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Optomechatronic Systems

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Volume Number: 4190
Date Published: 12 February 2001

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High-precision encoder using moire fringe and neural network
Author(s): Kyuwon Jeong; Jongsung Park; Ji Sup Yoon
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Optoelectronic biosensor for remote monitoring of toxins
Author(s): George K. Knopf; Amarjeet S. Bassi; Shikha Singh; Mina Fiorilli; Lilana Jauda
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Development of a noncontact optical sensor for measuring the shape of a surface and thh thickness of transparent objects
Author(s): Sang Pil Youn; Young Kee Ryu
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Adaptive tracking of weld joints using active contour model in arc-welding processes
Author(s): Jaeseon Kim; Kyoungchul Koh; Hyungsuck Cho
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Welding bead and chamfer inspection by means of laser vision
Author(s): Junsok Lee; Pilju Im; Youngjun Park; Jaehoon Kim
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Enhancement of placement accuracy for SMD via development of a new illumination system
Author(s): Kuk Won Ko; Jae Wan Kim; Hyungsuck Cho; Ki Soo Jin; Kwang Il Koh
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Optimal rejection of the image extinction in confocal scanning microscopy
Author(s): Jungwoo Seo; Sunglim Park; Leejun Hee; Hyoung Kil Yoon; Dae gab Gweon
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Micromotion measurement system for millistructure using diffraction grating
Author(s): Eui Won Bae; Jong-Ahn Kim; Soo Hyun Kim; Yoon Keun Kwak
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Measurement of 6-DOF displacement of rigid bodies through splitting a laser beam: experimental investigation
Author(s): Won Shik Park; Hyungsuck Cho; Yong-Kyu Byun; Noh Yeol Park
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Analysis of error and development of calibration's method to design precision rotating analyzer ellipsometer
Author(s): HyeonOk Gil; Sunglim Park; Jaewha Jung; Dae gab Gweon
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Surface-geometry measurement using an untracked range-sensor head
Author(s): Jonathan Kofman; George K. Knopf
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Uniaxis rangefinder using contrast detection of a projected pattern
Author(s): Toru Yoshizawa; Tomotaka Shinoda; Yukitoshi Otani
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Full-field time-dependent heterodyne interferometer for shape measurement: theory and experiment
Author(s): Tomasz S. Tkaczyk; Romulad Jozwicki
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Design and fabrication of near-field microscope using solid immersion lens
Author(s): Hyoung Kil Yoon; Sunglim Park; Jun Hee Lee; Jungwoo Seo; Dae gab Gweon
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Novel precision mechanical design for ellipsometer
Author(s): Sunglim Park; Jaewha Jung; HyeonOk Gil; Dae gab Gweon
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Area scanning vision inspection system by using mirror control
Author(s): Sang Yong Jeong; Sungwook Min; Wonyoung Yang
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Velocity profile analysis to reduce residual vibration in optical pick-up
Author(s): Hong-Gul Jun; Hyunseok Yang; Young-Pil Park
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Depth estimation via parallel coevolution of disparity functions for area-based stereo
Author(s): Panos Liatsis; John Y. Goulermas
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Three-dimensional volume reconstruction of an object from x-ray images
Author(s): Young Jun Roh; Byungman Kim; Hyungsuck Cho; Hyeoncheol Kim
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Structured beam projection for semiautomatic teleoperation
Author(s): Young Soo Park
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Sensor-based navigation of air duct inspection mobile robots
Author(s): Kyoungchul Koh; H.J. Choi; Jae-Seon Kim; Kuk Won Ko; Hyungsuck Cho
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Optical driving of a miniature machine composed of temperature-sensitive ferrite and shape memory alloy
Author(s): Toru Yoshizawa; Daisuke Hayashi; Yukitoshi Otani
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Cellular neural networks and biologically inspired motion control
Author(s): Paolo Arena; Luigi Fortuna
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