinhold; Graeme M. Clark
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Measurement of contact forces between human and vibrating floors using fiber Bragg grating foot sensors
Author(s): Tuan-Kay Lim; Chuan Swee Tjin; L. G. Tay; C. H. Chua; Yong Wang; James M. W. Brownjohn
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Magnetic MEMS used in smart structures which exploit magnetic materials properties
Author(s): Ronald B. Zmood; LiJiang Qin; Dinesh K. Sood; Thurai Vinay; D. Meyrick
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High-speed actuation of shape memory alloy
Author(s): Jinhao Qiu; Junji Tani; D. Osanai; Y. Urushiyama
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Packaging and integration of MEMS and related microsystems for system-on-a-package (SOP)
Author(s): Ajay P. Malshe; Chad B. O'Neal; Sushila Singh; William D. Brown
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Si-based print circuit board fabricated by Si deep etching and metal powder injection molding
Author(s): Ryutaro Maeda; Yoichi Murakoshi; Toru Shimizu; Yaomin Li; Hiroyuki Takizawa
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Pattern recognition application in classification of intelligent composites during smart manufacturing using a C4.5 machine learning program
Author(s): Afshad Talaie; Nasser Esmaili; Ji-Yoon Lee; Tatsuro Kosaka; Nobuo Oshima; Katsuhiko Osaka; Youichi Asano; Takehito Fukuda
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Efficient reflectors for ultrasonic Lamb waves
Author(s): Shrinivas G. Joshi; Boris D. Zaitsev; Iren E. Kuznetsova
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Closed-loop finite element modeling of smart structures: an overview
Author(s): Vasundara V. Varadan; Senthil V. Gopinathan; Woosuk Chang; Vijay K. Varadan
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Use of finite element codes for structures with passive piezoceramic devices
Author(s): Alessandro Agneni; Antonio Paolozzi
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Behavior identification of distinct neighborhoods in large structures using neural networks
Author(s): Xiaoyun Fu; James P. Bartlett
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Active buckling control of thin-wall structures
Author(s): Emilio P. Calius
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Smart force sensors and their applications
Author(s): Guan-chang Jin; Jun Zhang; Nao Keng Bao; Miao Yu
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Optimizing the performance of optical temperature sensors
Author(s): Cristina Vegara; Scott A. Wade; Thinh Nguyen; Peter M. Farrell; Stephen F. Collins; Greg W. Baxter
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Measurement of temperature profile of concrete structures with embedded fiber Bragg grating sensors and thermocouples
Author(s): Yong Wang; Chuan Swee Tjin; Xiaoming Sun; Yee Ling Tan; Sau Choeng Fan
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Synthesis, characterization, and humidity sensing of metallophtalocyanines
Author(s): Sanjay Dnyane Shwar Chakane; Shilpa Jain; S. V. Bhoraskar
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Humidity sensing with doped polyaniline
Author(s): Shilpa Jain; Sanjay Dnyane Shwar Chakane; S. V. Bhoraskar; A. B. Samui; V.N. Krishnamurthy
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Motion control of an electrostrictive actuator
Author(s): Min Hu; Hejun Du; Shih-Fu Ling
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Analysis of a self-powered piezoelectric vibration damper
Author(s): Michael J. Konak; Ian G. Powlesland; Stephen P. van der Velden; Stephen C. Galea
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Smart structures approaches for health monitoring of aircraft structures
Author(s): Stephen C. Galea; Alan A. Baker
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Two considerations for the design of a robust optimal smart structure where control energy is expensive
Author(s): Thomas G. Ryall
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In-situ health monitoring of a bonded composite patch using the strain ratio technique
Author(s): Scott D. Moss; Stephen C. Galea; Ian G. Powlesland; Michael J. Konak; Alan A. Baker
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LQR vibration control of piezoelectric composite plates
Author(s): Shengyin Wang; Ser-Tong Quek; Kok Keng Ang
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Snap-down phenomenon in an electrostatically actuated torsional micromirror
Author(s): Fook Siong Chau; Xuming Zhang; Chenggen Quan; Ai Qun Liu
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Detection of disbonds in secondary bonded structures using embedded Bragg grating optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Michael Kowalik; Iain A. McKenzie; Stephen C. Galea
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Optical MTF and quantum efficiency analysis for smart sensors
Author(s): Derek Abbott
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Chemical sensing in the submillimeter-wave regime
Author(s): Samuel P. Mickan; Xi-Cheng Zhang; Jesper Munch; Derek Abbott
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Active palpation sensor for detecting prostatic cancer and hypertrophy
Author(s): Mami Tanaka; Mitsuyuki Furubayashi; Yoshikatsu Tanahashi; Seiji Chonan
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Lipid bilayers suspended on microfabricated supports
Author(s): Simon D. Ogier; Richard J. Bushby; Yaling Cheng; Tim I. Cox; Stephen D. Evans; Peter F. Knowles; Robert E. Miles; Ian Pattison
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Crack-growth detection using a surface-mounted piezotransducer array
Author(s): Nikolas Rajic; Stephen C. Galea; W. K. Chiu
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Development of ultrahigh-density micro gas discharge lamp array using coherent porous Si technology
Author(s): Shekhar Bhansali; Brent VanDyke; H. Thurman Henderson
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Fabrication of oxide phosphor thin film electroluminescent devices using a sol-gel process
Author(s): Tadatsugu Minami; Tetsuya Shirai; Toshihiro Miyata
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Robust H_control of ER suspension subjected to system uncertainties
Author(s): Sang-Soo Han; Seung-Bok Choi
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Factors determining and limiting the impedance behavior of implanted bioelectrodes
Author(s): Yvonne Y. Duan; Graeme M. Clark; Robert S. C. Cowan
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Single-edge precracked beam test and electric fracture mechanics analysis for piezoelectric ceramics
Author(s): Yasuhide Shindo; Katsumi Horiguchi; Heihachiro Murakami; Fumio Narita
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Linear and nonlinear actuations in shape control of beams
Author(s): Kok Keng Ang; Ajit Achuthan; Chien Ming Wang
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Developments in smart materials and MEMS in India: present scenario and national initiatives
Author(s): Vasu K. Aatre
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Science and technology of ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) thin films for multifunctional devices
Author(s): Orlando H. Auciello; Dieter M. Gruen; Alan R. Krauss; A. Jayatissa; Anirudha Sumant; John Tucek; Derrick C. Mancini; Nicolai A. Moldovan; A. Erdemir; D. Ersoy; Michael N. Gardos; Hans Gerd G. Busmann; E. M. Meyer
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MEMS and the cell: how nature creates microscale motion
Author(s): Gerald H. Pollack
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