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Microlithographic Techniques in Integrated Circuit Fabrication II

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Volume Number: 4226
Date Published: 20 October 2000

Table of Contents
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Measurement and analysis of reticle and wafer level contributions to total CD variation
Author(s): Moshe E. Preil; Chris A. Mack
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Low-k1 imaging: how low can we go?
Author(s): Jo Finders; Mark Eurlings; Koen Van Ingen Schenau; Mircea V. Dusa; Peter Jenkins
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Progress of excimer laser technologies
Author(s): Hakaru Mizoguchi
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200/300-mm Micrascan IV 248-nm system for high-throughput and tight CD control applications
Author(s): Pradeep K. Govil; Javed Sumra; James G. Tsacoyeanes; Keith W. Andresen; William Dornfeld; Marie-Christine Zolcinski-Couet; Peter J. Baumgartner; Geoffrey O'Connor; Zoltan Gyarfas
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New 2D to 3D x-ray lithography technology for grayscale structures
Author(s): Vladimir A. Kudryashov; Sing Lee
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Ion projection lithography: November 2000 status and sub-70-nm prospects
Author(s): Rainer Kaesmaier; Andreas Wolter; Hans Loeschner; Stefan Schunck
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Low-voltage e-beam irradiation: a new tool for microlithography technology
Author(s): Vladimir A. Kudryashov
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Fabrication of diffractive micro-optical lens for integration with optoelectronic devices by direct laser writing
Author(s): Chao Wang; Yuen Chuen Chan; Yee Loy Lam; Liping Zhao; Yan Zhou
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Overview of reticle enhancement technology software strategy
Author(s): Alfred J. Reich; R. D. Jarvis; Steve Talent; Renee Carter
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Corner rounding and line-end shortening in optical lithography
Author(s): Chris A. Mack
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Hardmask/BARC materials for 157-nm lithography
Author(s): Won D. Kim; Daniel A. Miller; Hyeong-Soo Kim; Jeff D. Byers; Mike Daniels; Britton Birmingham; James Tompkins
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Effect of electrostatic field on photoresist coating uniformity
Author(s): Wenzhan Zhou
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Minimum-time optimal feedforward control of conductive heating systems for microelectronics processing of silicon wafers and quartz photomasks
Author(s): Weng Khuen Ho; Arthur E.B. Tay
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Investigation of process latitude in e-beam lithography for positive CAR UVIII using novel volumetric linewidth measurement
Author(s): Vladimir A. Kudryashov; Philip D. Prewett; Alan G. Michette
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Patternable hybrid sol-gel glass
Author(s): HongJin Jiang; XiaoCong Yuan; Yuen Chuen Chan; Yee Loy Lam
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Simulation of resolution enhancement in contact lithography by off-axis illumination
Author(s): Yongkai Zhao; Huijie Huang; Dunwu Lu; Longlong Du; Cailai Yuan; Baocai Jiang; Runwen Wang
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New event-based methodology to improve photolithography productivity
Author(s): Simon Chang; Mark A. Boehm
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Dense plasma focus radiation source for microlithography and micromachining
Author(s): Vladimir A. Gribkov; Mahe Liu; Paul Choon Keat Lee; Sing Lee; Ashutosh Mr. Srivastava
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Optimization of the planarizing performance of a DUV organic bottom antireflective coating for via first dual-damascene process: cooperation to achieve material and process characterization
Author(s): Paul Williams; Alice Martin; Marlene Strobl; William R. Roberts; Francis G. Goodwin; Lars Voelkel; Axel Feicke; Sean Trautman; James E. Lamb III
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Linewidth control performance enhancement using novel compensation techniques for DUV scanners
Author(s): James G. Tsacoyeanes; Pradeep K. Govil; J. Christian Swindal; Keith W. Andresen; Javed Sumra

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