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Intelligent Systems in Design and Manufacturing III

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Volume Number: 4192
Date Published: 13 October 2000

Table of Contents
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Evolutionary computation and data mining
Author(s): Andrew Kusiak
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Fault monitoring and supervisory control of cascaded manufacturing processes
Author(s): Kwang-Hyun Cho; Jong Tae Lim
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Decision criteria for build orientation in layer-based machining
Author(s): Zhengyi Yang; Yonghua Chen
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Intelligent design system for design automation
Author(s): Cirrus Shakeri; Ismail Deif; Prasanna Katragadda; Stanley Knutson
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Intelligent forecasting compensatory control system for profile machining
Author(s): Eric H. K. Fung; C. W. Chuen; L. M. Lee
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Intelligent support of e-management for consumer-focused virtual enterprises
Author(s): Charu Chandra; Alexander V. Smirnov
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Intelligent stereolithography file correction
Author(s): G. Jaco van Niekerk; Elizabeth M. Ehlers
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Investigation into some characteristics of the mass-customized production paradigm
Author(s): Jerome Tapper; Pratap S. Sundar; Sagar V. Kamarthi
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Representing the relationship between items in logical bill-of-material to support customers' requests for quotation for make-to-order products
Author(s): Naken Wongvasu; Sagar V. Kamarthi
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Agile manufacturing and constraints management: a strategic perspective
Author(s): Roy Stratton; Yahaya Y. Yusuf
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New parametric concept for product customization
Author(s): Yonghua Chen; Yizhong Wang
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How much domestic quick response manufacturing can a business afford?
Author(s): Roger D. H. Warburton; Steven B. Warner
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Automated telemanufacturing
Author(s): Emil Marais; Elizabeth M. Ehlers; Debasish Dutta
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Virtual manufacturing in reality
Author(s): Jyri Papstel; Alo Saks
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Implementation of an agile maintenance mechanic assignment methodology
Author(s): Jesus A. Jimenez; Rolando Quintana
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Judging the value of additional information on the performance of intelligent agents in manufacturing control
Author(s): John M. Usher; Yichi Wang
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Impact of marketing, information system, modularity, and low-cost solution on the implementation of CIM in SMEs
Author(s): Hussain Bux Marri; Ronald McGaughey; Angappa Gunasekaran
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Boundary condition evaluation in nonlinear resonance and stress analysis of a printed wiring board
Author(s): Xiaoling He; Robert E. Fulton
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New policy to manage tools in flexible manufacturing systems using network part programs
Author(s): Andrea Matta; Tullio Tolio; Antonio Grieco; Francesco Nucci
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Constraint-based solution finding for multidiscipline products
Author(s): Hans C. H. Grabowski; Mei Huang
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Multicutter machining of compound parametric surfaces
Author(s): Abdelmadjid Hatna; R. J. Grieve; P. Broomhead
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Investigation on bridge in QFP and fatigue in BGA based on simulating solder joint formation
Author(s): Xiujuan Zhao; Chunqing Wang; Lei Zhang; Chunyan Yin; Shiqin Yang
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Team table: a framework and tool for continuous factory planning
Author(s): Wilfried Sihn; Juergen Bischoff; Ralf von Briel; Marcus Josten
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Novel folding device for manufacturing aerospace composite structures
Author(s): Tarik Tewfic; M. Sarhadi
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IT/IS plus E: exploring the need for e-integration
Author(s): Renato Miele; Angappa Gunasekaran; Yahaya Y. Yusuf
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Advanced order management in ERM systems: the tic-tac-toe algorithm
Author(s): Mariana Badell; Elena Fernandez; Luis Puigjaner
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Assembly modeling for plan generation and DFA analysis
Author(s): Joseph Neelamkavil
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Control chart pattern recognition using a back propagation neural network
Author(s): Julie K. Spoerre; Marcus B. Perry
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Occupant detection using support vector machines with a polynomial kernel function
Author(s): Eduardo Atilio Destefanis; Eberhard Kienzle; Luis R. Canali
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Group decision support system for customer-driven product design
Author(s): Zhihang Lin; Hang Chen; Kuen Chen; Ada Che
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Timed colored Petri nets and fuzzy-set-based model for decision making
Author(s): Marcos Aurelio Scopel Simoes; Marcos R. Pereira Barretto
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Determination of optimum structure of backpropagation networks
Author(s): Huynh Ngoc Phien; Songyot Sureerattanan
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New problem with sales, inventories, and operations planning in a supply chain environment
Author(s): Andre Thomas; Samir Lamouri
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Rule-based software tool to specify the manufacturing process parameters for a contoured EB-PVD coating
Author(s): William C. S. Weir; Richard D. Sisson Jr.; Sudhangshu Bose
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MIDAS: a framework for integrated design and manufacturing process
Author(s): Moon Jung Chung; Patrick Kwon; Brian Pentland
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Generic object modeling for material flow control in a nuclear installation
Author(s): Danielle Boulanger; Eric Disson; Gilles DuBois; Guilaine Talens; Francois Werkoff
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Manufacturing systems based on perfect distribution phenomenon
Author(s): Marta Riznyk; Volodymyr Riznyk
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Agility and mixed-model furniture production
Author(s): Andrew C. Yao
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Advances in safety by design
Author(s): Magdy Akladios; Dianne McMullin; Paul E. Becker; Bhaskaran Gopalakrishnan; Michael Carr; Paul Lobo
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Knowingplant: decision support and planning for engineering design
Author(s): Stephan Haeberle; Karl Fuerst
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Case-based reasoning support for engineering design
Author(s): Brian Lees; Meer Hamza; Chris Irgens
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User-friendly program for multitask analysis
Author(s): Sergio A. Caporali; Magdy Akladios; Paul E. Becker
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Fuzzy logic modeling of wire-cut EDM process
Author(s): M. S. Shunmugam; S. Sai Kumar; I. K. Kaul
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UML-based design for an intelligent manufacturing workcell controller
Author(s): Christy L. Chatmon; Clement Allen; Sara Stoecklin
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Self-assessment procedure using fuzzy sets
Author(s): Fotini Mimi
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Intelligent hybrid system of welding parameters for robotic arc-welding task-level offline programming
Author(s): Pai Peng; Jiansong Tian; Lin Wu; Ming Dai
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Design and implementation of rule-based visualized user interface
Author(s): Deyun Chen; Guangyu Tan
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Information flow analysis and Petri-net-based modeling for welding flexible manufacturing cell
Author(s): T. Qiu; Shanben Chen; Y. T. Wang; Lin Wu
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Data quality and processing for decision making: divergence between corporate strategy and manufacturing processes
Author(s): Ronald D. McNeil; Renato Miele; Dennis Shaul
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Influence of workpiece support on the generated surface in turning
Author(s): Abdelkader A. Ibrahim; A. M. A. Soliman; H. A. Housin
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Turbine blade fixture design using kinematic methods and genetic algorithms
Author(s): John J. Bausch III
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