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Machine Vision and Three-Dimensional Imaging Systems for Inspection and Metrology

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Volume Number: 4189
Date Published: 12 February 2001

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Teleprototyping environment for automated visual inspection
Author(s): Michael W. Daley; Bruce G. Batchelor
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Interactive vision system written in Java: recent developments
Author(s): George Karantalis; Bruce G. Batchelor
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Software SKIPSM implementation for template matching
Author(s): Frederick M. Waltz; John W. V. Miller
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Model-based inspection of shot-peened surfaces using fusion techniques
Author(s): Fernando Puente Leon
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Color-based localization of patterns through distortion tolerant graph matching
Author(s): Wolfgang Poelzleitner
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Medical image application: differentiate the MRI image by the image comparison technique
Author(s): Ching-Liang Su
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License plate recognition using SKIPSM
Author(s): Malayappan Shridhar; Frederick M. Waltz; John W. V. Miller; G. Houle; L. Bijnagte; Ryan A. Dibble
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Ice images processing interface for automatic features extraction
Author(s): Pierre Martin Tardif
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High-speed phase-shifting profilometry
Author(s): Chengping Zhang; Peisen S. Huang; Fu-Pen Chiang
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Automated alignment by hybrid video and 3D video Moire with both conventional and parallel processing
Author(s): Barbara Garita; Hector Gutierrez; Ildiko Laszlo; Joel H. Blatt
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Topography reconstruction of specular surfaces from a series of gray-scale images
Author(s): Soeren Kammel
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Anamorphic magnification using a chirped grating in grazing incidence mode
Author(s): Thomas Ditto; Douglas A. Lyon
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Coordinate reference system of nonstationary signals
Author(s): Leonid I. Timchenko; Yuri F. Kutaev; Konstantin M. Zhukov; Alexander A. Gertsiy; Nafez Ode Shweiki; Ruslan M. Grinchishin
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Laser range-finding by phase-shift measurement: moving toward smart systems
Author(s): Stephane Poujouly; Bernard A. Journet
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High-precision surface profiling with broadband accordion fringe interferometry
Author(s): Gary J. Swanson; Matthew P. Kavalauskas; Lyle G. Shirley
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Robot pose correction using photogrammetric tracking
Author(s): Juergen Hefele; Claus Brenner
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Object pose estimation for robotic control with 3D range data
Author(s): Songtao Li; Dongming Zhao
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Three-dimensional shape measurement in neurovision system
Author(s): Yingen Xiong; Haifeng Hu
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Three-dimensional model acquisition using rotational stereo and image focus analysis
Author(s): Huei-Yung Lin; Murali Subbarao
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Surface roughness measurement of tooling spheres for laser measurements
Author(s): Dennis P. Sarr; Paul W. Reed
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Calibration methods for 3D measurement systems
Author(s): Kevin G. Harding; George R. Mather Jr.
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Vision system for gauging and automatic straightening of steel bars
Author(s): Oliver Sidla; Ernst Wilding; Albert Niel; Herbert Barg
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Three-dimensional reconstruction for high-speed volume measurement
Author(s): Dah-Jye Lee; Robert M. Lane; Guang-Hwa Chang
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Method for 3D noncontact measurements of cut trees package area
Author(s): Vladimir A. Knyaz; Yuri V. Vizilter
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Method for 3D small angle measurement
Author(s): Zhi-jiang Zhang; Yingjie Yu
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Laser-based external corrosion mapping of pipelines
Author(s): Constance T. Reichert; T. Huang; D. Yapp
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Methodology for accuracy assessments and verifications in digital photogrammetry
Author(s): George Blaha; Scott C. Sandwith
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Innovative approach to surface inspection using an alliance of machine vision and computer graphical techniques
Author(s): Melvyn L. Smith; Abdul R. Farooq; Lyndon N. Smith; Prema Sagar Midha
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Scaling a 3D vision system from automobiles down to circuit board inspection: issues in small field-of-view inspection
Author(s): Phillip Veatch; Ender Kivanc Bas; David Stoops
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Optoelectronic computer-aided systems for three-dimensional inspection of complex objects
Author(s): Ravil M. Galiulin; Barry G. Ilyasov; Rishat M. Galiulin; J. M. Bakirov; D. R. Bogdanov; A. V. Tumashinov; S. V. Petrov; A. A. Yudin; A. V. Vorontsov; I. V. Ponomarenko
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Distributed image processing for automatic target recognition
Author(s): Roger F. Cozien
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