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OptiComm 2000: Optical Networking and Communications
Editor(s): Imrich Chlamtac

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Volume Number: 4233
Date Published: 22 September 2000

Table of Contents
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Graceful label numbering in optical MPLS networks
Author(s): Ibrahim Cahit Arkut; Refik Cahit Arkut; Nasir Ghani
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Bandwidth maximization in IP over WDM path networks
Author(s): Hiroaki Harai; Fumito Kubota
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Unified traffic engineering for IP over WDM networks
Author(s): Jinhan Song; Saewoong Bahk
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Provisioning multilayer resilience in multiservice optical networks
Author(s): Joseph Kroculick; Cynthia Hood
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Effects of design constraints on the total wavelength mileage in optical mesh networks with shared line protection
Author(s): Andrea F. Fumagalli; Marco Tacca; Isabella Cerutti; Francesco B. Masetti; Rajesh Jagannathan; Ana Lardies
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Routing and wavelength assignment algorithms for all-optical WDM networks based on virtual multiple self-healing ring architecture
Author(s): Akio Ishikawa; Yoji Kishi
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Static lightpath design by heuristic methods in multifiber WDM networks
Author(s): Guido A. Maier; Achille Pattavina; Laura Roberti; Thierry Chich
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Design of virtual private networks (VPNs) over optical wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) networks
Author(s): Byrav Ramamurthy; Ashok Ramakrishnan
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QoS for virtual private networks (VPN) over optical WDM networks
Author(s): Yang Qin; Krishna M. Sivalingam; Bo Li
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Path setup algorithms for uniform/nonuniform traffic in unidirectional optical compression TDM rings
Author(s): Kazuhiro Gokyu; Ken-ichi Baba; Masayuki Murata
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Optical distribution networks
Author(s): Vincent W. S. Chan; Serena Chan; Shayan Mookherjea
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Heterogeneous traffic transport over optical networks
Author(s): Kazem Sohraby; Patricia Morreale; Mohammad T. Fatehi; Victor B. Lawrence
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Optical transport network design and planning: from WDM backbone design to management issues
Author(s): Mathieu Garnot; V. Miriello
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Performance of LPT with lookahead for the reconfiguration of WDM all-optical networks
Author(s): Evripidis Bampis; Samia Chaoui; Sandrine Vial
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Reliable WDM multicast in optical burst-switched networks
Author(s): Myoungki Jeong; Chunming Qiao; Yijun Xiong
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Supporting IP dense mode multicast routing protocols in WDM all-optical networks
Author(s): Marcos Rogerio Salvador; Sonia Heemstra de Groot; Diptish Dey
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Multicast routing for wavelength-routed WDM networks with dynamic membership
Author(s): Nen-Fu Huang; Te-Lung Liu; Yao-Tzung Wang; Bo Li
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Capacity fairness of WDM networks with grooming capabilities
Author(s): Sashisekaran Thiagarajan; Arun K. Somani
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Approach for bounding blocking with application to all-optical unconstrained routing
Author(s): Ehab S. Elmallah
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Dynamic wavelength assignment algorithm for wavelength-routed all-optical networks
Author(s): Andrei G. Stoica; Abhijit Sengupta
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Configuration of optical switching system based on code division multiplexing
Author(s): Shouhei Nishi; Hideki Tode; Koso Murakami
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All-optical packet-switched networks: a study of contention-resolution schemes in an irregular mesh network with variable-sized packets
Author(s): Shun Yao; Biswanath Mukherjee; S. J. Ben Yoo; Sudhir Dixit
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WDM fiber delay line buffer control for optical packet switching
Author(s): Andrew Ge; Ljubisa Tancevski; Gerardo Castanon; Lakshman S. Tamil
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Burst optical deflection routing protocol for wavelength routing WDM networks
Author(s): Xi Wang; Hiroyuki Morikawa; Tomonori Aoyama
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Optical layer survivability: single service-class case
Author(s): Goekhan Sahin; Murat Azizoglu
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Design methods of multilayer survivability in IP over WDM networks
Author(s): Shin'ichi Arakawa; Masayuki Murata; Hideo Miyahara
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Revenue maximization in survivable WDM networks
Author(s): Murari Sridharan; Arun K. Somani
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Availability analysis of multilayer optical networks
Author(s): Laszlo Jereb; Tivadar Jakab; Ferenc Unghvary
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